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Found 15 results

  1. Hey! This is my first suggestion post and I already looked to see if there was an elaborate suggestion of the idea of mounted weaponry but I wasn't able to find any on this forum. I even looked into the most commonly suggested ideas thread and I haven't found anything like what I had in mind either. Regardless I'm still a bit nervous that maybe there was already such an idea suggested so please bear with me! This idea was born from me talking with my friend who is a fan of Factorio, maybe looking to get Zomboid in the future. Just pretend that's a zombie. Or a bandit coincidentally dressed as a baseball player. Or a zombified bandit dressed as a baseball player. Ka-POW! Why? Base building in Zomboid is an underrated mechanic of the game. However currently, base building in general seems to not be worth defending especially in late game with the tendency of zombies grouping up into overwhelming hordes and soon with the introduction of NPCs/bandits. Not only that, but you'd think there would be more evidence of certain attempts at containing the infection to certain areas and cities before getting overwhelmed. But outside of base building, it's rare that you can have creative and fun ways to kill hordes outside of throwing a molly on them and calling it a day. And also, isn't it weird that you walk into a sports store in America, a country proud of baseball as its historical pastime, not even a pitching machine can be found? Introducing: Mounted heavy weaponry! And no, they aren't automatic turrets. I'm talking about big, bulky pieces of machinery that you would have to deploy down in the world, load, and then mount to fire. That includes, but doesn't have to be limited to: baseball pitching machines, tennis ball machines, and the good old fashioned zombie fan favorite, the mounted minigun. For the purpose of this idea, I will only be concerned with baseball pitching and tennis ball machines, and the mounted minigun. There are many benefits and caveats to each of them and for the purpose of this post I don't want to be writing an essay. Implementation: Outside of Zomboid stories, they will typically be found in areas you'd think to find them. For example the baseball pitching machines and the tennis ball machines would be found inside sports stores and even out on a field/court, and schools. Heavy mounted firearms like the minigun would obviously only be found in military bases. Operating all of the weapons have three things in common: They must be placed on the ground pointed in a direction beforehand. With ball machines it's stricter since they can only fire straight (but amount of force can be adjusted somewhat to preference to cover desired distance). With the minigun can fire to roughly 70 degrees each side, but still optimal placement is required. The second thing they have in common with each other is that they are a royal pain to load and often take strenuous and tedious work (and not to mention planning, to make the most efficient use out of them). And lastly, moving/repositioning them is a hassle. All of those things they have in common is fitting as if added, because they'd be drawbacks as potentially the most powerful tools the players will have at their disposal. For the miniguns, no, you cannot embrace your inner Rambo and fire the damn thing from the hip. It's literally impossible to do that even as a bodybuilder who sprints 10 miles a day and benches 150lbs. I mean, I guess the game could still technically allow that for muh realism, but with realistic drawbacks that fits roleplaying as an idiot. IIRC the force of the weapon firing can be well over 200lbs (not including the weight of the weapon AND ammo) and not only would you pose a danger to yourself and EVERYTHING around you, you can easily injure your arms and hands which is the obvious. Speaking of minigun ammo, it's hard to say EXACTLY how much ammo would be available for the miniguns at a base. I'm not familiar with that. They may be stockpiled for all I know but at the same time, would the military really be expecting sieges from its own civilians? I feel like that can get complicated and debatable and I'd love to hear what you guys think. But for stories that involve miniguns at checkpoints and holdout zones, they could most likely be in poor condition, out of ammo or VERY low ammo for story and balance reasons. As for the ball machines, they can be a viable alternative that not only have plenty of baseballs and tennis balls available, but they are also silent! And adding the balls into Project Zomboid provides loads of other opportunities, such as stealth where you'd throw a ball to force it to make a noise or break a window or as an improvised projectile to get a single zombie's attention from afar. Maybe that same system could also be used for throwing rocks foraged as well a la Far Cry 3. Hell, you could probably even have something to pass the time and reduce character boredom by playing baseball with a machine or sending a baseball at a zombie's head with a bat? This idea has many possibilities that it can serve as the foundation for other mechanics! Conclusion: I clearly only want this idea added so I can see Spiffo in his infamous plank pose waiting for a baseball pitching machine to launch a baseball at him. Would make for a cute update image IMO. So what do you guys think? Anything you want me to elaborate on? Any ideas for balancing the minigun ammo so you aren't set for life if you find a military base or luck out with a story?
