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Found 91 results

  1. JoshTehG4m3r

    Job Suggestions

    Just list any job ideas, outline the traits etc, who knows some might make it into the game or be modded into it. personal idea: Weatherman- special trait: the character comments on the weather, "should be a little chilly today", or "looks like its going to rain soon" etc.
  2. DoctorJohnny

    Suggestions for Traits/Jobs

    So while I was playing today (I've played basically everyday since the announcement of West Point ), I thought it would be cool to make some characters from popular media, which ended up me thinking of some traits/jobs that would be epic to have in game. Jobs: -Teacher Booksmart: You gain more entertainment from reading books. -Governer Golden Tongue: Survivors (NPC's) are more likely to want to join you/Help you -Pizza Delivery Boy Delivery!: ??? -Bartender Happy Hour: You and all survivors following/with you are less likely to get drunk. -Doctor First Aid: Bandage-Applied wounds heal faster. -Thug Streetsmart: You start with a pistol and 10 mm bullets. Traits: - Heart Problems: (-6 points) When in high panick (the highest state), your character has a chance to pass out for a randomized amount of time. -To be continued later when I think of more ideas... c; If you have an idea that you feel needs some publicity or feedback, feel free to post it!
  3. Roach


    I am well aware that vehicles have been suggested; but so far I have not seen pedal bikes being suggested. Pedal bikes in a realistic perspective + Easier to maintain than a car + Quiet compared to a car (hordes not storming at your sorry ***) + Easier to steal (simply cut the lock) + Allows you to outrun zombies + Allows you to travel average distances easier - Slower than cars - Causes fatigue - Causes hunger - Can't run zombies over effectively (compared to a car) - If flipping over you become very exposed. Possible extensions: -Firing weapons/ swinging weapons while biking -Maintenance: Replacing brakes or busted tires. -Improvements: On-road or Off-road equipment. adding equipment like extra bags or honk horn (to bait hordes). Generator for bike light or perhaps powering your house? Feel free to post suggestions or your opinion.
  4. frankuck99

    Automovile loot.

    I was thinking, when they implement vehicles, you will be able to find them in the highway, or streets, but they will need energy or fuel/oil. I thought that they can let us scavenge the cars, buses, etc that are abandoned and you could find bags, medicine, like painkillers, and there can be corpses of a family for example, and your characters says "I hope they didn't suffered too much" or things like that. I don't know, just saying. By the way,I'm Argentinian, so sorry for the grammatical mistakes.
  5. So, I really started to use the books recently. I mostly just used the ones for level 1 to get me started nicely and then only used books when my char was bored... Due to books and specific actions you can level cooking and crafting quite easily - in contrast to the other skills like running, sneaking and kicking ass with different weapons. So maybe there could be different types of magazines that give you short term xp-boosts. (and I mean short term!) for instance... you go into the fabulous enigma book store in WP and you find a magazine like runners world or a golf magazine, baseball magazine, etc. you can read it to cure boredom but you could also benefit from its information. like improve your swing (only with the golf club or the bat, depending on the magazine) or your running technique. Other magazines could be "Cuttlery afficionado" or "Gunnut Magazine". I hope you catch ma drift. Those benefits should only be temporal and not for the whole level. I do yet have to find an magazine or book that would help one learn to sneak or to be nimble ^^ Extra suggestion because you were so nice and read that. Right-click option for the ovens in the loot menu, as a workaround if the rightlick option for the oven directly is not showing or hard to find. and uhm. a raincoat or an umbrella would be much appreciated. I caught a hell of a cold on the way from Muldraugh to West Point EDIT: How about "cleaning your gun" as a task that makes your gun last longer and reduces boredom, needs information out of a magazine/book or at least gun-level 2 or something no one? okay, I'll just see myself out
  6. RedKrypton

    Possible Brands

    Her are some brands that could be introduced without problems, which also can add as a kind of inside joke: Of course not all are fit for zomboid, but I can imagine the airline and the beer (not Duff) in the game.
  7. Hello fellow Survivors! I really like the game. I don't survive a lot but thats because I play it too fast and want too much... but thats not why I'm writing this... So, the META ingame is really nice and gives the zombies something to run at and move the hordes from time to time. The helicopters or gunshots etc... What I would like to see, are some dead survivors that took the suicide road. For example, you hear a gunshot. no news there, you heard them before. but what a coincidence, you find the house where this gunshot came from. there is a dead zombie and a dead survivor who killed himself after killing his wife maybe - or something like it... I know that NPCs arent back in the game yet, but I dont want them to be NPCs, I want them to be dead people, unzombified dead people. Or we could walk into a house, where a man or woman has hung him or herself... Or a huge mess due to someone blowing his brains
  8. mattymat2by4

    Craftable torches (with fire)

    I did a few searches to see if this was brought up somewhere... they yielded no results unless mentioned somewhere in a thread that got off topic. Thought it would be cool to put an item like a candle holder so that we could place a candle on a table or similar surface. Just looking to bring some light into my boarded up house after the electricity goes without opening a curtain and bringing attention to myself. Love the game
  9. thedaringpastry

