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  1. Gurluas

    Editing vanilla Knox County map?

    I think the creative mode they talked about once was for this but it's not out. There's a map editor out there somewhere though since there's custom maps.
  2. It really depends...We have a lot of skills now. A new skill should only be added for something that absolutely doesn't fit under the other skills. If there's a new feature added that fits under an existing skill, it should be put there.
  3. Gurluas

    Vehicle IWBUMS

    A complete savegame wipe? That's terrible was hoping to continue some worlds with vehicles...Or does the savegame incompatibility only apply to IWBUMS?
  4. Gurluas

    More Variation in zombie speeds and timeline.

    I'd also like to detach attack speed form Zombie movement speed. Sprinters right now are impossible to play against due to their insane attack speed.
  5. Gurluas

    What happened to metalworking?

    Generally if you play the proper hardcore experience,, surviving to the point where you get a skill to level 10 is REALLY hard due to how dangerous the world is and how limited supplies are. This is why I believe that you can balance this out by making everyone happy. Add the "self-sufficient" features at the end of a skill. If you can survive for 6 months and get your metalworking and carpentry to 10, then you deserve to be able to be a bit self-sufficient. People who want to be 100% self-sufficient from the start can use mods or experience multipliers. I definitely would like to see you being rewarded for surviving and making it alive and mastering a discipline in spite of the state of the world and limited supplies.
  6. I think it's fine that they show things, people just assumed it was close to release because of how polished it looked. Regardless, I for one am willing to wait. the devs have done amazing things with Zomboid and it feels so good to see the game evolve and grow overtime. I remember when the map ended near the pony roam-o. Now it's twice as big, and the graphics got updated, so many new features were added. Now vehicles are coming and whatnot. These people are doing an amazing job.
  7. Gurluas

    What happened to metalworking?

    I want to add my two cents to this. I believe Metalworking should be mostly welding stuff together and reforging existing stuff, at least until the later level 9/10. Around 9/10 I don't see why the player can't make rudimentary weapons or tools, doors, etc. You have to remember how much practice and work it takes to reach the later levels of a skill, once you get there, you should be able to do great stuff.
  8. Gurluas


    Likewise, the railway construction thing was just an idea, the main thing I want added is to be able to ride trains.
  9. Gurluas


    Well as long as the tracks can be protected I don't mind if train tracks aren't craftable. And well as I said it's a start. Remember that Zomboid is a simple game, so you shouldn't make the Train system too complicated. Also I don't think there would be 90's trains here. Zomboid takes place in the early 90s, so it's more likely to have trains from the 80's and 70's. It was normal for Rural areas to use older train models.
  10. Gurluas


    Protecting tracks would work too I suppose. Remember though, Railways have been build since the early 19th century. You has simple people with shovels laying down tracks, so it wouldn't be too unfeasible if you actually find the materials pre-crafted already. As for train riding, I think the Vehicle system they recently added can be the backbone for it. Each wagon would be a "Car" connected to the "Car" ahead of it, and the Locomotive would be the one that you use to steer the Train.
  11. Gurluas


    In that case, finding the rail parts in the Train yard and other industrial areas should be alright. As for the difficulty in placing them.. I think it's possible if you make it require level 10 Carpentry and Metalworking, it's not an easy thing to get and it makes it difficult enough to place new tracks, but it should still be possible incase someone wrecks the railway.
  12. Gurluas

    Drive Skill

    I strongly disagree, I love having many different skills and all those skills except for Nimble are fleshed out and have uses.
  13. Gurluas


    Crafting train tracks would require a mold, sawed logs, and the steel tracks themselves. Something that a very skilled carpenter and metalworker can definitely do, and it'd give Metalworking more use, I mean sure it's not industrial tracks but still.. Either that or have train tracks components spawn somewhere in the railyard, and make it possible to assemble them. The reason why I want train tracks to be placeable is because you can destroy the railway with a sledgehammer and then there is no way to rebuild it. On a multiplayer server this would be really annoying since any troll can destroy the rails and there is no way to restore the tracks.
  14. Gurluas

    Hoard "roar"

    Yeah this would be cool, it'd make a big Horde even more scary But it should only happen in big Hordes like what happens if you shoot guns around the Mall.
  15. Gurluas


    So with the addition of Vehicles, Trains are becoming a real possibility. Just as how you can now find and fix cars, you should be able to find and fix trains. Trains unlike Cars would only be able to travel on Traintracks. Train tracks should also become craftable and removeable with a high carpentry and metalworking stat. Trains will be faster than cars and can have wagons so that you can put your stuff into them, but as said, they are limited to Train tracks only, and crafting new Train tracks is meant to be very expensive and time consuming. To use a Train you also need to find a manual, just like you would with Generators. Trains can be found in the railyard by Muldraugh. Like with Cars, a large Horde will stop a train but not as fast as it would a car. Trains can be derailed if too big a Horde blocks the tracks or if someone sabotages the tracks, if they are derailed they are likely to explode killing the occupant, or at the very least become broken and unusable. I personally love trains and I'd love to be able to use one :3 Once Louisville is added, Trains will be really cool, especially if Louisville has a big train station.