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  1. Hi everyone! I am 3 days into my PZ world c:. I have lots of supplies, and I plan to scavenge a warehouse soon! So I was wondering what I do when I got to this stage. I have a fridge full of food, and a kitchen draw full of useful tools. I've never really gotten this far before, I just usually get killed by a horde . So yeah, what do I do now? (P.s. The electricity and water is still on and there are little to no zombies around my safe house) Thanks!
  2. First things first; Project Zomboid is an addictive drug that has begun to consume all facets of my life! But seriously, my buddy cannot go 30 minutes without talking about new base building ideas, farming techniques, or just general craftiness. Props Indie Stone - Keep delivering and you've got a real indie hit. Anyways, like I said, my buddy (Slanga) is completely consumed by PZ. He has a a pretty sprawling base built in the free zone between a 4-square of houses. Here's a pic. At this point, he's leveled his farming to 5 and Carpentry is almost there. Here's some things we've discovered...( I mostly watch him play) -Skills books: Enable extra fast leveling of skills 1. Must be read in order and only corresponding to each level from: ex. Read Beginner at Carpentry 0, Intermediate at 1 -Beginner x?, Intermediate x4, Advanced x8, Expert x12, Mastery x16 (number = exp. multiplier) 2. As you level skills past 3/4 with books you will begin to accumulate MANY extra skill points (20+), as the experience multiplier counts towards your level. (Slanga currently has 35, presuming this is a bug) 3. Stash your skills books in your safe house. They never get used up, and can be used by subsequent survivors with new reset skills. - Farming: Only long term sustainable food source 1. Potatoes, potatoes, and moar potatoes. And Cabbage. Potatoes last forever, and will fill you up. Cabbage grows more quickly than any other crop we found. As far as all the decadent Kapua Suite fruit (strawberries, oranges, etc...), stay away. This is the Latvian Zomboid apocolypse. You live on potatoes and you'll die happy because of it. 2. Spread your crops out. Slanga prefers rows to clumps, as clumps can spread plant disease quickly. Also, try to start several self contained farming areas with in your base, each with it's own water barrel and watering can. 3. Higher levels of Farming skill allow you to check on your crops statuses more easily, but you should still check plants water level EVERY day. If you are planning on multi-day excursion, make sure all plants are watered up before. 4. The GigaMart in Westpoint is bugged for Slanga. Power has been off weeks, but 2 random fridges keep perishables indefinitely fresh. It's the GigaFridgeofLife -Carpentry - Do NOT level without skill book, as will typically waste precious nails. 1. Find a Hammer, Axe, Saw, and Nails. Lots of Nails. Always pick up Box o' Nails. Box o' Nails is number 1 best item game. 2. Start by cutting down every tree in the vicinity. Bug allows you to pick up as many logs as you want, if you right click on them. Slanga's hauled 48 back at once. Sawed up to damn near 130+ planks. Sawing logs levels Carpentry, and is the best way to avoid building too many shit walls. Plan on doing some sawing for each level. 3. If you look closely above, you can see the progression of Slanga's walls as he leveled his Carpentry around his base. 4. Stairs seem currently bugged. Slanga and I have tried building stairs in both of our games, and both times lead to a crash shortly after construction. Advise exiting game to save, before attempting any level 2 construction. 2nd floors, in general, seem a bit buggy and cause crashes. 5. Plaster is hard to come by, and heavy as a donkey. Don't plan on doing any extensive dry walling. Game time: 2 months, 10 days Power and water are both off, but it is also a Sandbox game with out infection (No danger of zombification). We more wanted to see how the later stages of the game functions. I've heard stories of zombies gathering up in hordes at 6 months+, and besieging forts. Is there any validity to that? Would love to hear other's experience with the late/end game! Been difficult to find any streamers with an established survivor.
