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  1. Context menu doesn't pop up?
  2. Experiment with them to see what can make what. If your dying to know all the secrets you can go in the scripts folder and see for yourself. But half the fun is discovering what you can make. Also just because an object is not useful now doesn't mean it won't be in the next update. I am constantly adding new recipes each update. I appreciate your diligence! Here's to a long and prosperous game and modding community!
  3. Well what I mean is, is there a crafting recipe list? I have all of this extra junk that I don't know what to do with, and don't know whether they're useful or not.
  4. I can't right-click on guns from this mod, I can't add any attachments or even equip them! Anyone else having this issue?
  5. Is it limited? I just assumed you create a sprite for all the movements. Not sure, not a programmer.
  6. This has probably already been suggested, but why aren't there some Clothing mods or weapon sprite retextures for weapon mods so that an AR isn't always a shotgun/rifle model? This'd be awesome. Hats too.
  7. So how do I even get started with this?
  8. Hey.. It could be me, but I'm running the game. (Tried both 64 Bit and 64 Bit Compatibility.) And I'm getting some frame-rate issues, and lag. I use ZSpawn and it seems to lag even worse when I pull that menu up. Methinks it may be the graphics? Could it? I dunno.. If you need my specs, ask. Running Windows 7, 64 Bit.
  9. Easy to use, has a UI, I use it a-lot, so do others I believe. Ingame Inventory Item Spawner (it is only on the old forum): ZSpawn. Welcome to PZ. Edit: I'm stupid and put the Inventory Editor mod link, I can't read... Thank you very much! I've know of PZ For a while, just haven't been on this wonderful little forum for the equal amount of time. May you smash many skulls.
  10. Heyyy fellow Zomboids, probably not the right place to put this butttttt.... Is there a Developers Console or an Inventory Editor for Project Zomboid? Just wondering so I may make things a tiny bit easier..
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