  2. Go halfway down for a more organized version of this. Kinda wish Overgrowth got even worse, such as the roads eventually being covered in grass, and maybe after a year trees will start growing on the edges of roads, and eventually cover the road as well. Would also be cool if some walls in buildings also started having holes form in them, small enough that you can only see through them, or large enough that you can walk through them. (Hell, if there were versions of buildings that had completely collapsed that would be super cool as well) Would also be cool if cars left in a grassy area long enough Would get overgrown, and would require some extra maintenance to remove the vines and crap from the car before you could drive it. Also we need semi trucks, and an event where a truck is blocking an entire street. That'd be cool too. Ah what else.... perhaps also taps should slowly lose the stored water in them, so you can't just get fresh water easily when going to a new area. Perhaps maybe even water stored too long could potentially become tainted, specially if it's in an open air container? Would also be great if there were more events to make stuff feel a bit more chaotic (of feel like the aftermath of it) such as car wrecks through fences, car buildup behind a police or military line, hell maybe even entire blocks burned down instead of a single house. Maybe even a chance for a street to have a barricade of furniture, of be blocked off with a wire fence with holes in it. (maybe this would have police vehicles behind it too. Idk) Oh yeah, power being on in burned out houses needs to be fixed too. Would also be neat if eventually metal objects other than vehicles would start rusting (street lights, metal doors, ect) and streetlights also having vines grow on them, however it lining up with the sprite. If you dont want to read through all of my random giberish -Grass can eventually entirely cover a road, and bushes can start growing as well. -Some buildings will have holes form in their outer walls after an extended period of time. This can be prevented by repairing the wall if you want to keep your base secure, however will add more of an apocalytpic feel -Vehicles left in areas where grass or shrubbery is growing will have plants grow over them a bit, which will require you to remove before it can be driven, or you can pull it out of the weeds with a trailer (bit more difficult to pull for a few moments, then the remains of the weeds will need to be removed as well -After a long time (1 or 2 ingame years) trees will start growing on roads (Perhaps they only spawn once a year or something so you have to do the most basic of maintenece once or so a year to keep the roads drivable, but not soo often it becomes a major nuisance.) - (Not in the original text) vines can grow around objects left outside (trashcans, streetlights, ect.) also, vines should onyl start growing if the house is besides dirt or if grass is growing in the street -(somewhat unrelated) We need some basic mechanics to allow semis/18 wheelers to be added in whether in mods or not. Essentially allowing a hitch point to not be at the complete rear of the vehicle, and restricting certain trailers to certain vehicles. Thats probably all that would be needed before modders could make semis -Water would eventually become tainted and unsafe to drink if left alone long enough (Water from the taps would last longer than boiled water due to chlorine/ect inside of it.) open air containers would get dirty much faster, if sealed containers go bad at all -Some way for global power to not affect certain buildings (burned out houses should not have power) would be neat if the whole power system got a lot more complicated, such as power lines which could be destroyed to cut off power to certain areas faster.(Perhaps could also be used to power larger areas with generators too.) -Vehicle events which have damage to the environment, such as car wrecks through small fences (or even large fences and walls if holes in them are added - Metal objects having rust forming on them after long enough would look good too. - if it would ever be possible buildings collapsing after long enough would be neat (only way I can think of doing this is if its done off-screen with a loud crashing sound, and a copy of the building is made with it collapsed. SOme buildings could even partially collapse. idk.) Heres an example someone made of some overgrowth And thats all. I'll probably post ideas here a lot since I now know its here.
  3. Hello, first of all, I am Legoland99 from the forums, creator of many custom buildings. I am planning on making a map, and need your help for that. I am wondering what kind of maps the community would like to see and play: a) A small City complete with suburbs, parks and such. A lot of undead. b) A wasteland type kind of environment with lots of burnt wreckages, half buried buildings, towns, bunkers, scarce resources and hordes of zombies. c) An overgrown game world after the apocalypse, with houses, buildings, gas stations, towns and other areas covered by greenery and ransacked. Scarce resources, high value areas with items such as nails, saws, car pieces or even guns. Car spawns are extremely rare and most of them are broken and require skills to repair them. Your chance to rebuilt society to an extent and make it yours. Most likely the c) map I would work on but I don't mind ideas, I can very well implement all of the maps into one, or compromise. Please share your ideas for buildings, areas and maps you would like to see.