  3. When NPC's make their return, I'm imagining there would need to be quite a few in the early days of the game so that a few months in there are at least a few left given the high expected mortality rate. Personally I found the game much more enjoyable when they were taken out and while I am awed at what I've read about the meta game and potential for interactions, I hope I'm not overwhelmed with NPC's because the lonely atmosphere of the game as it stands is one of its best features IMO. My question, how many survivors do you think should be in the beginning of an unmodified Survival game? Edit: If you want an idea on how NPC's are planned to be implemented, and you do, because it's cool as hell, you need to read Tales from the Metaverse, I have and I keep re-reading it because I'm sure I've read it wrong, but every time I come to the conclusion that it will be insane.
  4. Okay, so I've been a PZ player for a while now (first played the game WAYYY back a few years ago) however I've never really 'stuck with' a single game, I usually get bored and sacrifice myself. However, in this current game, I'm at Day 27 (my personal record so far, my previous being about 5 days) and I'm still going strong.. I'm wondering where I go from here? I have a pretty secure place (in the middle of the town in West Point, believe it or not), I've wiped most zombies from the area and only a few wanderers really come in. I've got a good supply of non-perishables stored in my base (enough to last at least another month and a half) and rain collection barrels set up outside. I have a pretty decent stockpile of weapons (3 fire axes, 4 baseball bats, 2 crowbars, plenty of knifes, 2 pistols, a shotgun, golfclubs, etc) and I'm not short on ammunition either, plus I've opened the gun shop near my base so if I do run low on ammo (which I hardly use) then there's plenty there. I also have amassed a large amount of medicine from the nearby pharmacy which I've also stored in my base. The only thing I find that I'm in short supply of is nails, continually go out on supply runs to find damn nails. I raided the warehouse in West Point (just south of town) and the majority of shops in town.. I know there are nails further north in the neighbourhoods (in the sheds), however I tried to make a supply run into that area and it's infested as hell, no way I can loot that right now. I'm considering making the trip to Muldraugh to get some supplies, however I fear how long the walk will be. So what are you guys thoughts? What does a player do once they have an established base? And do you recommend I make the trip to Muldraugh?
  5. So, recently FrankieonPC has posted a video showing the official live action trailer for the game called "The Nether", which yet again brings a concept of survival in vast post-apocalyptic environment, with a twist from many successful zombie games that has been on the market already - DayZ, L4D2, The Last of Us... The trailer directly leads us to another video - that one is from the Nether's early footage video, which is also posted as unlisted, so only people from certain link can watch it. (Which is pretty fine, IMO. Whoever is interested - can watch it, while others who are "sick" of zombie games can never even stumble on it). The video shows the MASSIVE open world environment - SKYSCRAPERS followed with SKYSCRAPERS and tall buildings in a tight formation, wrecked, rusty cars, nature partially taking over what originally was it's property. Buildings with thousands windows, just waiting for a potential sniper to notice you and snipe you off for another bag of supplies. What could POSSIBLY go wrong, right guys? RIGHT? Wrong. The game, as shown in early development video, brings the new type of enemies to the table - The Nethers. Those are demonic-like creatures that behave in a similar way to zombies, and are out there to eat your guts. AND IT'S FINE with me, what I do however HATE about it is that they've made them TELEPORT. FREAKING - TELEPORT! Now that you think we've seen enough of bad zombie adaptations that make absolute no sense, or bring any sort of fear whatsoever (but instead - massive amount of frustration), we get this game. It is like taking a VERY FREAKING COOL concept, spend months of work on it and then THROW IT out of the window, let it smear in dirt and crash against the ground in tiny pieces, pick it up and put it back into the game. Teleporting zombies/demons are NOT fun. They aren't just "not scary", they are more like "annoying as HELL". Even the voice who was promoting the game design said something along the lines of "Even if you you've set yourself up on that rooftop and think you're safe - you are NOT. They can teleport, and they are not out there to hug you." At that point I almost turned the video off. I can't stress myself enough over how a game that might potentially be THE BEST post-apocalyptic survival game, joining in lines with games like DayZ, Project Zomboid, State of Decay and the likes, suddenly takes an INSTANT U turn and just goes the wrong way. Rant mode off, please - discuss.
