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  1. Very nice, are you able to pack it again?
  2. Nice improvements! i always love to have the option to individually customize. Do you ever thought about to implement some sort of audio logs? like phone records or radio transmissions ect... Is there even the possibility to playback sound ingame from a specific object? You could make them craftable to some sort of book what gives you xp or fire material or house decorations Anyway... keep on, for me that message stuff could easaly be in the full game
  3. Nice, i alredy was wondering what causes the errors.
  4. Ok thank you. I could finde some more infos and i understand how it works. But for this case i guess it makes more sense to wait for proper tools. I checked the textures in the pack files too but i cant manage to reload them propery otherwise it would work with new props.
  5. To get use to the whole modding in PZ i started to create a small mod for myself. First I added a new weapon, following this great tutorial. Everything works except of the visible weapon in my hand. Can someone explain me how that works with the WeaponSprite = parameter. (the icon = in the inventory works) How do i define the visible weapon exactly. I only checked the extraweapon&sprite mod where he uses LoadTexturePage, but i would like to stick to the tutorials filestructure ect. Im thankful for any help or infos
  6. Thanks alot for the fast reply and informations. So i can alredy start to paint bitmaps and prepare surface definitions for future use within the editor. I guess water gets handled the same way.
  7. Good Evening, After reading the article about the modding tools, i come up with the question if it is already possible to do some pre modding regarding new maps. Apart from the planing and design part, i read something about the surface definition via colors. Is there a limit of colors you can use for surface types? What about the road surface and the actual road tool within the editor, i paint the road onto the bitmap and can add or edit roads later? Can we import/export heightfields? What is the max size of the gameworld? or how many 300x300 tiles i can use? As the old tools ar
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