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  1. Hello. So I read the Mondoid from the 26th and I thought about the whole thing with clothing and what variety of clothing there should be, so I thought what if they added hoodies? They would have better protection than blouses, some storage (1-2) in the front pocket, the pull over ones and then the zippper ones that can be un-zipped if you get a little to warm and they would not be as good for protecting from the cold than a sweater in the winter but warmer than a blouse. Thoughts?
  2. Hello my fellow PZ people! So today, while playing PZ, I was thinking about how awesome a 3d model bag would be. Bag equipped = 3d model bag on your back Long weapon in bag = Weapon sticking out from bag You should only make it for "equip on your back", as it would be a problem with second hand slot. I think this would be pretty great. Also, I've been looking around on google for a 3d model import tool, but is it true that you haven't released one yet?! I mean, so modders can actually do stuff like adding 3d model bags? Let me know what you think about 3d model bags. -Stenmann
  3. My suggestion is to add smoke grenades. Both military and homemade. Like the m18 or the l83a1 at military depos and police station. But for the homemade ones you'll need saltpeter, sugar, a frying pan, a can, some string, a frying pan, heat source and a cooling storage. First you'll have to mix the sugar and potassium nitrate, then heat the mix up and cool it down. Then just set it on fire and your done. Got no idea what use smoke grenades would but why not ;D
  4. I know cars are already confirmed and in progress, I just wanted to add a few ideas, in case the developers want to hear suggestions before finalizing the project. There should only be a limitied amount of cars in the map. Maybe 32-42. Out of that number, only 15-20% should be usable, you should need a set of keys, or something else, to make it difficult to acquire. And the rest of the cars should be useful only to suck gasoline and perhaps scrap parts. I don't know if keys would work, because if they are lost due to glitch deaths and invetory loss, then the car may not ever be recu
  5. My suggestion/idea came up when I read the thread bout the new cooking related stuff. And then I thought of fish. Dried and smoked fish exactly. And that is the thing PZ needs! A way of preserving food for a really long time. Dried beef (beef jerky) can last up to one and a half years! Kinda OP, but who cares. No more perishable foods going to waste in the first days of survival!
  6. This is a idea for a mod that adds a need to brush your teeth.... Research has shown that mouth higienne is a big factor to health. The worse your mouth higienne is the more prone to disease you are. I don't how to code and make mods, so yeha.
  7. And this suggestion came up a long time ago. How about one type of clothing would protect more against zombie bites or scratches. It's pretty obvious that a leather bomber jacket is gonna protect a scratch, maybe even a bite, but a polo shirt isn't. And what if you clothes get so much drenched with zombie blood, it would make your character sad or even drepressed (I can't believe if anyone would like to wear blood coated jeans or t-shirts).
  8. Hi guys, this is my first post, i'm a gamer that likes RPG and also like the idea of Zombie Apocalypse, there is something come up in my mind that maybe making PZ more fun, more exciting. 1. giving more different stats to the equipment, attack effects, damage, speed, range, etc. and make the zombies to drop equipment after death, give some abilities to zombies so that they are hard to be killed(but rewarding), In the other hand, add abilities for players so that they can deal with the tough zombie, just like the NOTD:Aftermath, i don't if anybody have played NOTD:Aftermath before but it is a
  9. Delete this thread not posting anymore..
  10. As the tile says, using those smaller bags as a alternative for water barrels or a smaller version of one. I always seem to have trouble finding a garbage bag for a barrel so I think using the grocery bag would be a nice way to fix that, or use them in another way because once you get hiking bags, those smaller bags are pretty much useless as a long-term item.
  11. Around the area I live (I live in Northern Kentucky) I can think of a great amount of creatures that'd make great additions to the game as huntable/trappable food sources: (The Obvious) Deer Deer are very populous around here and would only get moreso without more hunters. They're also very quiet and would not rouse attention from wandering stiffs. Deer meat is absolutely awesome for cooking, but there is a danger one should be wary of - in certain seasons, Lyme disease is a huge risk. If the inherent danger of contamination is taken into consideration, this could make hunting deer in Projec
  12. So I thought it would be good to have this, why? Because if you play the same map for a long time, you'll know where to go, what to do etc. and it ruins the experience in my opinion. It feels much more immersive if you have no clue where you are. How this would work? It's easy, certain sets of buildings being put in random locations, so it's not a huge mess with everything going everywhere. For example: - Set 1, 5 Civillian houses - Set 2, Police Station And gas station, with a few houses beside - Set 3, Pharmacy, Parking Lot and supermaket. These are not the best sets I could come up
  13. Hello, I'm new here. I live in Northern Kentucky (I've met and talked with the peeps who created the Zombies!!! boardgame) and absolutely adore Project Zomboid. It's one of those games with a huge amount of potential that a lot of games just haven't reached out to grasp despite countless tries. What follows is one (of many) suggestions I hope make it into PZ, though if it doesn't - well... I'm definitely going to work with the modding community on no few of my other ideas. Sound Pings For those who have played Starcraft 2, as a Terran, you can build a radar tower that shows little red bl
  14. I think it would be pretty interesting to see the implementation of some sort of weathering to houses and structures both pre-placed and player built. For example, over time, old homes began to have weed invasions through cracks and crevices, wood starts to rot from rainfall, and walls and roofs become discolored from that as well. And maybe grasses begin to grow taller and wild plants begin to sprout from the earth, or maybe warehouses become covered in vines. As the older the player's adventure lengthens in time, they can watch their environment change too. This would add to the immersion
  15. The most similar thread I could find went offtopic, so I'll post the first couple of suggestions that came to my fresh (just bought the game and tried multiplayer 2 days ago) mind. The first thing my friend and I did when we got to know the game was going to the police station where we thought we'd be able to procure a gun and although the server was freshly reset and there were like dozens of zombies around, we still easily managed to just get inside and safely take it... That was a very entertaining experience for once , but I think that such a game should ( and i hope it will become) be a
  16. Project Zomboid developers will add that mini tutorial that existed in older versions? I loved that tutorial ... and could stay in the survival section ... but will be added?
