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Found 19 results

  1. This is connected to my previous post "Scream and Fight", but I'll go a bit more in-depth in a detail. 1- Z-Traits System Exactly like the trait system for players (and, I believe, NPCs will also have them), the "zombie variants" such as the "Sprinter" or "Crawler" already present in the game could also be (and maybe possibly system-wise, already are) based off of the same "Traits" system. As such, it would be possible for zombie variants to be recombined, making a variety of possible zombie behaviors that would be VERY realistic when considering that different people would be affected slightly differently by the zombification. All traits I will suggest below, and the traits "Screamer" and "Fighter" I already suggested in that previous post will all be only "divergent behaviors" or "characteristics" of common zombies and not a single one of them will be a "Super Zombie", which already is a "big NO" to the company. They also all conform to Romero zombies. Simply when a zombie would be spawned, they would receive a few random traits and those traits would have some degree of influence on their behavior. 2- Variant Traits Down below, I will list possible variant traits and also include the already existing "variants" present in the game, I will add the ones I already suggested with shorter description as well just for the sake of listing. Excluded the "common zombie" since that just means not being a variant and as such not having traits. Sprinter (Already existing) Extra: Player or NPCs that have 3 or less fitness can't receive this trait, while those with 8 or more fitness or the trait "runner" should have 50% chance of getting it on zombification. Crawler (Already existing) Screamer (Previous suggestion) - Screams to call other zombies when detects a living human Players or NPCs that have the "Resilient" trait should have +50% chance to get this trait on zombification. Players or NPCs that have the "Cowardly" trait should have +50% chance to get this trait on zombification. 100% if both conditions are satisfied. Very rare (lowers to "Rare" later in the game) Fighter (Previous suggestion) - Able to use melee weapons Players or NPCs with more than 6 in any weapon type and dies while possessing that weapon should have +50% chance to get this trait on zombification. Players or NPCs that have the "Resilient" trait should have +50% chance to get this trait on zombification. 100% if both conditions are satisfied. Very rare (lowers to "Rare" later in the game) Strong - Simply put, a particularly strong human that dedicated his or her life to working out and being the strongest possible human they could be. This isn't just the average gym person, but those that are really tall, huge muscles and "strongman competition" type of body. Able to break door extremely fast. This isn't a zombie that grew stronger after zombification, but simply a REALLY STRONG human that was turned. Difficult to kill since muscle mass and fat reduces impacts and as such receives lower damage. Receives lower knock-down and knockback. Players or NPCs with strength 9 or more that become zombified should have 100% chance to get this trait. (If possible, the ones that spawn naturally should have a slightly more "buff" body model, to seem visually strong) Very rare Smart - Zombie that still retains a slightly bigger degree of brain capacity when compared to other zombies. Able to open doors and windows, climb tall fences after the player, get over small fences without falling and take better paths to reach the player, such as using an already open door or window instead of trying to break another window to chase after living humans. Goes quiet when hunting a player or NPC from behind out of view, without making any more grunts and will produce less noise while walking. Will always have the "fighter" trait as well and will scream as a "screamer" if noticed by the player or NPC while hunting in order to call more zombies to the location. Will always become a zombie group leader if becomes a member of a group. Players or NPCs that have the "resilient" trait have extra 5% chance of getting this trait early in the game and 10% later in the game on zombification. Players or NPCs that have the "fast learner" trait have extra 10% chance of getting this trait on zombification. Extremely rare Rabid - A more aggressive version of the "sprinter" variant. A zombie whose brain was extremely affected by the zombification process. Runs faster and can jump over small fences without falling. Can jump over big fences. Has slightly different animations, behaving more like a beast or an animal, using the arms as front legs and moving in a more crouched stance. Tries to tackle the player or NPC, dropping them to the ground and pinning them from above. Will ALWAYS be a "screamer" as well. Chases the player or NPC for triple the normal duration. CANNOT BE SMART OR A FIGHTER. Players or NPCs that have the "prone to illness" trait have 10% chance of getting this trait early in the game and 20% later in the game on zombification. Extremely rare Mute - A mute person who was zombified or a zombie that one way or another lost its use of the vocal cords after zombification. Doesn't produce zombie noises like grunting. CANNOT BE A SCREAMER. (If a "smart" zombie is also mute, they lose the screaming behavior but keep the other smart behaviors) Very rare Deaf - A deaf person that became zombified or a zombie that one way or another lost its hearing after zombification. Has a better and farther vision but will not be attracted by the sound of