  4. Creating and Manipulating World Objects Seen questions pop a few times regarding placing objects on the map so decided to make a little tutorial on it. Most of the tutorial is written in a single file included in a mod you can download below. The code is commented so you can see whats going on. I recommend loading the lua file in your favorite editor and starting a custom game without zombies with the mod activated in windowed mode so you can play with the mod ingame and read the stuff in the lua file. How it works? The mod allows you to place a red cube on a empty tile, every time you click that tile again the code will do some stuff with the object, you can all see it in the code comments. Target audience. The mod is written for beginning modders, however it might be that there's some stuff useful for more experienced modders here and there. You'll have to judge it yourself. Code. The code is written so that one can follow the tutorial line by line, as such it does not reflect proper implementation but rather serves as a showcase of things you can do and implement properly yourself. You can also build uppon the code supplied in the mod to use it as a testbase for experimenting with objects and their methods. I suggest also digging in TIS lua files regarding buildable objects and their context menu's. About sprites. To create a graphic for your object you'll need to make a transparent image of 64 width and 128 height. This covers one tile and one layer of height in the game. Included in the mod are a few sprites, i suppose you could use "cube_floor.png" as a template: About java. It's highly recommended you have some way of looking up java source classes & methods. The javadocs can be used, personally i've used JDGUI up until now. With JDGUI you can open any class file in <root>/zombie/ directory and it opens up the entire project space as such: Many of these classes are made available in lua to work with. Often they require to be constructed first. To do so you can look up the constructors: In lua you'll have to use the 'new' method like so: local myObj = IsoObject.new("parameters here");By matching the set of parameters in .new() to the ones found in the java constructors you can call the appropriate one. All other methods can then be called on that instance of the IsoObject like so: myObj:setSprite("test");local sprite = myObj:getSprite();The lua file for reference Download Regards, Turbo
  5. I understand change isometric view can't be considered, so I read many post giving low-CPU suggestions : weather, presence and quality loots, doors, water (beyond 3D, a better texture, Until i saw map i thought water just was a glich from border map... ). Maybe animate trees, or flying paper in town (i saw this in a GTA, but can't remember wich one, a very impressive effect of dirty suburbs due to flying paper) can give a living stamp to the world whitout changing world engine ? there is possibilites, but i can only speculate on GPU/CPU usage : - use "3D layer" other than for people : for loot or other "light objects" - Use isometric : with animated sprites : anchor a sprite who become animated when displayed/used (doors, water, paper, trees). with multi aspect of sprite too : sprite of barricade lvl 1/2 are beautifull but give a VERY FEELING OF REPETITION, same for broken windows, but it's rare to find 3 or 4 windows broken close enough, All of this "high definition durty sprite (or texture)".
  6. I would like to see in this game Mountains and different types of rivers, Potholes, Waterfalls and Rapids, where he is hard to get and survive, fast rivers in which to find excitement and explore other types of long ecosystems as it is surviving the apocalypse. Note: Im not a dev or moder is a simple idea. Meaby those ideas require a big engine change, alot of time and design many others things relationated with the enviorement, scene behavior and the height world. Many thanks for read ,sorry my English.
  7. So, I couldn't find a thread about this though there probably is 1, but i'm thinking toward a few specific items. Water cooler: store lots of water in your safe house.Oven/Fridge: collect metal or parts of them for repairing or building stuff (not saying build an oven or fridge, though possible).Window/Door: Take them apart without breaking them (not needed, might be nice).Toilet/Sink: cause water to flood out, maybe collect items of them like a tap in order to make sink-like items from water-holders.Table/Chair: Just like doors, would give planks/sticks or such.Shop Shelves: Same as Table/Chair.Stairs: Same as Table/Chair.Cupboard/Wardrobe: Just another way to get planks, but maybe handles too (like doors).Sofa/Bed: Would drop cushions to use like pillows or something, maybe wood.Lamp post: Would drop metal parts, or wires or something for repairs.Other possible items.So ye, just a general idea of collecting items from existing items, maybe its not needed but I thought it'd be nice.
