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  1. I just did a lot of changes to the Survival Guide (probably more than what's considered healthy in a timespan). I'll look over it more another time but in the meantime any more feedback or changes are welcome. But its translated versions definitely need updating, especially with the new list and all for the UI, since English is my only language I feel I'm even remotely okay at. Expanding the furniture menu feels a bit strange since it's supposed to be an introduction to the user interface but I'll probably segregate it into its own little section about working the furniture menu. Not t
  2. Looks great! I noticed that the information is repeated from the infobox in the article itself such as it being a 6-seater. Are those leftovers or placeholders? Here's a new version of InterfaceGuide.png I wanted to upload on the wiki since it was missing the Furniture Options icon on its interface but I didn't have permission to overwrite it: Because of the ordering of the numbers and new addition, I have a new list that can be copied and pasted over the old list in the Interface section of the Survival Guide. 1) [[Player|Player character]] (you!)<br> 2) Primar
  3. I am definitely not responsible enough to handle all of those changes but I did some miscellaneous quality-of-life changes like fixing redirects, adding/updating some pictures, and rewording. However I tried to make the General game tips page a redirect to the Survival Guide but I got my privileges removed temporarily by an automated system for trying to "blank out" that page. I was hoping to move all the information from that page to a technical-related page. Whoops!
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