alarms, shootings, explosions, TVs, radios, shouts, whispers and will also not detect players or NPC by sounds of walking or fighting. Players or NPCs that have the "deaf" trait have 100% chance of getting this trait on zombification. Very rare Blind - A blind person that became zombified or a zombie that one way or another lost its sight after zombification. Has pinpoint hearing but can't see players or NPCs and will not be attracted by light or any other visual stimuli. NPCs that have the "blind" trait (if it exists for NPCs) have 100% chance of getting this trait on zombification. Very rare Weak - Opposite as the "strong" variant trait. A particularly weak person that became a zombie. Easy to push to the ground. Receives extra knock back, knock-down and damage. Can't break doors or boarded windows alone. High-chance of also receiving the "screamer" trait if also receiving this trait. Players or NPCs with strength 3 or less that become zombified will get this trait on zombification. Rare Unresponsive - Simply a "broken" zombie. A person that the zombification process, previously existing conditions or post-zombification events caused such a damage in their brains that they won't move, react or attack at all and simply idles or even more often stays sitting in a corner. Can't receive any other trait if receiving this trait. Very rare Important Questions Is it somewhat realistic? Yes, very much so. It makes sense that people with different bodily traits become zombies with different traits and that the zombification process may sometimes affect the brain slightly differently. Does it fit with the spirit of PZ? Yes, perfectly. Not only is it aligned with the already existing Trait mechanics for players, which I believe may also be used for NPCs, but it makes those traits mean something the the player or NPC gets zombified in a realistic and meaningful way. Would it make the game too easy? Not at all. While it introduces negative variants that may make a few weaker zombies exist, it also introduces several zombie variants that are a lot more dangerous, specially if mixed in with other zombies in a group. Would it require rewriting the entire game (like changing the camera view, for instance) While it would take a certain degree of rewriting in a few aspects of the zombie spawning and setting up the proper configurations for sandbox mode and server settings, but no, it would not require to rewrite the whole game at all. Would it add enough to the gameplay that it would be worth taking the time to add? Yes. Astronomically so. It would not only introduce diversity into the zombies which would create a LOT of changes in situations, it would make the world a lot more believable and meaningful since who you are also affects what sort of zombie you become and this is even more a truth when taking NPCs into consideration and in MP servers. For zombies: Does it fit at least somewhat into Romero/Brooks zombie lore (the basis for 'proper' zombies)? Yes, perfectly within. These zombie variants are simply diverting behaviors that fit with the Romero zombie lore or characteristics brought about by who that zombie was before dying, which is also perfectly within the Romero zombie lore. Final remarks Just imagine a few of the possible scenarios with this zombie variants trait system. You hear a door of a room banging and shaking non-stop, to which a both strong and rabid zombie breaks down the door and bolt towards you like a beast. It isn't a mutant, it just is a crazed zombie of a strong person, but now you have what feels like a boss monster to fight. As you finally survive the encounter by escaping or killing, you notice that a zombie approached from behind you without making noise and got really close, it carries a pipe in its hand and as soon as you look towards it and it notices that it has been detected, it starts to scream and from the distance you hear one or two extra screams, soon, several zombies start to gather at your location.
  2. This is a tiny bit complex and big one, but I did the proper research on everything: 1. Resources Available First of all, since it took me a LOT of research and I actually got a regional map of the region of Muldraugh, Kentucky mineral deposits map, I'll start with this since it is a compilation of the basic information I researched about the area where the game takes place. As you can see in the map, there are a lot of resources available in the region of the game that could be very interesting to be added to the game as things we can properly exploit and collect, including a CEMENT PLANT between Muldraugh and Louisville, around where "West Point" is. But most importantly, is the presence of Limestone and Dolomite. Limestone not only is a wonder building material that can be used to BUILD CASTLE WALLS if you want to, it is also a material for producing Lime, primarily known for treating soils, purifying water and smelting copper, important ingredient in chemical industries and more, including producing magnesium. (Source) While Dolomite is useful as a a source of magnesium oxide and as a flux for the smelting of iron and steel. (Source) (And Dolomite is only present in Louisville, might I add) There are also several already existing sand and gravel pits in the region, including abandoned silica sand pits, that are useful for MAKING GLASS. Not only that, there are active clay pits in the area that have innumerable uses, including making roof tiles, but also in blacksmithing as casting material. There is also a Brick plant right under Loisville, There are sources of Gypsum, that among its uses is used for "Drywall" (Source) And