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  1. Gurluas

    2020 vision

    Great to see map updates! :3
  2. Gurluas


    This would be nice, during winter my character tends to be really cold while sleeping.
  3. I fully support this, weapon variety is always nice!
  4. Gurluas


    If I recall zombies can have different stats in hearing and such, in this case, their decay level/body status could influence how fast they turn and how quickly.
  5. Afaik they can be used to keep you warm as a source of fire...They were also part of the unfinished Smithing system.
  6. Perhaps add a rust or corrosion mechanic? Maybe the zombie infection turns the blood acidic, so eventually the metal weapons would rust and crumble? Just an idea.
  7. Yeah I agree here, while gameplay is important so is realism. Weapons with extreme durability should be hard to find, and perhaps not be as good as weapons that break easier, but they should definitely be there. Perhaps it takes much longer to kill a zombie with a metal pipe than it would with a Machete or with an Axe.
  8. Actually there's been plenty of additions like the military base in the woods. We're about to head into Build 41, and the map is still build 39.
  9. Is this project dead? Haven't heard from it in ages.
  10. Bites and broken bones take a very long time to heal, just keep eating/disinfecting the wound.
  11. Gurluas


    Short, brief and to the point Will silencers for guns ever be an option by the way? At least in the Survivor mode? The gun variety is amazing in build 41, I'd love to be able to make a character that sneaks around and uses silenced guns to kill while having to scrounge for bullets. Currently firing a gun still attracts the entire neighbourhood.
  12. Aren't they? I've survived a bite once.
  13. Gurluas


    Soap is quite rare though and it is needed to wash outfits and yourself. Being able to craft a weaker variant of soap based on fat would go a long way.
  14. They're already ingame, there's a spiffo doll which is super rare, and now you have super rare outfits in the game.
  15. I recommend keeping Muldraugh relatively low pop on zombies so people can gear up.
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