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  1. MickyPain

    Evolved Recipes

    So far, no luck with override. Seems to break lua at trying to populate the recipe list
  2. MickyPain

    Evolved Recipes

    That spreadsheet is sweet. I actually got two new evolved recipes working yesterday, but now I'm stuck at getting existing items to work with the new recipes... Guess more digging into how and why the context menu luas keep breaking is needed...
  3. MickyPain

    Evolved Recipes

    Hey all, Some four years ago, I was working on an expansive mod called CCCP that added a bunch of new items and recipes. Life happened, and I couldn't keep up with the game updates any longer, and most of the mod has been merged into Hydrocraft since. Anyway, I have some more time on my hand now and got back to playing. Hydrocraft is pretty cool, but it adds a bit too much for my liking so I'm thinking about just updating CCCP to work with the latest versions, delete some now obsolete things and add a few extra here and there. Now to the question: I can't quite figure out how to create my own evolved recipes. Everything I tried so far either flat out doesn't work, or in some cases even crashes the game or leads to the recipe UI breaking etc. (lua errors) Does anyone know how to create new evolved recipes, or know of a mod that does add new ones?
  4. Awesome Mod. Now only of there were working BBQs.... If anyone is interested, I modified this mod to work seamlessly with Hydrocraft HERE. No duplicate items, all crafting uses HC Clay and Bricks instead, and I changed digging for clay to use a trowel (made more sense to me...). Didn't extensively test it yet, so use at your own risk. Since I modified the original and removed all new items, it probably won't work if you already started a game with this mod, but should work fine if you start a new game and load this version instead of the original. All credit off course goes to SiderisAnon.
  5. Hey, sorry guys, didn't really have tome to continue updating this mod (or playing the game at all, for that matter). No promises, but maybe around the time of New Year I may be able to see what's up with the icons in build 30 or add some of the suggestions/improvements mentioned above. Thanks for playing this mod, despite all the small bugs and imbalnces. -M
  6. @bmwobrien:Good find on the hash-browns, I'll fix that for the next update. As for the dough: there is already a bread dough recipe in vanilla that's exactly the same as mine with "regular" flour so it was redundant to include the same one again. Sadly, there isn't a way to overwrite a recipe completely or append it with new ingredients, so there would always be two bread dough recipes no matter what. I'll think about the raisins for the next version.
  7. New version updated that fixes coffee and Irish coffee. Unfortunately, the way the vanilla whiskey is set up it uses a full bottle of whiskey to make one cup of Irish coffee. To counter that, I added a new item Rationed Whiskey. Basically, take a full bottle and right-click to ration it. You can't drink it directly anymore but you can use it for four Irish coffees. Thanks for pointing out the broken coffee recipes. Anything else with water that isn't working?
  8. @Hydromancerx: There's already a juicer mod, didn;t want to encroach on those recipes. I expanded the drinks with coffee variations and lemonade, but that's about it. I played around abit in an earlier version with "replaceOnRotten" but that never seemed to work so I scrapped the idea. Maybe give it another go in the future, who knows. @ IronCoffins: A lot of the recipes are based on farm-able food, yes. Jarred veggies, straw-and wild-berries can all be preserved, and with potato flour as an ingredient you can even grow everything you need for bread, pies and (cheese-less) pizza. @CylonBookworm: Baking tray is not my name. The item (and icon) is already in the vanilla game, it just never got added to the distribution list, all I did was make it available as loot. I didn't want to add my own baking sheet/cookie sheet or whatever you wanna call it and then adding to the confusion when the vanilla item finally makes an appearance ("Why can't I use the cookie tray as baking sheet...it's basically the same thing...?)
  9. Alright, new version is done and uploaded (link on first post). I didn't have time to test every single recipe again, but the ones I did test work as expected, although the "replacedOnCooked" crashes remain, nothing I can do. Please post any issues with this mod here, I'll try to make the next update faster than this current one. Fish fillet and rabbit meat have been added to the jerky recipe. Small animal meat can be used in the new "rodent jerky" recipe. Salt and Pepper (cccp version) have been removed and recipes were updated to use the new default salt/pepper. Works fine on my two test machines (although I updated the recipe a bit to use the default dough as well). The bug with "replaceOnCooked" remains, though, so make sure to only have 1 item in the oven (not 2 or more breads, no other, different items) and make sure you don't have the oven window open. It seems to always crash when you can actually see the switch in the inventory, no idea why. Occasionally it might still crash (rarely, though) but I have no idea why and the devs have remained quiet when I asked, so you just have to live with it for now. Even if it does crash, the item should be "cooked" in the oven when you load the crash save.
  10. Heya all, been super-busy the last few weeks (months, really) with moving, new job etc etc etc. Anyway, I was hoping to get some more info on the new cooking system and how it would work with mods, but to no avail. As it seems, the evolved recipes are great in theory if you want to add new items, but there seems to be no way to amend base items to be usable in new recipes. So, anyway. I had a bit of time to go through this mod and remove now obsolete items (like salt, pepper, yeast), tinkered with some recipes, added a few new ones (rodent jerky and ability to use fish fillet in some recipes) and been testing last weekend. Enhanced recipe compliance would be nice, sure, but I honestly don't know if I have the drive right now to go through every single item and see where it could fit in. The spices, sure, might add those in. I'll give it one more round of testing and will probably release a build 28 update next weekend. No promises, though, might get delayed depending on my other engagements.
  11. Use the Hotfix to make Craft Helper work. My bad to leave a testing script in there, never really used Craft Helper after my first few saves so the issue slipped under my radar.
  12. So is there any way to create new evolved recipes that take existing (vanilla) items? Like, say, I want to make a fruit salad mod: evolvedrecipe FruitSalad { BaseItem:Bowl, MaxItems:3, ResultItem:BowlOfFruitSalad, Cookable:false, }Is there a proper way to tell the game that banana, apple, strawberry, orange, lemon from the "vanilla" list are all good to go for this recipe? I know I can add those fruits in this example to my own items.txt list and add the " EvolvedRecipe = FruitSalad:15;" line there, but then what happens when another mod also alters that base item? Is there something where instead of overwriting a base item I can append to the definition?
  13. Edit: ah, dammit... I just realized that I left a test script in there that altered some existing items that caused a stack overflow with craft helper. To use this mod with craft helper, either delete the file ..\mods\cccp\media\scripts\Mods\items_vanilla+.txt or download the hotfix that I added in the downloads section (it really only alters cheese to be non-perishable, so use it if that suits your play or delete the file to play with vanilla-cheese....) So far it seems the mod also works in build 26 but there will be some duplicate items now that have been added to vanilla. I'll try to update the mod to use the new cooking system in the next few days, but I can't commit on any ETA. I haven't played a lot with the latest build, only small testing, so if any of you guys find items and recipes that are both in vanilla now and in this mod, let me know and I'll remove/update them in this mod.
  14. Are you sure you put the mod in the correct folder (C:\Users\[user]\Zomboid\mods and not the game directory) ? I tested this on three different machines and it works fine everywhere.
  15. Mod updated for version 25. Please give feedback if you test and play with this mod. -M
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