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Found 11 results

  1. So I ve been trying to find definitive answers to a few infection questions, but I only found quotes and sayings with no 100% certainty, so I started digging through the Project Zomboid code and here are my findings. All of the game mechanics in this thread are true as of version 39.67.5 (No changes from 38.30) Spoilers here to avoid huge wall of text. Read the TL;DR if you dont care about details: TL;DR By default: Bites are 100% deadly. Scratches are 25% deadly. Both Thick skin and Blunt Guard skills (Blade Guard if wielding a blade weapon
  2. Well i'm sure this have been talked about alot but here is my ideas that would improve a bit the immersion : - Infections : should last longer (a week desinfecting correctly, twice a day with clean bandages) bad treatment would hold the infection longer. Can cause fever, weakness and tiredness. -Cold : can give fever and lungs infection. - Antibiotics : should be more commun; also helps against infections and cold (already ingame i think). - New item : morphine pills: remove fever and every pain even agony, boost of happyness but make you exhausted. -Boost of doctor skill, give a
  3. I know that it isn't really in the game, but I never make bandages out of zombie clothes because of the risk of infection. You'd think that the clothing on a zombie would be both exposed to infected blood from the injury that infected the individual in the first place as well as infected blood splatter that may have happened while the individual was still alive and defending themselves before succumbing. what I mean is, for realism and lore, making bandages out of a zombie's clothes is asking to be infected unless the bandages are sterilized. And in situations when you are bleeding, and do n
  4. Is there a way to configure the server to modify the probabilities for infection (zombification). Because right now there's almos 90% chace yo get zombified (at least on my last 35 dead characters ) and I want to set it on like 20% for my server (an easy one). If there isn't a way... where should I change to make mod about that? is there a var in the code that set the probabilities?
  5. I don't really know if i did not understand it properly, or it simply don't working. Once i set INFECTION MORTALITY to NEVER, out of curiosity. TRANSMISSION was normal, BLOOD+SALIVA. In my opinion this have to work like you can be infected, but not killed by it. But it was the same story like set to 2-3 days. Once bitten, fever, zombified then death by huge health loss. Everyone noticed this too? Is it bug, glitch, or only misunderstood setting?
  6. Hello everyone, I had this idea that, as far as I can tell, doesn't appear in the "often suggested" or "definitive no" lists. It goes as follows: When using a bladed weapon, the player has the possibility of lathering it in zombie blood, making it "infectious". Hitting another player (or NPC) would mean contact with zombie blood, and thus risk of infection. The chance wouldn't be as high as being bitten, but it could still be substantial depending on the damage done. I actually got this idea while playing the walking dead game. There's a scene where a character hacks another's arm off wi
  7. Okay, so I heard this was a common thing back in the day. (No idea if there's any truth to it.) But this seems far too convenient. So here's what I'm thinking. Not everyone would know about this because I certainly didn't. But perhaps a skilled first aid worker could think of it. So my suggestion is once your first aid gets high enough you have the ability to learn how to use maggots to treat wounds in order to prevent infection. Eh? Ehhh? Ehhhhh? Or maybe stop infection entirely. What do you think?
  8. I feel that Zombie Migration system will be one of the most important elements in the game. The only problem is different players will have different opinions on what the best system is. I think sandbox mode should allow you to change your Migration settings to what you see fit. Easy mode would be for players who want zombies to stay relatively still, medium for people who want hordes to wander realistically, and hard for people who want to feel under constant threat from the zombie menace and always have to stay on the move. Easy Migration Hordes stay in there general vacinity but will wo
  9. Hey, So I was reading a thread and I came across someone mentioning the old zombie hallucinations which used to happen in older builds, I was wondering if the developers plan on re-adding this? For those who don't know, basically when you were infected by a zombie, during the late stages of your sickness you would start seeing/hearing zombies that weren't there. It was a really scary feature, I remember I would be in my house in the dark, and walking down the corridor I'd just see movement in the room as I walked past, seeing the outline of a zombie shambling towards me (which vanished out
  10. I'm hosting a small whitelisted PZ Server for just me and some friends. While so far it's been a huge amount of fun with few issues, the occasional, multiplayer-specific issue has made me wish I could modify the data for my users' characters. For example one user was mobbed and infected due to latency making his client unresponsive. After some digging I notice that the character data seems to be stored client-side in <USER_FOLDER>/Zomboid/Sandbox/<IP>_<USERNAME>/map_p.bin, and not on the server itself. Having looked at the file in a hex editor it seems fairly easy to modify e
  11. Inspired by my friend Kajin I wanted to post a somewhat similar but different-enough-to-merit-its-own-post group of ideas. First (I think this has been mentioned in general before, but what better time to bring it up) the ability to randomize the type of infection you're having in your sandbox game. Why do we need that, you ask? Well, because when players know how the infection is going to work and when they know for sure their character is going to die they tend to entirely break immersion, carefully pack up their stuff for their next character, and commit suicide in a pointless way. So I
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