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  1. I hope not because while NPCs might add alot to the game, without migration the end game is pretty much non-existent at this point for single player. Just clear out your neighborhood, make a farm, walla. Recently I decided not to even build a fence around my house cause it's definitely not needed.
  2. Yea only problem with that logic is they keep on adding stuff in so using that as an excuse to push the npc date back is like stabbing themselves in the foot. Usually within a development team you have people working on multiple things but you don't push back major features for minor additions pretty much never. The best way to go about it would be to finish up npcs so they can interact with major game mechanics, and then update them for the minor stuff.
  3. Don't see much of the point of bothering with coding in reanimation. In multiplayer it would be totally useless seeing that zombies are so underpowered compared to humans that you wouldn't have a chance of infecting someone. They would just bash in your skull without any effort. In singleplayer there wouldn't be much of a point either when you think about the amount of time spent for the amount of fun given. Oh so I just killed a single NPC, whoopie doo. The PZ zombies are weak except in numbers so doing anything as one is never going to happen. All it would give is a novel experience for abou
  4. pretty sure soonTM is owned by blizzard . Pretty much i'm just waiting for migration to be fully implemented back in to start playing again.
  5. Kitchen knives are my favorite weapon in game but i stopped using them since the Axe is so strong. Nice to see an enhanced stabbing weapon like the hunting knife. Time to go hunt dem zombies :cool:. As far as other changes, reducing spiffo drop chance is just mean and surprisingly Japanese version might come in handy for me since i'm learning Japanese and playing in the language will be great practice.
  6. Personally I think kitchen knives are one of the best weapons in the game into you get into tier 1 stuff like the Axe. Shanking zombies with 1-hit kills all day every day. As far as reducing durability and increased weapon drop rates, I'm not a fan of this idea. It's realistic but would make for mighty awful gameplay. You don't want the player do have to loot the same equipment, over and over and over and over. This would just make for extremely boring gameplay. At the moment durability seems fair enough so you think "alright i used this a good amount of times, need another one" instead of "
  7. Hmm i wouldn't consider that unfair. Crawlers do have a pretty fast lung but it's avoidable. Also it really comes down to awarness, i always make sure that crawlers are dead and if i'm not sure then i just wont' walk by them. Also if you killed 1116 zombies in 16 days I hardly think they should be made weaker. Way i look at it, you knocked a zombie down and failed to double tap it, that always gets people killed xD.
  8. I I think a good usage for barbwire would be some sort of trap that you could use to catch people with. Of course this wouldn't be that useful against zombies seeing they couldn't be killed by it most of the time but it would be useful in crowd controlling them or even catching looters/bandits in multiplayer trying to take your stuff if they aren't careful. As far as the low drop rate of barbwire, even if it's rare they probably should be stored in bulk. So instead of finding just 1 roll you would find 5-10.
  9. Of course it's in early access, however i fail to see how that is relevant. The OP asked if we used barb wire, and we responded that we didn't because currently it has no purpose. And here you go whining about how people are always complaining. At least get the purpose of the thread before lecturing people about being ungrateful.
  10. If an item is useless it's useless, regardless of what future implementation it might have. Until changes are confirmed in a solid form or implemented, they are useless. The only person i see bitching in this thread is you. The thread is about rather or not people use barbwire or sandbags for defense in which they obviously don't. Meaning these things need to be looked into and balanced out. Don't get an attitude with other people for saying something true, most of us prefer not to turn a blind eye to everything and just say "Oh they will get to it eventually".
  11. No one has ever burned their house unless they left it while something is cooking or went to sleep. Woe be the poor fool he accomplishes that while standing by the oven or anywhere in his house. Also in real life you can just look at food and know when it's done. Even if you overcook it I can hardly see how you would burn it. The cooking bar doesn't even give you enough information for common sense levels, let alone taking it away. Unless I have a cooking skill of 4 of something and i'm just awesome.
  12. Diseases are not conscious entities, their goal is not to eliminate mankind. If anything their goal (although not conscious) is to survive long enough to reproduce. Didn't plan on responding to this but since thread was revive i'll go at it. The zombie plague is obvoiusly not about reproduction . Biting/scratching is pretty much the worst transmission method possible for a disease, and zombies don't care about their own well being. These two facts combined easily shows that reproduction is not their prerogative. With normal animals, the only thing they put above their own survival is that
  13. Like no, planting crops is a specialized skill. Dont know anyone who is an adult who cant figure out when something they're cooking is finished.
  14. I would love tanks since i'm a fan for L4D but devs already said they weren't going to be making any "special infected". Though I wouldn't fret much, some one will probably make a mod of it sooner or later. I've been wanting to start modding things myself but first want the change to the sprites to finish since I don't think doing regular 2D sprites will work with the game anymore. Edit: Did some research on modding and don't think it was ever possible to game in-game sprites model or add them so that sucks.
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