Fluoride, used in aluminium smelting and to separate slag in steel-making. (Source) 2- Extraction With the upcoming basements and underground updates, while I heard the devs were thinking about underground areas such as sewers, my very first thought actually was underground mines and caves filed with zombies and how hard it would be to use the pickaxe as a tool to mine or to use bombs to break down the rock to mine with the sound of explosions bringing in zombies from miles away, which started me on this research as I wanted to know what mineral resources were available in the IRL area that the game takes place. The tools needed for this mining process are already present as items in the game, needing to add and program the new functions while the underground areas update is already midway and as such the perfect moment to consider this possibility as it is still possible to make any needed change to make the process of mining, digging and extraction of resources possible. 3- Chemistry This is the most complex part of the update with the need to program a whole new skill, profession, VHS, books and more, but with an unimaginable degree of return and a whole new way to play the game that adds so much possibilities, specially if you include the upcoming NPCs upgrade and the possibility of having NPC chemists or train an NPC into being a chemist. Not only would adding these materials, mining locations and the possibility to process them add a lot to the game, the added possibilities of chemistry, such as making black gun powder out of urine, feces and corpses (plenty to go around, and since there is no need to use bathrooms and that is a big No, just using corpses and time would be enough). This also adds and mixes perfectly with any future blacksmithing update and profession that seems to already be planned as well as with construction with the possibility of processing materials to produce better or more building materials such as plaster. Specially since chemistry it is heavily intertwined with medicine and places that deal with that. Not only there already are many places where you could add chemicals to be found in the world, the Chemist profession would be very useful to help with any doctor and the First Aid skill that will probably become a lot more useful an needed with the addition of NPCs to the game, specially if those NPCs get hurt from time to time due to many possible reasons. 4- Masonry & Sculpting Another possibility with mining and the new materials that could have a skill of its own with unique benefits and usefulness is masonry, that not only could be useful to build out of cut rocks, but also to produce statues that can be used to decorate bases for increased emotional support for your NPC and player survivors, decoration, but also a tradeable good that can be purchased and sold to merchant NPCs if they are added to the game. Being able to build out of bricks and stones, as I mentioned in a previous suggestion of mine, would be invaluable to the game and something extremely needed and useful in a zombie apocalypse. Together with a possible Blacksmithing update, masonry would also be very useful and possibly a needed skill to build furnaces and other things, like a coal and wood burning grill or oven both made out of bricks for cooking. Masonry would be the skill needed to refine materials out of rocks but also to build with rocks and bricks of all types, possibly even to build with concrete. The Important Questions Is it somewhat realistic? Very much so. Not only as I showed with the research, the materials are there and there could and SHOULD be places where you would be able to find chemicals and other materials for the chemist profession. Does it fit with the spirit of PZ? Perfectly so. Being able to handle every resource available to you in a catastrophic situation as a zombie apocalypse is exactly the type of skillset that can be the difference between life and death. Not only is it realistic as stated, but also survivors in that situation would probably re-learn how to get those resources and use to further their survival attempts. Would it make the game too easy? Not at all. While it adds possible construction materials that are a lot more durable for base building, the required skill and risk involved in getting and using those materials create a whole new aspect to the game that requires equal effort and risks for those returns. It actually creates a lot more places that require visiting and reasons to get out from your safe location and venture into the world. Would it require rewriting the entire game (like changing the camera view, for instance) Not really. It does require the programming of 2 new professions and skills, but not to re-write anything already existent with the exception of adding the function of mining to the pickaxe and the pipe-bombs, because the biggest section that might possibly need some degree of rewritting is still under development and, as such, the most auspicious moment to add this together with that underground areas upgrade.. Would it add enough to the gameplay that it would be worth taking the time to add? DEFINITELY. Considering how much this would add to the game as an array of options, skillset, important places to visit, buildables and craftables, the return this would add to the game is absurd, including but not limited to plenty more reasons to risk yourself and venture into Louisville. Would it be found in Muldraugh, Kentucky common enough to be added? As I showed with the map that also can be clicked to show the full Kentucky area mineral deposits map, yep. Everything is there.
