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  1. Gurluas

    Bohemian Rhapzedy

    You can't expect sound designers to finish MP faster, that's not how it works! I for one love and appreciate the new sound effects big time! I am also waiting for multiplayer but I'm not gonna bitch when we get cool new content. I am excited to hear what snow sounds like. The animals are also great! Are Foxes are one of the mammals? I really hope tameable foxes will be available when animals come out properly someday.
  2. Gurluas


    Any news on that Computer DOS feature? It was pretty dang cool. I know it's not for slated for 41 but I am curious about how that's going! :3
  3. Awh I can't wear a welding mask with an army helmet or a bandana anymore? Welding mask alone looks silly.
  4. Gurluas

    Shoving off

    Why not have a testing branch for early multiplayer then? If IWBUMS is now regarded as a "Beta" branch then having an "Alpha" branch could be the solution. It'll allow testing while making it clear to people this isn't even a beta or IWBUMS. I mean this is what you did with cars.
  5. Gurluas

    Shoving off

    Thank you for the update, do not worry, good things take time! How is that epic computer DOS system thing going? Honestly that was one of the coolest things ever even if it's not slated for 41. And great to finally see Louisville! I wonder how Louisville will be handled lorewise... At the start of the infection it should be uninfected and outside the quarantine zone, will it be blocked off?
  6. 1. This is a big one... I don't get why the devs are so much against silencers if it's balanced properly. Weapon mods are already rare, silencers would be rare too, and simply make a weapon with silencers break much faster than one without. That means a weapon with silencers can only be used sparingly...And finally, silencers don't actually silence the sound, they suppress it, meaning it's still pretty loud and would attract nearby Zeds, just not the entire town. 2. I think this is being worked on. 3. Perhaps through metalworking, I approve of this. 4. Agree
  7. Gurluas

    School Reopening

    Oh my you got to live when the Xerox Alto popped up and computer GUI got invented! :3 Nice!
  8. Gurluas

    School Reopening

    Seriously though, imagine finding floppy disks containing games and notes and stuff for your PC...Ahh the nostalgia. xD PCs were like that when I was really young. (Born in 91)
  9. Gurluas

    School Reopening

    Omg that Computer! I've always been wanting to use computers in Zomboid...Here's hoping I can play Doom! 😛
  10. Gurluas


    During those days you had video rental stores. Perhaps video tapes can be collected in such stores? While VCRs have to be acquired at a video store and can rarely be found with a TV. Finally: What about the Video game consoles? You find cute handheld consoles, giving functionality to those would be nice!
  11. Gurluas

    2020 vision

    Great to see map updates! :3
  12. This would be nice, during winter my character tends to be really cold while sleeping.
  13. I fully support this, weapon variety is always nice!
  14. Gurluas


    If I recall zombies can have different stats in hearing and such, in this case, their decay level/body status could influence how fast they turn and how quickly.
  15. Actually there's been plenty of additions like the military base in the woods. We're about to head into Build 41, and the map is still build 39.
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