    Hearing protectors and Hearing Aids

    Two ideas I had for the game, One would be varying types of hearing protectors. You would use the hearing protectors while indoors and safe from the infected, but you could still hear them moaning outside. Having the hearing protectors on would lower the rate you get nervous from hearing zombie noises, maybe even negating it if they are good enough. As a downside you wouldn't be able to hear as well. So if a zombie starts pounding on your bed room door, you'd be pretty screwed. The second idea would be Hearing Aids. These would be used to increase the sound you can hear. (probably just increase perception?). I couldn't think of a downside for this besides them needing really specific batteries, making them a kind of delicacy.
  10. Banjo

    First Aid Skill

    I'm sure this has been discussed before, so feel free to move/merge this if so. Right now, first aid involves slapping on a bandage and taking some pills. That's fine, but I'd like to see this tied to a First Aid skill. After all, we have skills for farming and cooking. At its most basic implementation, a first aid skill could influence how quickly an injury is healed and reduce the chances of "fake" sickness/infection. Obviously more advanced ideas could be added, but be happy with that for starters. High levels of the skill could even mean doing more damage to enemies, since you have a better understanding of anatomy and where to strike!
  11. Guys I'm back ! First post on the new forum ! ... Did anyone remember about me ? x) Well I was to much lazy to create a new account untill i'll be motivated to do so... So here I am ! To make a sugestion about carpentry ! Note : As Kinyoshi pointed out, what I call Cheville is Wooden Dowel pins. In fact, my suggestion is about Carpenter's Handmade Wooden Dowel pins (not the Ikea's little ones). C'MON ! Why my picture is REDUCED ! Time to Update the Suggestion ! This is the second part of my suggestion, it's a lot about my personal experience with Handmade Wooden Pins. Including how does it works, where does this method came from and some examples to show why it could be a good thing to unlock at level 4 and 5 in carpentry. SERIOUSLY ! That's even more reduced than the first one ! Roar ! Icons Update ! To show my devotion to this project, I have also made some icons pixel art sprites, modders should chek these out ! I'm about to do wall, floor and maybe furniture textures, but I need the original textures to do so, does anyone know where to find the vanilla tiles for items on the map ? Mod Update ! I've made it ! I was quite harsh but I'm proud to show you today The Handmade Wooden Dowels Mod You can download the mod here : Don't forget to repport bugs, I really hope ths mod will satisfy you !
  12. willow512

    More use for batteries

    How about creating more uses for batteries? Right now I believe they're only used to refresh flashlights. And since I don't dare go out at night I never bother picking them up. But maybe you can find other devices to use with them? The idea for these items is that they help the player without being overpowered, or even necessary. Stationary lamps (that work from batteries and not the grid, put them around your perimeter to see incoming zombies at night, or in your safehouse to have some light at night, possibly add darkness activated versions that save batteries) (Once this exists you can create a "fear of the dark" trait and then better find a lamp before the electricity shuts down)Radios (One way) (Allow the meta game to give feedback about whats going on to the player, planes flying over will be indicated by radio chatter before they show, gives reports of zombie locations, shares npc locations, shares weather forecasts? Put some backstory into the game, let the radio explain that the rest of the world is as fucked as you are. Can also use them as decoys to attract zombies)Radios (Two way) (Player can communicate locally basically speak to other npcs even if they're not near you but posess radios, perhaps you can initiate trade, or forge alliances through the radio and then meet up with those people, basically the standard dev plans to communicate with npc's but now you can do some of it remotely.)GPS equipment, (Either minimap or simple "set coordinates and follow the arrow" affairs, everyone's got one these days, and the satellites will probably keep working for a few weeks months or years after the apocalypse, they could come pre loaded with one or two good sites so the finder can go on a gps treasure hunt and find an abandoned shack, a secret stash or just the previous owner's house!)Night vision goggles (When the military base opens up I'm sure these can be found, they work so vision is not affected at night, could change the night game, as long as you've got batteries you'll see zombies before they see you. But these probably also eat batteries like mad)Hearing aids, (allows you to play a hearing impaired character and still hear on penalty of batteries)Hand held video game (Reduces boredom)mp3 player, (use to relieve boredom, or as an anti anxiety device, soldiers are known to do this, you're essentially deaf whilst using them though) Maybe: cheap alarms, (attach to a door or window and they start to beep when broken or opened, not sure how much use they'll be)Maybe: When advanced weapons come into the game, some sights would require batteries. You could think about Solar power chargers (Commercially available chargers exist, they don't do a good job, 2 or 3 days probably to charge up a battery, but they do work!) In real life they come in two varieties, one is stationary, set up like a crate, the other is attached to your backpack, so just having it in inventory would charge your batteries.Of course while the power is still up you could use regular battery chargers, half a day gives you a charged battery, or make it one day for two.If ever generators are introduced you could use those to charge your batteries as well as keep your fridge cold.Can you come up with other examples?
  13. bladedsmoke