  3. There are 2 items in the game with a lot of potential but currently, no usage. The first would be solely to reduce boredom and stress while the second can have a LOT more uses. 1- Video Game There already is a "Video Game" item in the game that currently has no use besides being disassembled for Electrical XP, yet, I can't help but think that since boredom is a moodle, that playing in a video game should be possible. Due to its appearance, I believe the Video Game object was somewhat inspired in the Sega's Game Gear console that was launched in 1991 in the US: The game gear was a cartridge console and it perfectly fits with the style for "devices" that PZ is currently going for and fits perfectly within the estimate timeline of the game. It would be easy to re-use the same system used for the "ValuTech PortaDisc" to make a "ValuTech GamePlayer" > Instead of a CD, it would receive game cartridges in the CD slot. Also, it should be possible to play without a headphone nor earbuds, but then it would produce a noise radius that attracts zombies depending on the volume. The control window would be effectively the same. You'd need game cartridges you'd find around in the world in order to play, receiving a bigger boredom reductions the first time you play a cartridge and a small boredom reduction when you replay a game you already played. Also the cartridges should be similar to the book, in which you have % completed, meaning you can stop midway and continue later for the same bigger boredom reduction until you reach 100%. The main item already exists, the UI needed already exists and just needs to be adapted and all the code needed also already exists. All it needs is for for the UI and usability to be added and for the cartridges to be added to the world. 2- Computer (Image extracted from Konijima's computer mod) The computer, for me, seems like the most interesting item that is currently not being used, but its potential is absurd. Not only could it receive a treatment similar to the cars, where you could open it and change its pieces, with each computer part having individual conditions, being possible to repair or break, the computer itself could have many uses, from controlling cameras, listening to CDs, playing games and watching videos found on Floppy Disks, maybe even a lot more, like controlling mechanical gates, checking base statistics from crates with sensors and much more. The computer model itself looks like many old horizontal computer cases which would usually have a floppy disk factory installed by default and the possibility of installing a CD reader if around the end of the 90s, but since every single computer is like that, I'd say it to be really rare to have a CD reader and 90% of the time only the floppy disk reader. All VHS tapes and CDs could have a floppy disk copy, but also games in floppy disks and maybe you could even have files saved in the computer, so you could find a computer in the world with several VHS tapes worth in files inside that you could watch, meaning finding something like this would be like striking gold and bringing that back to your base would mean a lot. Maybe even NPCs could have a use for computers, not only to learn skills or reducing boredom with the files, but you could also assign an NPC to log events that happen in the base and register goods recovered by runners, harvested in the farm and such, so that when you return from venturing out of your base, you can check on the computer to see what your NPCs did and what happened while you were out, or if you return and find your base destroyed, checking on the PC could give you some idea of when it happened and what happened. You could even have a DOS-like UI for using the computer with rare cases where it has an OS, with a computer with an operational system and floppy disks or CDs for installing an OS being a somewhat rare find. It could even be that the DOS-like UI could really be text based, with you as a player needing to know the words you need to type and how to interact with it for extra immersion, or even something similar to how it worked in Vampire the Masquerade bloodlines, where only installed functions would appear as options: 3- New Traits Since these would add a lot more ways to have fun and reduce your character's boredom, it would also need to make the boredom moodle mechanic a bit more needed, and one way to do so is to add a few more traits that make it more meaningful. Cheerful- "Doesn't get bored easily" - 50% boredom (Takes longer to get bored) Easily Entertained- "Has more fun" - double all received boredom reduction values (Reduces boredom easily) Apathetic- "Gets bored easily" - 200% boredom (Gets bored all the time) Disinterested- "Needs extra stimulus to have fun" - receives half boredom reduction values (takes a lot more in order to stop being bored) 4- Motivated I'd also like to suggest that the "Boredom" moodle, similar to the "Hunger" moodle to have a positive spectrum as well. Just like you can eat until you are well fed, feel stuffed or close to bursting, you should also be able to read magazines or play games until you are "motivated" or "feeling happy" or even "exhilarated". These should provide some benefits to you and if you manage to get NPCs in a positive mood, it should also have its benefits for the base as a whole. For example, being in a good mood should make it harder to get panicked and stressed while being bored or in a bad mood you should get more panicked and stressed. Also, you should transfer objects faster when motivated, while bored you transfer objects slower, meaning that with a good mood you are more productive and in a bad mood you procrastinate or get distracted taking longer to do the same actions. Lastly, I'd like to suggest that reading any skill books should give boredom values, since your character is studying and it is normal to feel bored while studying. It should also be possible to re-watch VHS tapes and get a smaller effect of the boredom reduction values, since you can still have fun while re-watching a movie though not as much fun as you had the first time. Final remarks These would make the boredom mechanic have more meaning while providing more items to interact with the world and a meaningful and immersive interaction with two items already present in the game, while at the same time making keeping the mood on the NPCs and players of your base high important and providing more tools to do so at the same time. Important Questions Is it somewhat realistic? Yes. Not only the technology is perfectly in tune to how it worked at the time frame that the game happens in, the changes to the boredom moodle are more realistic in which just as you can be bored, you can feel the opposite and be in a good mood as well. Does it fit with the spirit of PZ? Perfectly so. The mechanics suggested are in tune with the current style of the game, the main items mentioned already exist in the game and the effects of your mood on your characters actions also fit well with how the game currently works regarding the moodles, while making that important for the future NPCs update is also extremely meaningful and one would believe realistic that keeping your survivor's in a good mood to be important. Would it make the game too easy? Definitely not. It would provide new meaningful interactions with the world but in no way does it make the game too easy. With the exception of the slight bonus to item transfer and the resistance to panic suggested for when your character is in a good mood, nothing provides anything that would make it easier to survive nor deal with the zombies. Would it require rewriting the entire game (like changing the camera view, for instance) No. While it would require adding the positive spectrum to the Boredom moodle, the amount of rewriting is minimal with most of it being purely new content which some even re-uses mechanics and UI already present in the game, which means the amount of entirely new code is actually minimal. Would it add enough to the gameplay that it would be worth taking the time to add? Yes. Definitely. A lot. Not only is it fun to think that a survival game is adding the possibility and importance of your survivors playing games, it is interesting to think of how important mood is in a survival situation, how it would affect your base. Also, the usefulness of the computer suggested not only would create a great use and need for it in your base, it could also have uses and interactions with the world, for example needing to power the computer of place with a generator in order to unlock a metal gate when you don't have a propane torch or similar situations.
