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  1. You can add a spoiler using [spoiler][\spoiler]
  2. Are you on a laptop? Yeah, I didn't really think the key binding through for condensed keyboards. I wanted to pick something that more-than-likely wouldn't cause conflicts with other mods. I'm open to suggestions for a different activation key.
  3. Hi all, I'm back, and taking another crack at my mod. I've been sifting through some of the game files for both the Camping Section and the Farming Section of the lua scripts, trying to understand how the game stores custom data on objects, and I've run into two functions that I don't quite understand. I can see that these mods are using the getModData() function to read data from the object, and I'm supposing that toModData() serializes that data for storage, but I'm a little blank on how I'd add a piece of data to a new object and serialize it for storage. Is there anything else I'd need t
  4. Woah, sorry. Took a break from the internet for a while. You should be fine. It only checks on a per character/ per world. I've updated the main post to clarify.
  5. Hey guys, I'm hoping there's a quick fix to this problem. Right now I'm making a mod that uses getModData to store a "charge", and access this tile from other blocks("consumers"). There's also some other mod data i'd like to reference as well. I'm having some trouble referencing the tile or object that I want to store the charges. There's two ways I could think of doing it: 1.)Referencing the tile the object that stores the charges is on by X and Y coords. Problem is I'm not quite sure how to pull that data from a tile. 2.)Referencing the instance of the "charger" item in question using it's
  6. Startsafe - Start Easy, Start safe So, what is this anyway? This simple mod allows you to spawn in a number of starting materials to make your early game easier. Each starter pack includes: A Fire Axe2 Packs of CrispsA piece of Beef JerkeyA sawA box of nails5 bandagesA bottle of vitamins Wait, isn't there already another mod that does this? Yes, there is. However, it hasn't been updated since October of last year, and no longer works with the current build. As mods go, this is about as basic as it gets. As of the present build(28) this mod still works fine. So, how do i use this?
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