  8. GUTROT ISLAND http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/12359-vacation-islands-pre-alpha-1/ Preview:
  9. The main Idea is that you are able to select the Era of Play alongside with the map. For example , you have chosen muld as the map. Then you have the choice to Play in a Medieval Muld (even though that would mean that you were an indian and I don;t think their population in that area could provide a fine zombie horde so lets keep the Medieval Era for Maps in Europe) an Industrials era Muld ( like the one in the game now) , a Modern era Muld (What I think that is already for the game in the game ) , A futuristic Muld (...) Each era will have different items and also some items will be easier to find. For example in the Medieval era it can be easier to find a Saw or an Axe while in modern era you will find mostly Phones , iPads and Food also some buildings like hospitals will have their own power generators . Each era will have different Professions. Medieval : Blacksmith , Baker, Builder, Slave, Soldier, War Machine Constructor, Philosopher, Shaman , Scientist, Cleric, Fisherman, Farmer , Hunter etc Industrial: Policeman, Investigator, Military , Builder etc Modern : Many of the professions we have today Futuristic : Space Explorer + Same professions as in Modern but there are more traits like Genetically Reconstructed etc. I know that such feature in the game requires very much work but if the community really likes it I think it can be added officialy in the game (after its release) as a DLC . I also know that I will get a Comment saying that something like that can be done by a mod or that it is already completed but I just think it is a feature that will be fun to be added in the Original Game.
  10. killerline


    Dimmsdale ================================================= PROJECT SHUTDOWN! Sorry but this would take too long time to make with this few staff (me and friend here) and it just happened that me and my friend isn't friends anymore. Sorry and thanks for all the votes and replies
  11. Hello, I am a newbie to PZ and the forums of course. I am here to discuss a more "Apocalyptic" world. Now, lets get started! The Buildings During the outbreak of the virus, the town would've gone to hell. Houses with smashed windows and blood, houses on fire ect. This would be a nice feature to the game. Maybe a house half-barricaded as the owner was munched on by a zombie during the construction? Maybe even survivor camps when NPCs are added. This would be quite real... The Streets Ok, now were onto the streets... Blood splattered across the road, power lines snapped if we get power lines to the world. Maybe once vehicles are added the highway can become packed with them and zombies. Not once have I seen a zombie apocalypse without a highway packed with cars. Maybe bodies of those who didn't make it and have them soon come back? The Woods There could be some tents and fires in the woods with survivor living in them, farming for food. It would be great to finally have something out in those, deep, derpy woods. Once animals and hunting are added the survivors can hunt for food. But as I know programming all this in would be a challenge and kinda hard. But yes, its good to get this suggestion out there. Someone else probably suggested this in the past but yeah, I would absolutely LOVE to see this happen. Yes I have seen the Erosion mod and I love the look of it, well done Turbo. Thanks for reading, this is my first suggestion and I don't mind any criticizing.
  12. Hello! In the Sandbox Presets thread, I said I'd make a little collection of some different sandbox loadouts with a few that resemble the lore of different zombie films, like 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, I am Legend, All Alone, etc., so here it is! Please feel welcome contribute one you've thought of if you'd like to share it and stuff, or correct or improve an existing one so this seems a little less dismal and barren and stuff. 28 Days Later: Dawn of the Dead (2004): The Walking Dead/Night of the Living Dead (1968): All Alone: Stinky Walking Corpses: My Own thingy-bajiggle: Hellishly Hardcore: I am Legend: (probably much much much better with a mod or official night active feature thing to balance it) DayZ-ish: Left 4 Dead-ish:
  13. Good Evening, After reading the article about the modding tools, i come up with the question if it is already possible to do some pre modding regarding new maps. Apart from the planing and design part, i read something about the surface definition via colors. Is there a limit of colors you can use for surface types? What about the road surface and the actual road tool within the editor, i paint the road onto the bitmap and can add or edit roads later? Can we import/export heightfields? What is the max size of the gameworld? or how many 300x300 tiles i can use? As the old tools are useless (are they really?) we can expect new Modding tools with RC3, any rough eta for the release or even some beta tests planned for the editor? For any information i would be thankfull. Greetings
  14. Hi everyone. I'm just trying to do some free promoting for a new Kickstarter game called Aterra. In a nutshell it's a first person viewpoint fantasy patformer with the ability to change the direction of gravity anytime, any direction. It is like a pleasant mixture of the Portal games and Planescape with a hint of Thief. The game looks sweet and is sure to scratch many genre itches, especially if you like any of the games above. As of this writing the Kickstarter campaign has just started to reach the goal which is £9001 (yes, it's over 9000). I'm just trying to get the word out so we can make the game happen. Please check out the link or search for Aterra on Kickstarter. If the game looks like something you would like to play then please back the project, even it's only £1 every little bit helps. Thanks for reading and your time http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1608554263/aterra (Greetings from KisDre, member of VVVaVe)
  15. I think this idea should be at least tried, because with different maps all the time it makes the experience different every time! ((like "Minecraft" and "the dead linger"))
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