  4. I'm kind of surprised by how short sighted is considered a "free trait point" currently when the need of glasses can be such a huge issue IRL. As such, I thought up a few suggestions that not only would make the short sighted a much more meaningful negative trait that could even be increased to +6 trait points or even +8 but are a lot more interesting in game and make it something that is actually a huge choice to make. 1- Your screen should literally blur if your character is without glasses with the exception of things within a certain range of your character getting gradually worse the farther from your character it is. Very similar to how the "fog" works outside, but near the character it should barely be noticeable while it should get stronger the farther from your character it is until things are indistinguishable from a certain distance. This means that your character wearing the glasses on their face is extremely important since without it, you as a player won't be able to see things far from your character as well as if there was a permanent fog in the game. Also it should give CRAZY negative accuracy that gets worse with the distance your character is from the target. This means that without glasses, you won't be able to hit enemies with a gun that are far from you AT ALL. Even though you can start with glasses (which is very important that you do), there are many situations in the game that make the character drop the glasses, like tripping or being brought to the ground by a zombie that caught your foot and so on. More to come with the NPCs update for sure. This also mean that you don't get to wear facemasks to protect you or full head helmets that cover your face or any sort of mask that also takes up your eyes. In runs that have the zombie virus be airborne, this means no wearing gas masks or any seriously protective masks. 2- Glasses should have a hidden "durability" that shrinks as they fall to the ground or whenever they are stepped on while on the ground. This is huge because you never know when your glasses will break, which means you need to get spares from zombies. I won't even get on the matter of prescriptions not to make this overly complicated, lets just say everyone magically has the same prescription, but if your glass breaks because a zombie tripped you and stepped on your glasses and you don't have a spare, you are very screwed. 3- Being without glasses should give stress by the hour, since it is extremely stressful to not be able to see things properly. It should also give a permanent first level of panic if without glasses outside since you can't properly see if there are zombies in the distance that can already see you. Similarly, it should reduce the boredom reduction effect of televisions if you are without glasses since you can't perfectly see the TV unless you are very close to it. With all this, short sighted would still be a pretty good negative trait to get, since you can just start with the glasses to counter its effects from character creation, but it would be a serious negative trait that properly portrays the effects of being short sighted and how important glasses are to you, being the difference of life and death in a world that not seeing things can quite literally get you killed. As someone that needs to use glasses every day or else I can't even properly see my computer screen while sitting on my chair I can tell you that being without glasses in a zombie apocalypse would be a death sentence and the game should properly portray that.
  5. I posted this suggestion on the Steam suggestions as well, but thought I maybe should share it here as well. There are three things I'd like to say about the Smoker negative trait. 1- It should be possible to plant Tobacco, dry it, treat it and craft your own cigarettes. There should also be "smoking paper" and "cigar filters" which should also be a craftable out of wood with specific tools for it and cotton(which should also be farmable), respectively. In a big base very late game or even in a server with friends, those are things that are needed for there to be a production of cigarettes instead of relying on finding cigarettes in the world. Imagine a game with 20 people all 20 having the smoker negative trait. The number of cigarettes per day will be pretty high and just finding them in the world by scavenging will not be enough for their characters needs, but they could have a tobacco farm and produce cigarettes in high amounts. 2- Smoking should have negative effects on your character as well and not just be about having to smoke and finding cigarettes in the world. There should be a hidden counter of how many cigarettes your character has smoked and for how many days they have been a smoker. After a while of smoking, a few weeks to a few months or after a certain number of cigarettes, there should be a % chance that you character develops a temporary version of the "asthmatic" trait after every cigarettes they smoke. After a year, there should be a small chance they develop it permanently. After 2 years there should be a chance to develop a temporary "out of shape" after every cigarettes. After 3 years a chance to develop it permanently. After 5 years a chance do develop a permanent version of "prone to illness" and after 10 years a % chance to develop a sickness that doesn't go away, may randomly cause "pain" status and can grow until it kills your character (cancer). This percentage chance should start low but grow a tiny little bit every in-game year after that. 3- It should be possible to lose the "smoker" trait by not smoking for over 1 year in-game and dealing with the stress and negative effects of trying to not smoke. There should be an invisible counter of how many days your character has not smoked. After a few days, you would develop a temporary "Hearty Eater" that comes and goes every few days. Then after a while a temporary "Restless Sleeper" that lasts until close to the end of that 1 year period. After a few more days, develop "Sleepyhead" as well. So your character is stress eating, resting little and feeling tired all the time. You should also randomly receive high amounts of stress. And sometimes receive a temporary "High Thirst". If you already had any of these negative traits, it should temporarily increase their effects. After that one year period has ended, you'd have lost these