  6. - Survival Horror Platformer - Programmer - Austin McDaniel (me) Artist(s) - Nem and Resedule What is this game? This game was inspired by many games, DayZ (I understand it's not an official game yet), Project Zomboid , and etc. The goal of this game is to get a team together and survive for as long as possible. This might seem easy to some people, but, what happens when you come across another group of survivors? What happens when you have food, and they don't? You will come across things like this in this game. That's what we plan anyway. Screenshot(s) The beginning. We have a long way to go. Tomorrow I will come back and make a progress area so you guys can see how close we are to releasing a demo!
  7. Guys.. I'm alive on day 13, this is the longest I've ever survived (I usually commit suicide by feeding myself to hordes because I'm a sadistic son of a bitch), and I'm really trying to survive this time. So I'm set up in the town centre in West Point (inside the Food Market store or whatever it's called, I'm on the second floor apartment.), pretty dangerous place to live, however it's been going quite well, I'm looted the surrounding buildings (and taken wood from a lot of doors), and I've started doing some construction in the car park round the back of the building. I've also cracked open the gun store just out of town, however I don't need the ammo right now (I took the fireaxe though). Things are getting really tense, I have a genuine sense of dread when playing now, since I feel quite 'comfortable' where I am, it's TOO quiet. I have the sense that a horde will tear through town soon. That's the least of my worries though.. all of the food is starting to rot! I'd been meaning to start farming, however I'm in the middle of the town and I've never farmed before. I'm not sure what I should do, it seems like everywhere is full of rotting food and my supply of chips and canned food is dwindling. I do have a previous safehouse that I abandoned without taking supplies from, I had stockpiled some food there so that's my short term move. What about long term? What do you guys suggest will keep me alive for the coming months? Preferably without farming since I'm comfortable in my current abode. And also, say a large horde does come booming through town, if I hide in my apartment (there's a few doors to get up there and also navigating to the back of my store), will they find me if I don't attract them? Could I wait them out? Thanks.
  8. I'm kind of surprised this hasn't been suggested before, though it might've been, I don't think I looked that hard. I just don't think any of the skills are things that people would neccisarily pick up as a result of a zombie apocolypse. They're all more or less skills they'd use everyday in normal life excluding the combat section, which in this game is something I feel should be avoided where possible anyways. Survival based skills (I know all of them could be considered "survival", but you know) are something I think would be an interesting addition, I'll make some examples. Scavanging: Looking for items would be more in depth than clicking on a container. Maybe add a "search" option that's effected by a skill that would possibly lead to finding more inside the container, or maybe being able to search to find hidden containers and things like that. I like the idea of this because it means you'll revisit old places later to look for more when you become desperate and are running out of options for food and other resources. Foraging: Searching for berries and other edible things in the wilderness is something that might appeal and possibly become essential to the camping outdoorsman or nomad survivor. This one would probably require the implimentation of a lot of new things in the wilderness though. First aid: Effectiveness of bandaged wounds, maybe adding a need to redress wounds, first aid increasing how long the bandages last before needing to be redressed. The speed of bandaging and possibly other such things if wounds and other such things are ever fleshed out (hah hah). If you have any other suggestions, or want to bash/support my idea, please be free to! I'd love to hear additional skills, reasons why they would/wouldn't work, or just why they're a bad idea in general. Sorry if there's too much in the thread, I wasn't sure if this would be considered one idea or several. Thanks for reading!
