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    I admit, the wait on NPC's is the one thing that has me not playing this as often, since I tend to play single player, I just..It felt like it was getting stale, though that being said I have not played in a good few builds, (*last played may 31st of 2015 according to steam*) And I just...I keep waiting, and it will be wonderful when they are added and I feel I can play this again, I just got bored trying to do it all on my own....and MUltiplayer I don't really know anyone who owns this game and wants to play it often because well, they are waiting on NPC's too XD
  2. Well, I know that Bindings, like bandages, cloth strips, even wires, and the like could be used for bdingins/attaching, and all
  3. I know this has probably been asked before, but last night I was dreaming, and I realised, ti was a post-apocalyptic, btu also zombie-survival-ish dream. What I also realised, since I suppose it might og been a partly lucid dream, is that I apparently know logic for 'weapons' to protect myself, such as how certian things can work for certian types of weapons. But to put it simply, what came to mind is the idea of "If we have found a knife, and say we found a shaft of wood like from a plunger, or a broom handle. Why couldn't we take that, to make a spear, to kill zombies at range with a accurate, hard jab to the head to destroy the brain." and similarly "Or if we say, broke a sledgehammer, Why not jurry rig a new one usign the old hammer head if we were able to salvage it somehow, with a new shaft." To put it simply, Jury Rigging "better" weapons, that the effectiveness/style of combat would be based on simply the weapon design, aka jabbing, or swinging, therefore either a longer range, very low knockback, higher damage weapon, or a shorter range, high knockback, high damage weapon. Though then my brain went and realised some other things, some materials are better then others, I mean, if you used a wooden bat, you could make improvements to it, but it might not last as long as a aluminum bat, however, it would hit harder in a swing from more weight to it, so it would have a harder knockback, and maybe more damage, but be a bit less durable in the end. ....Yeah my brain went into a stupid ammount of detail last night @_@
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