temporary versions of the negative traits and lose the "smoker" negative trait. If you smoke a cigarette, you'd also lose the temporary version, but reset the marker back to 0. If at any moment your character smoke a single cigarette after losing the smoker trait, they should immediately receive the smoker trait back again. Even without the smoker trait, there should be a random low % possibility of your character receiving the first stage of stress due to the smoker trait which the percentage shrinks lower every passing year until it reaches 0% after several years. The permanent negative traits you gained due to smoking in suggestion 2 should also be lost gradually every few years after your character stops smoking. (With the exception of the sickness) It only uses mechanics already present in the game, is much more realistic to the effects of cigarettes (coming from someone who smoked for years and has stopped for over 10 years) and doesn't rely solely on scavenging for cigarettes. Smoking in the game is currently not much more than a small scavenging hassle when it should have long-term issues to that short-term bonus 4 points. Both keeping smoking and stopping to smoke should be a hassle, if you keep smoking you get long-term issues, if you stop smoking you get one very bad in-game year. This not only make the smoker trait something you really have to think about but portrays cigarettes as they actually are. Also, cigarettes should reduce your boredom a tiny bit. They don't only reduce stress, but smokers also actually like to smoke and smoke when they are bored as well, I can assure you of that..
  6. This mod lets you disassemble guns into parts which can be repaired or replaced. This replaces the built-in "Repair" menu on supported guns. For more info: Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2847408431 Github: https://github.com/coavins/zomboid-coavins-firearms Inspect gun: Disassemble gun: Fully stripped down: Repair parts: Put it back together:
  7. Long-Term Crafting Projects (CrafTecs) This mod is a complete overhaul of the building worldobjects mechanics (like walls, doors and such). Current state The mod is fully functional as of IWBUMS 34.something. Mechanics The mod requires you to start CrafTecs (working name) on squares, then add parts like planks and nails. After that, you can start working on the object. If you only have half of the necessary parts, you can start building the object up to 50% completion (or whatever fraction of parts you have). Objects take a LOT longer than they did before. Walls take half an hour, stairs four hours, crates one hour and so on. It always felt weird putting up walls and stairs in minutes. To counterbalance that long time, you can stop the project at any time and resume working on it later. You can even share the work between different people! Everyone will get 0.1 point of experience per unit of progress he helped on the project. That means if you build it for 60 minutes, you will get 6 points of experience sliced into 60 times 0.1 points. Normal multipliers still apply. The code also allows for objects to require certain level in different skills and even allows for certain profession. This way you could, for example, require a nurse with experience in Blunt-Maintenance to build a certain object. You can also require MULTIPLE professions / skilllevels for a single object. You can also require different tools to build things. Hammers, saws, blowtorches, a waterscale, a pen, a piece of paper, anything! Download Download is available on github: https://github.com/blind-coder/pz-craftec/releases Download is also available on Spiffos Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=677858797 Demovideo Enjoy
  8. I have found this fantastic sound mod. You may know it, Ultimate Sound Overhaul - Complete by Vindex. His Discord invite link has expired and I was wondering if someone could send me his mod privately who still has access to his Discord or is in contact with him. Cheers
  9. as we are on the visual phase for the animations i really think it'll be more enjoyable (and realistic) to have a better dirt system on player. So like, if i walk on barefoot for a while outside, the dirtiness would be applied on my feet instead of my legs... or if i'm fully dressed (hoodies, jackets, long sleeves shirts, pants, boots, gloves...) all the dirtiness would be applied on the clothes and NOT on my skin... instead, to compensate that, we could have a negative moodlet like the wet one and even an stinky or smelly one to stimulate the player to still take a bath. idk if it's something that worth to be taking note of but i would love if you guys expand this system...
  10. I love this game but I honestly have problems with the graphics. I'm not a graphics obsessed person when it comes to video games but this game gives me a worse headache than minecraft even though PZ is very fun to play, but I always get a headache eventually. I'm playing on the best possible settings the game allows and it still looks blurry and makes me eyes and head hurt from the effort it takes to concentrate on the game. This is also probably already known but my character clips through their own clothing (you can see their underwear and body clip out from their pants and shirt) I feel like the game looks like a mid-2000's java flash game, and don't get me wrong, many of those games were really fun but I strongly feel that the game could use a boost into 2019 since the new year is coming very very soon (we're in december!) (SOON) and I really want the game to just look a bit better. The parts of the game that suffer the most when it comes to graphics are the character models like the player and zombies, and maybe the cars just a little. Basically, anything that moves doesn't look as good as it could or should to be honest with myself and everyone. The buildings and fridge and all that stuff that doesn't move looks fairly good. (also the water like lakes and rivers looks like the freedink smallwood games and it just looks like someone made a blueberry smoothie with soymilk and dumped it on the ground) I really hope for improved graphics because the gameplay is so good that it actually deserves better looks to go with that good gameplay. I hope very sincerely that this very constructive and honest feedback helps indiestone devs and PZ grow and improve in beautiful ways.