  9. Here you go people who always run out of food , eat up!! Added a bunch of bugs (seriously, a bunch!!!!) that spawn that provide little nutrients compared to actual food, so you must eat a bunch to fill your stomach although it makes you unhappy eating them. Most of them can be eaten without cooking them but you can still cook them, though some have to be cooked first. Added insects that inhabit Kentucky in real life. Wanting to add soup and other combined food options so you can get the most out of your bugs. Wanting to add a "tobacco paste" that you can eat that will negate allergic reactions so you do not die when eating poisonous/venomous insects.. Or just eating tobacco after eating poisonous/venomous insects. WIP, will refine and make better, hopefully . Wanting to make it so bugs respawn, and only spawn/respawn during they day or night and only during spring, summer and fall rotating which bugs will spawn, with only minor bugs like flies and cockroaches during the winter. Added four new traits that do not do anything at the moment , except give you a few points to spend. I will work on these and make them actually work. Thank you Kjulo & RegularX . **Insect Allergies Trait now works, sort of.. Try it.. New Traits: Entomologist: -2 [ Not sure yet] - You will have a better chance to find bugs.Acarophobia: +3 - You start panicking if you carry bugs around.Strong Stomach: -2 - You can eat bugs without feeling nauseous.Weak Stomach: +1 - You get nauseous when eating bugs.Insect Allergies: +6 - If you eat poisonous/venomous insects, you will surely perish. I haven't made the insect sprites yet, though I will soon. Download: Mirror (My Dropbox)
  10. I know this has probably been asked before, but last night I was dreaming, and I realised, ti was a post-apocalyptic, btu also zombie-survival-ish dream. What I also realised, since I suppose it might og been a partly lucid dream, is that I apparently know logic for 'weapons' to protect myself, such as how certian things can work for certian types of weapons. But to put it simply, what came to mind is the idea of "If we have found a knife, and say we found a shaft of wood like from a plunger, or a broom handle. Why couldn't we take that, to make a spear, to kill zombies at range with a accurate, hard jab to the head to destroy the brain." and similarly "Or if we say, broke a sledgehammer, Why not jurry rig a new one usign the old hammer head if we were able to salvage it somehow, with a new shaft." To put it simply, Jury Rigging "better" weapons, that the effectiveness/style of combat would be based on simply the weapon design, aka jabbing, or swinging, therefore either a longer range, very low knockback, higher damage weapon, or a shorter range, high knockback, high damage weapon. Though then my brain went and realised some other things, some materials are better then others, I mean, if you used a wooden bat, you could make improvements to it, but it might not last as long as a aluminum bat, however, it would hit harder in a swing from more weight to it, so it would have a harder knockback, and maybe more damage, but be a bit less durable in the end. ....Yeah my brain went into a stupid ammount of detail last night @_@
  11. An ongoing Survival Guide, by TinnedEpic. Welcome! First thank you so very much for clicking on this thread and checking out my survival guide. Before I begin ranting on there are a few things I need to say: <--------------------------------------------> Firstly, much of what I have written is subject to objection or differing opinions among players. All I can say to that is this are the tips and tactics I use to survive, this is how I personally play and for me it works. My way is not the only way. I am by no means closed minded either, I take all suggestions/advice onboard. If you wish to discuss/dispute/suggest content within this guide I highly encourage it. Sharing of strategies and ideas is exactly what a guide is all about. Chances are someone out there will have a better way of doing something and it's no good to anyone if they hold it back. (Unless they want to keep it a secret, in which case I have only one thing to say to that person... Grawr!)Secondly, everything in this guide is subject to change. As I play I learn new things or I learn better techniques from watching/reading other people I may change or add things to the guide to make it better. Even as the game updates and adds more content/challenges/changes I will need to adjust the material accordingly. It's very much an evolutionary thing.Thirdly, SPOILERS! HEAVY SPOILER ALERT! This guide will contain detailed information on project zomboid and how to survive. While it possibly may be helpful, it may also take the fun out of the game for you not begin able to experience it first-hand yourself. I implore you, only look up sections you are having trouble with. These guides are meant to help new players overcome challenges, however can routine aspects of the game. I encourage that new players who have been using this guide after a while should break away from it and try new things constantly and even take risks you normally wouldn’t take. THIS IS YOUR FIRST WARNING, If you do not want aspects of the game ruined for you I encourage you do not read them. Fourthly, while English is my first and only language, I suck at it... If you find spelling or punctuation errors please point them out (I have proof read it, however I'm not willing to trust myself to pick up on every mistake).