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  1. 1. I kind of agree with you, but to be honest I always imagined looking through containers to be sort of scavengy, where instead of just finding dog food and a butter knife, I actually sifted through a bunch of other junk to find it, as I've never seen a house with nothing but dog food and a butter knife in one of the cupboards. Still, I'd have to agree that if there's nothing but dog food and a butterknife, it would be hard to miss anything else. 2. Some people do have to learn to see! Have you ever gone foraging? Some people, myself sometimes included sometimes, just can't see. I find some people missing really obvious things and other people finding really obscure ones. But I understand what you mean by this, in the Witcher when you've played the game already and know what all the plants are and you have to get the skill up to pick them again, it's kind of annoying. And I was thinking that it would require you to read a book, then you'd train the skill by looking for the plants. That would be kind of tedious I guess, but so is looting general sometimes. 3. Hah hah, "Groin: Greatly increased pain." thanks for that, I'm glad more's going to be added there. And yeah, I did read those, that's why I mentioned at the bottom that I was unsure. Sorry about that. And I did run a basic search on the skills, but you can't really search for "first aid" so sorry if there was something there already. Thanks! =>
  2. Cool, could I live off of them? I might want to go nomad forest dweller if that's the case.
  3. I'm kind of surprised this hasn't been suggested before, though it might've been, I don't think I looked that hard. I just don't think any of the skills are things that people would neccisarily pick up as a result of a zombie apocolypse. They're all more or less skills they'd use everyday in normal life excluding the combat section, which in this game is something I feel should be avoided where possible anyways. Survival based skills (I know all of them could be considered "survival", but you know) are something I think would be an interesting addition, I'll make some examples. Scavanging: Looking for items would be more in depth than clicking on a container. Maybe add a "search" option that's effected by a skill that would possibly lead to finding more inside the container, or maybe being able to search to find hidden containers and things like that. I like the idea of this because it means you'll revisit old places later to look for more when you become desperate and are running out of options for food and other resources. Foraging: Searching for berries and other edible things in the wilderness is something that might appeal and possibly become essential to the camping outdoorsman or nomad survivor. This one would probably require the implimentation of a lot of new things in the wilderness though. First aid: Effectiveness of bandaged wounds, maybe adding a need to redress wounds, first aid increasing how long the bandages last before needing to be redressed. The speed of bandaging and possibly other such things if wounds and other such things are ever fleshed out (hah hah). If you have any other suggestions, or want to bash/support my idea, please be free to! I'd love to hear additional skills, reasons why they would/wouldn't work, or just why they're a bad idea in general. Sorry if there's too much in the thread, I wasn't sure if this would be considered one idea or several. Thanks for reading!
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