    So I was thinking about how you start out a game of Zomboid. Zomboid is meant to be hyper-realistic, but you begin the game with no family or friends who you want to look after. It's like you're literally plopped onto the world having never spoken to any other human before. So here's my suggestion for when the NPCs are back in: During character creation, you can also choose whether or not your character has any "Family." Family members will include things like wife, husband, father, mother, brother, sister, best friend, grandparents, etc. If you choose to have them (let's say you pick to have 3 family members), all 3 will be placed on the map at random (though maybe all within the same town you start in). They get unique dialogue if you happen to find them, and while talking to other NPCs you can also ask about them to try and find out where they are. This not only makes things more realistic and adds to roleplaying, it also adds a sort of optional sidequest - trying to track down and re-unite your family in the zombie apocalypse! Of course, if you're the lone survivor type, you can choose not to have any family at all. Having family will have disadvantages - if you don't manage to track them down, you'll get the "Absent Family" negative moodlet as you miss them and wonder where they are. Your family are like any other NPC, and can die while you're not there - so if you track them down only to find a corpse, you get Depressed, but at least you know what's happened to them and your Depression should eventually wear off. The Absent Family moodlet, however, is persistent, and affects you when you're not busy with other tasks (perhaps could make it a more believable alternative to Bored?). But if you do manage to find a family member, they'll start with a big boost to positive relations with you, making them a good option to join up with and unlikely to betray you! Also you'll get a positive moodlet from spending time with them. ...Although, of course, if they die, your character will get Depressed. That's another risk you have to weigh against the reward.
  14. Sir_Fruitcakes

    Trait Suggestion: Bipolar Disorder

    The means to make it is there! If you disagree with me go ahead and say why, but we have Agoraphobia and Claustrophobia, so why not a couple of Disorders? it could be a fun game to have a character have his mood randomly fluctuate from the tiniest things, and you may say you can just take Short Tempered, but I don't really agree because that only makes it easier to become angry and unhappy, and if you would take this trait, it should cancel out the ability to take Short-Tempered or Patient. This game has alot of psychological-stuff planned so a couple of things like this would probably fit right in, imagine the difficulties one could have joining a survivor group with this, would make for a very interesting game! And if anyone finds this post offensive, i'm uhh...sorry, I didn't mean to offend and don't see how I did. And for you old-timers, i'm sorry if this was suggested before, really I am. Thanks for reading!
  15. MrWaffleCat

    NPC Relationship Traits

    When NPCs are added back into the game it would be good to have different levels of pre-set relationships. There would be 4 traits for you to pick from. These would be: Jerk +4, Most survivors around your spawnpoint (and some places away from where you spawn) will dislike you. They are reluctant to join and have a higher chance of betraying you unless you prove yourself. New In Town +2, Only very few survivors will know you and will have a low relationship status with them Standard (Active if no other relationship traits are picked), Only some survivors around your spawnpoint (and some places away from where you spawn) will know you, the relationship status is randomised Well Known -6, Most survivors around your spawnpoint (and some places away from where you spawn) will like you. They are more likely to join and less likely to betray you (unless you be a dick to them)
  16. Scyoni

    Watches and Weather

    It isn't reasonable to assume someone in this day and age has a clock / watch that isn't on their cellphone, and most cellphones will last less than four days with even the barest of use, so the fact that you automatically get a clock in PZ kind of confuses me. I know this was suggested on the older forum, but I feel the need to bring it up again - Watches. They should be an item, and at least as common as shoes, but not something you start off with. They should have a chance of breaking if you do anything that injures you, but otherwise be the eternal source of proper time-keeping they already are. If you don't have a watch, there should either be a rudimentary sun-dial in the corner so you can approximate the time of day, or by pressing one of the unused buttons you should be able to look at the sky. Not with any first-person graphical wizardry, but just by overlaying an image of a sky (clear, cloudy, or raining) with the sun in the appropriate position or hidden behind clouds. If you don't know directions this makes you think for a few seconds about the time, which is reasonable given the circumstances. It also brings me to another point - usually, you can tell when it's going to rain. If we had the 'look at the sky' option, or so little as a weather indicator that turned cloudy before the bad weather hit, we might be able to plan expeditions without getting ill when our perfectly clear day suddenly turned into The Day After Tomorrow. Considering a sudden bout of rain can make you ill and end your days, I don't think it's too much to ask to have a small chance of planning ahead. Not asking for a perfect forecast, I'd just like to see the clouds. TL;DR : People don't all wear watches anymore and weather in PZ runs on a chaos engine. Suggestions to fix. Discuss. (EDIT: I noticed watches in the community suggestions topic after writing this... but considering the elaboration I'm leaving it in here. ;P Since it also ties into the weather thing, besides. If you don't know what I'm referring to please read this so we're on the same page.)