<--------------------------------------------> If you're new, welcome to the game! Keep in mind this guide may contain spoilers so if you want a genuine experience I highly recommend you play the game first and then come back to this thread if you’re having trouble. Otherwise I'll try and explain things as in-depth and clearly as I can, I hope you find this helpful. If you're un-new, welcome anyways... Hope you enjoy the guide . If you want to discuss/question/debate content feel free to. I hope you find this helpful and enjoyable. View PDF here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/utzc1hb5py6ti9k/Epic%20Survival%20Guide%20Version%201_1.pdf Download for iPad and eReader Browsers here (.epub file): https://www.dropbox.com/s/l94ymwx6042algz/Epic%20Survival%20Guide%20Version%201_1.epub EreWeGo's "Unofficial PZ Manual" If your looking for another, slightly less spoiler filled guide I recommend EreWeGo's Guide to Project Zomboid. The similarities of our guides are notable however purely coincidence. Just go's to show great minds think alike. Anyways if you want a more technical run down than an opinion piece (like my own) of Project Zomboid I suggest checking this out over my own: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/51-unofficial-pz-manual/ <--------------------------------------------> Just letting you know now, the reason I made this guide was because I felt like giving something like this a go. I am not by means an 'expert' but I do consider myself experienced. I do sincerely hope that this helps people grow and learn from what I suggest and thus allow them to prolong their inevitable death. If you want me to link your guide in my post I will be most happy to do so. Sharing is caring . This guide took 4 weeks to complete and consists roughly on 10,900ish words. Kudos if you read it all.
  12. Hi fellow survivors! I'm new in this forum and I hope you will excuse me for my bad english. I've decided to do this cause on the Forum I have read that a lot of people don't survive much at the begin, despite the Survival Giude on PZwiki. From my little experience I've managed, so far, to survive reasonably well. I'm NOT tring to be presumptious here, I just want to share what I have learned. (for the little that is) You should be able to do this between the first 2-4 days. (after zombies increase in number) 1: Take a look at the map and find the easiest house to use as a fort which is (in my opinion) near the "Train Station". (is the ONLY house with the wooden walls surrounding) and start "building" your safe house (use sheet on windows, turn lights off...) 2: This house is only two hours from the "Big Warehouse" near the Highway; get there and loot al the needed tool (Hammer, Saw, Axe, Nails, Trowel, Bucket and last Sledgehammer). If you don't find some of the tools, look if you have enought daylight (and enought space in your inventory and containers) to go to the "McCoy Logging Corp." (another two hours from the warehouse) if so go there, loot and sleep here. (It's QUIET safe) 3: Get home. Make some planks and close the only entrance of your fort (walls and door) and built some rain collector barrels. Later in the game you can start fortifying and secure for real. 4.Your next necessary trip, always in my opinion, is the "Cortman Medical". It's about 4-5 hours from your fort. So maybe plan to sleep somewere around. Edit#1: 5. When you are out to looting try to have an objective. Then smash a window in a house near your objective, this will (hopefully) attract the zombies. Also yelling and drive them away from your objective is good. Edit #2: 6. Your fort can't be forever (at least this one can't). 'cause after a month or so the zombies are gonna take over. And they come in a HUGE number and don't ask permission. So, I will suggest you to change your hideout in something that's not near to populated areas. From there... start looting, farming, crafting, or simple smash some zombies!
  13. Hey.. It could be me, but I'm running the game. (Tried both 64 Bit and 64 Bit Compatibility.) And I'm getting some frame-rate issues, and lag. I use ZSpawn and it seems to lag even worse when I pull that menu up. Methinks it may be the graphics? Could it? I dunno.. If you need my specs, ask. Running Windows 7, 64 Bit.
  14. With the upcoming water rain barrel collecting, there should be times of drought, mainly in the spring and summer, but also in the winter. Not always, but there should be times when it just doesn't rain.
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