  17. Post any ideas for new ways to kill our best buddies and the zeds. I think more guns (obviously), and maybe a machete or a katana.
  18. I have had a few years of growing fruits and vegetables, so I really like that one can grow their own food in PZ too. But I feel that the farming element of PZ is rather unbalanced, compared to how gardening works in real life. Plainly put, some plants are much too easy to grow, the rest too hard. My main examples are carrots and radishes (C&R). In real life these are two of the easiest vegetables to grow; whereas in PZ, they’re the two hardest to grow! Practically impossible, I would say. I have never been to grow either of them to harvest in PZ in a ’survival mode’ game, only in a sandb
  19. Like the title suggests, we have upper floors, why not lower floors, if this has been suggested, my apologies, would be cool to kind of have a basement, where u can physically trap yourself in a corner as to say, plus hidden from view, and when npc's multiplayer comes in, it will be hard to spot the latch. What you guys reckon?
  20. I got this idea while watching a Let's Play of PZ. Have any of you played Dead Island? Maybe even Dead Rising (1-3)? Did you notice how the characters are, at first, terrified and fight for survival, but soon it becomes second nature to them? How, in Dead Island, they're disgusted at they slice the undead apart but soon just go about it like it's their job? Well, that's what I feel should be added to PZ. Think about it, you've killed 6000 zombies, you've survived for well over a year and you've (when they're added) seen your friends torn apart and had to put them and other human beings down pe
  21. Why do I see bearded balded men zombies in skirts running around with lipsticks in their pockets? o.O (but onto more important topics...) I might be adding more suggestions but that would most likely depend on how active the devs (or a designated spokesman) will be at engaging the community. I also hope that no one will think that by this I am asking for a preferential treatment of some sort, I am just merely stating what will motivate me personally. Currently I will be surfing this forum for a week or two to make my decision, and who knows I might be adding more suggestions. There is lots
  22. I suggested this on the old forums but wanted to repeat it here... Way back when the pistol and reloading mechanism was a mod, not part of the vanilla game, the "hardcore" reloading style was the only one available. Although realistic, it was rather buggy and definitely not user-friendly, and I definitely support making the "style" of reloading an option in PZ's settings rather than forcing one set style (easy, normal, hardcore) on the player. However, the old mod version of reloading had something that I don't think was included when it was incorporated into the vanilla game version: shot
  23. Just list any job ideas, outline the traits etc, who knows some might make it into the game or be modded into it. personal idea: Weatherman- special trait: the character comments on the weather, "should be a little chilly today", or "looks like its going to rain soon" etc.
  24. So while I was playing today (I've played basically everyday since the announcement of West Point ), I thought it would be cool to make some characters from popular media, which ended up me thinking of some traits/jobs that would be epic to have in game. Jobs: -Teacher Booksmart: You gain more entertainment from reading books. -Governer Golden Tongue: Survivors (NPC's) are more likely to want to join you/Help you -Pizza Delivery Boy Delivery!: ??? -Bartender Happy Hour: You and all survivors following/with you are less likely to get drunk. -Doctor First Aid: Bandage-Applied
  25. Roach


    I am well aware that vehicles have been suggested; but so far I have not seen pedal bikes being suggested. Pedal bikes in a realistic perspective + Easier to maintain than a car + Quiet compared to a car (hordes not storming at your sorry ***) + Easier to steal (simply cut the lock) + Allows you to outrun zombies + Allows you to travel average distances easier - Slower than cars - Causes fatigue - Causes hunger - Can't run zombies over effectively (compared to a car) - If flipping over you become very exposed. Possible extensions: -Firing weapons/ swinging weapons while biking -Maint
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