  11. Sleeping Overhaul Did you ever want to hole up in the Pile 'o Crepes or Spiffo's Burger Joint but couldn't because there was no place to sleep? Then this mod is exactly what you are looking for. It allows you to sleep virtually anywhere (in beds, on sofas, in tents, in armchairs, on chairs, on benches, on the floor, and more...) and every object has its own comfortability levels which affect the recuperation process. You too can sleep in the lovely smell of crêpe. But this mod does more than adding more sleeping possibilites to the game. It changes the whole sleeping system. The player won't sleep for a fixed amount of time anymore but instead only until he is fully recuperated ... or awakened by a nightmare. You now can also sleep whenever you want - No more "you aren't tired enough to sleep" modals. Take a nap and be happy! Church is closed... but open for napping. There is also a chance to pass out when too tired now, so try to sleep regularly. If it happens, your character will drop to the floor and stay unconscious for a few hours. Of course this has a few repercussions so try to avoid it ... not to speak of the zombies who might munch on your brain while you are dreaming of better days. Who wouldn't sleep in a fast food joint!? The recuperation system is more realistic than with the vanilla sleeping mechanics. With this mod a healthy character who's very exhausted sleeps about 6 hours to be fully rested. But there are other factors that influence the recuperation time. For example being stressed will make the player sleep longer to regain fatigue, because who could sleep deeply during a zombie apocalypse anyway? At the moment the most important factor for the sleeping time is the comfort level of the furniture (from best to worst):Level 0: BedsLevel 1: CouchesLevel 2: Armchairs, Tents*Level 3: Chairs**, Benches, Treatment TablesLevel 4: BathtubLevel 5: Toilet, StoolsLevel 6: Floor* Park Rangers have the "Camping Enthusiast"-Trait which makes tents as comfortable as beds for them. ** Security Guards have the "Chair Man"-Trait which makes chairs as comfortable as sofas for them. Sleeping in a bed will of course offer the best recuperation, but I tried to keep the values balanced so even sleeping on the floor (without any other effects) won't be too bad. Of course I know that there are some people out there who'd prefer sleeping on the floor. For those people the values are easily changeable in the Sleeping_Config.lua file. Some of the new modal dialogues. As of version 1.1.0 there are two new traits for the Park Ranger and the Security Guard which affect the sleeping behaviour for those characters. The custom icons were made by the one and only Thuztor! Finally sleeping is affected by a multitude of factors (stats, comfortability, etc...) and there is even more stuff to come in the future! For a complete list of the current features check out the changelog below. As always crits && comments are appreciated. If you find any bugs or places where the sleeping overhaul doesn't work please report them here! Also the stats and different values aren't carved into stone. If there are issues with the balancing I'm totally open to change it. Download for Updated Sleeping Overhaul (Build 27) updated by Pravus The mod in action: (ENG) Awesome showcase by Rancorist: (GER) Great let's play by totu: Known Bugs: - Player starts sleeping before walking to the object (Fixed in v1.1.0) - Fatigue is reset right after sleeping (Fixed in v1.1.0) - Nightmares happening even when negative stats are zerored (Fixed in v.1.1.2) Special Thanks: EreWeGo: for all the testing and feedback! Thuztor: for helping with the tile sheets && creating the trait-icons! RobertJohnson: for his work and help with modding! aricane: for pz-mods and being a nice guy! 7roses: for helping me figure out the overriding stuff! ... and finally all the people I forgot Changelog
  12. Hello everyone, I haven't visited the Forums properly for quite some time. But, I have recently updated the game and found the addition of "Safehouse" and "Faction" creation to be really interesting. Sadly though there is one thing I dislike about said "Safehouse" creation, it doesn't work on non-residential buildings. It also doesn't work when you have zombies set to "0", in an attempt to setup a Faction stronghold for possible Roleplay. Anyway, I thought to myself that there wouldn't be a better place than the Forums to ask for such a Modification. Any help is appreciated, thank you for your time.
