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  1. Even if it's a minor change, it still drastically affects combat and has screwed me over quite a lot, I've been injured and killed by this quite a few times.
  2. Damnit, how are we gonna discover the contents of this THICK AND CHUNKY SAUCE?!
  3. In Pharmahug the loot tables are broken. All thezzzzz medical items on shelves have been replaced with chips, cigs, soda etc. Freezers that should have medical supplies have hotdogs and pies etc.
  4. Yeah the amount of times I've blown out a tire or something on a car I just found.
  5. During The Last Stand challenge I discovered a glitch whenever my character vaulted the second floor railing inside the cabin, he'd get stun locked mid air for like a couple of seconds then fall to the ground I reproduced the bug by vaulting the railing.
  6. While I'm late to this suggestion this sounds like a pretty neat idea.
  7. Yeah what Shark said. You can actually OD in the game already. I was in a huge amount of pain and wanted to sleep so i used an entire box of sleeping pills and it removed like half of my health.
  8. This is my first PZ suggestion in this forum. So this has probably been suggested before or the developers are planning to add cash which would make searching wallets off dead zombies useful? I believe the game could be modified to make cash useful. Perhaps vending machines and gas pumps. Cash could be looted from containers or zombies? Maybe cash could be obtained from atms using an ATM card or disassembling if you have high enough electrical. I found it weird how you could grab everything in a vending machine without even tampering with it or inserting cash. I propose that to get snacks/soda from vending machines you have to pay cash or disassemble it to get all the cash and snacks inside if you have high enough electrical. Maybe implement a pay at the pump system at some gas stations so whenever trying to obtain gas you would have to use that cash[or use a credit card maybe?] I hope people like this suggestion and I hope others can add some ideas to this topic.
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