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  1. Ok here's the pic. I have been confused about port triggering vs. virtual server options. Virtual server allows me to type in an IP address, where as the triggering does not. First Pic is Port Triggering Menu: Second pic: Virtual Server Menu Also I kept the drop down menus dropped down. Which is the best option there? Thank you so much for your help/
  2. Well I typed my local IP address 192.168....etc in the "DMZ Hosts Address" in the picture I posted above. Should this allow people to connect to my external IP address and it will forward them to my local IP where I host the server? Thus allowing people OUTSIDE of my LAN to connect? Networking stuff like this is difficult for me to grasp. Sorry if I seem dense.
  3. I've been trying with my external IP, but connection always fails. It seems like the server is tied to my local IP. How do I work around this? Edit: I have some kind of DMZ setting for my router. Does this help?
  4. Hello all, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Been trying to get my PZ server running for a few of my buddies. Problem is, when I make the server only people on my LAN at my house can join. Also, we are using the local IP address, as opposed to the IP that I'd get from findmyip.com or what not. What am I doing wrong? We can all play locally, but I have friends all over that want to join in.
  5. So hordes were implemented in the game at one point? Can you elaborate on hordes? What attracts/causes them? Are we talking 10-20 zombies, or 25-50? Hordes is exactly what I was hoping for! What better way to test your fortifications than a throng of zombies.
  6. There are seasons. Farming is rough in the winter months. Wait until spring, and you'll be harvesting huge yields.
  7. Don't pick them up through the inventory system. Right click, then if Grab Log comes up, just keep doing that.
  8. First things first; Project Zomboid is an addictive drug that has begun to consume all facets of my life! But seriously, my buddy cannot go 30 minutes without talking about new base building ideas, farming techniques, or just general craftiness. Props Indie Stone - Keep delivering and you've got a real indie hit. Anyways, like I said, my buddy (Slanga) is completely consumed by PZ. He has a a pretty sprawling base built in the free zone between a 4-square of houses. Here's a pic. At this point, he's leveled his farming to 5 and Carpentry is almost there. Here's some things we've discove
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