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  1. Actually there's been plenty of additions like the military base in the woods. We're about to head into Build 41, and the map is still build 39.
  2. Is this project dead? Haven't heard from it in ages.
  3. Bites and broken bones take a very long time to heal, just keep eating/disinfecting the wound.
  4. Tbh this has annoyed me a bit. For instance the area around the military base, even the forest is unforagable.
  5. Perhaps they were expecting something akin to the Left 4 Dead contagion but realized shit hit the fan when the infected actually physically died and then somehow reanimated?
  6. I think it's due to how migration works when you're away from your cell. I noticed zombies can get past impenetrable walls when the cell is unloaded and they migrate. I noticed this primarily at the military base near the prison, after a supply run there's usually 2-3 zombies who somehow got past the perimeter wall.
  7. Gurluas


    Short, brief and to the point Will silencers for guns ever be an option by the way? At least in the Survivor mode? The gun variety is amazing in build 41, I'd love to be able to make a character that sneaks around and uses silenced guns to kill while having to scrounge for bullets. Currently firing a gun still attracts the entire neighbourhood.
  8. Aren't they? I've survived a bite once.
  9. Tending to his wife? Keep watching the main menu until a lightning flash illuminates the room.
  10. I had the same issue, the player file seems to be elsewhere but I'm not sure where.
  11. Gurluas


    Soap is quite rare though and it is needed to wash outfits and yourself. Being able to craft a weaker variant of soap based on fat would go a long way.
  12. I concur, my feedback is more a problem with convenience. I do not have a problem in more realistic movements and I generally like how weighty the movement is, and how you can't just instantly turn 180 degrees. But it should still be tweaked so it's easier to properly loot from containers and such.
  13. It's worth checking out in SP since it'll take some time to get used to the new movement and combat, and you don't want to be caught naked in MP :p
  14. They're already ingame, there's a spiffo doll which is super rare, and now you have super rare outfits in the game.
  15. My biggest issue with it is when trying to loot/place things into a container and the character ends up facing away from the container while putting things into it.
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