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  1. Does the zombie count actually evolve as your save gets older?
  2. First of all, I don't agree with the idea of having ready time or any sort of alarm warning. That would be a really gamey mechanic that wouldn't fit into the game world at all. About the idea itself, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, one of my SP games is on the "beginner" difficulty setting, and my safehouse is pretty f*cking strong. Of course it's not invincible, but with the zombie density set to low and the craploads of nails and ammo I've been able to hoard, it's been weeks since a single Z wandered within two cells of my home. Aside from the occasional ohshitohshithshit moment I get while scavenging, there does seem to be a lack of difficulty in late game single player (half my in-game time is spent farming or nurturing my constantly-broken feet ^^). That being said, the apparent lack of difficulty is counterbalanced by the fact that if you fuck up, you're done. On the other hand, I feel like it would be quite horrible to have your base overrun months into the game because of a meta-game gimmic. I agree that the hordes could realisticaly fit in to the game world, but I feel like it would be better to increase the zombie density if you want to get that sort of mob effect. Ultimately I feel like this idea could be better used for a new challenge: you start out in an already fortified house and have to make as big a dent as possible in the attacking horde before kicking the bucket.
  3. Well I suppose this might make its way into the game "naturally" when NPCs show up, having Zs chase them into their homes etc... Otherwise I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Zombies are usually just hanging around unless stimulated, I don't see an incentive for them to go busting into houses unless they sense prey inside. I would be in favor of adding damage to houses in some scenarios though. It would make sense when playing the "8 months after the apocalypse" for instance to have most of the houses look ransacked by looters or fighting.
  4. I practiced archery for years and I don't have the slightest clue of how to build a viable bow. You would need the right kind of solid yet elastic wood, a super strong string, and some badass carving and knotting skills. A strong stick and some string aren't going to cut it I suppose archery as a skill could make sense, giving the player the ability to do silent long-range kills. However it would have to be learnt like the rest (I mean aside from ripping the skin off their own bow arm, beginners would have a tough time hitting anything). On the other hand, since dipping arrows in zombie blood to make them infectious does sound pretty OP, I would rather see weapon silencers implemented to achieve the same effect. We've already got stocks, slings etc... silencers would be a great addition!
  5. Good idea, it would make things faster and simpler on subsequent games
  6. +1 for the idea of unbarricading from only one side, although an attacker could still break down the whole door with an axe from either side.
  7. I think this is a great idea! It could apply a debuf / moodle equal to the Hard of Hearing trait, but not permanently. Say you fire a shotgun indoors, you'd be deaf for an in game day and then recover. It sounds like a compromise between realism (penalty) and fun (no permanent damage).
  8. I was thinking about melee weapons only. Arrows would be horrible indeed since it would allow a sort of delayed one-shot-kill sniping scenarios. Melee weapons though would be a bit more "fair", since you could always try to hit first or else run. And it would make looting indoors that much more stressful in MP, knowing that a swing from a hidden axeman could be the end
  9. Sewers and basements would be outrageously awesome... but it sounds like a ton of work for the devs :-S
  10. I haven't played any multiplayer yet so I can't attest to this, but I think blunt weapons can already cause fractures. That's what's written on PZwiki anyways.
  11. I kind of like the idea of freshly turned zombies. It reminds me (again) of TWD game, where a distinction is made between zombies who turned during "the fall", and ones that turned after. Ones that turned after were already survivors and thus more liable to have useful loot on them (tools, ammo, canned food, bottled water etc...). I suppose this might make its way into the game with NPCs though. If a NPC is infected and turns, we should be able to loot its corpse in such a way
  12. Haha using the Zs as pack animals could work I guess . Otherwise I don't really see a utility to the idea of chained Zs other than roleplaying.
  13. Indeed the water could become dirty depending on the state of the tub, or it could maybe become stagnant if left untouched for too long. I know tainted water is already planned but I don't know in which release. I'm not playing IWBUMS so I may be lagging behind a bit in this domain
  14. Hey everyone, I was a bit surprised to not find this anywhere on the forum, since it has already been suggested on Steam. Maybe the developers and everyone else has already heard of it then, but I thought it was worth mentionning How about being able to block bathtubs with a rag or something, and filling them with water? If a player is trying to hold out in an urban area, it would be a pretty good water container, since an average tub can hold at least 150 litres of water. This mechanic could also be used to fill sinks throughout to house. It wouldn't change much at first, but it could sure come in handy when the water finally cuts out and you've got 40 extra gallons waiting in the bathroom
  15. I remember playing the demo AGES ago and feeling a bit underwhelmed. I was like "meh", and didn't look further into it. About a month ago I stumled back upon the game on steam, and seeing all the posiive feedback and reviews about how it was evolving, I sort of grabbed it on a whim. HOLY CR*P was I ever blown away by how deep and complex the game had become! And the devs seem really active and present. This is how early access is done! The Indie Stone would have a thing or two to teach to pretty much all the Steam community.
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