  13. This is a global compilation of several mods like Ortmans Gun Mod, Hydrocraft, OZ More Medicine and several other available on workshop mods plus our own home made mods. The compilation is overhauled, rebalanced and translated to play on Russian speaking biggest role play server The Next Day: Zomboid. So what does the mod adds besides the the compilation? - Using handcuffs - blocks te ability of using hands; - Tie hands with a rope - same as handcuffs; - Amputate hands/legs - can cure if you are still NOT infected but bitten by zombie (to amputee anything u need a a scratch first so the menu come up); - You can amutee one or both hands and one or both legs. Every amputation brings its own penalties you will not able to build and use everything that needs two hands without one, you will not be able to run and get tired very fast even by walkin with one leg; - Adds addiction traits to drugs and alcohol; - Addictions can kill you; - Adds several new ways to get sick by cold or by other stuff; - Adds a description option so you can attach a contextual description to your character; - You can read contextual description of character by using RMB on teh avatar or by clicking LMB under the feet of character; - Adds traumas - if characters HP drops under 50% it gives the avatar light trauma perk, if the damage is under 80% it gives a heavy trauma perk. Both perks limit the ability to run, fight melee and build. Are cured with time and care; - Light and Heavy traumas can be dadly if the chcracter is not left in peace for some time in bed/chair and without medical atention. Running/fighting/building can kill you; - Hides "online" button for players, means only admins can see who is online via the game client (we really want to make the word dangerus and unpredictable, knowing that soem badass in online makes you more careful); - Hides the name above the head of the character so the only way to identify a player is the contextual description mentionet before; - Adds a "telportator" an internal script that allows gamemasters to crate items that will teleport characters between locations. Example: you are using a sewer hatch (that is an object bound to ground) once you do it "teleports" your character to another map - example: the sewers. Normally we map a separate area that got no other access then by teleport and use them as doorways. (to use this you will have manually change an ingame file and write down the coordinates you want an item to teleport); - Every new crated character will recieve a debuff trait, that can be switched off only by game master, this is made as an internal server mehcnism to force players to write character lists on our forum. Most part of mentioned features are coded by; AiweLelia, Sinoptik, ComaWhite, myself IMPORTANT For DEV's: We share this mod mostly for developers since we hope, that some of the added fatures might be usefull in upcoming updates. For PLAYERS: The mod will radically change your gameplay experince so don't try this mod unless you know what you are doing. This mod is designed only for Next Day Roleplay - the first russian roleplay server and community.; For Modders: if you are interested in getting any certain feature - PM me. DOWNLOAD
  14. Injury/Medical System Issues and Proposed Solutions Issue: Amateur medical care being on par with professional medical care. Solutions: Prescription Medication and Over-the-Counter Medication. Medication can have side effects, with prescription medication side effects much more severe than OTC medication, and mixing medication can be dangerous. Only Doctors know what side effects pertain to what medicine, and which meds shouldn't be mixed, as well as what happens when you do mix meds and how to treat dangerous mixtures. Issue: Not enough non-fatal wounds, leading to large, useless medical supply. Solutions: Menial tasks can injure survivors based on their lack of skill in certain tasks (cooking, building, ect.) Amateur treatment may cause more issues than solve, leading to infection, sickness, and possibly death. This would all help the issues Doctors have leveling First Aid, as people would really want to be healed by a professional, instead of doing it themselves and possibly dying.
  15. I think the sheet ropes should be overhaul with the purpose to difficult of using, because it's the easiest way to have a completely secure base. For example, it would be logical that we can not use them in any way when we have damaged hands. Also we are unable to use them, when we have overweight or underweight traits. The same for when we are heavily loaded. It also would be nice if zombies could break them when hitting from below.
  16. I'll try to keep this relatively 'simple'. Aiming and Firing The aiming system we have in-game right now isn't all that great; You look in the general direction and hit a target without really aiming at all. I haven't played multiplayer yet but I don't really think that the current aiming system will work very well with it at all. I think hand-to-hand weapons are okay, but guns aren't. First of all, with the 3D system, when aiming, arms should be slightly detached from look direction, so it's a sort of keyhole aiming style. So if I'm facing forward, I can move my character's arms still to aim within that 45 degree forward direction. Bullets would be fired towards the mouse cursor, however would take height into account too. Say you're got a zombie next to a wall, he's standing still, so it's purely a target to shoot at. If you howver the cursor over the grass in front of the zombie, the gun will be 'aiming' at the ground, so the bullet will hit the dirt. If you hover the cursor over the zombie's legs, it's aiming at that height, and will hit the legs. If you hover the cursor a little above his head on the wall behind him, the bullet will hit above him. This would work by having an invisible 'aim target' attached to the cursor, which would move across the space in 3D, up and down walls, along the ground, etc, kind of like a laser pointer from the gun to the mouse. The gun would then trace a ray from the gun's 3D position (even from rooftops or balconies) towards that point in space, and if it intersects with something along the way then that is what it will hit. For example, you're on a three-story building rooftop, in front of you is two-story building with one zombie on the roof. You aim your mouse cursor at the road behind that building, so although you've aimed at the road, if the 3D ray passes through the zombie, it would hit him. This ray would be invisible, and the aiming would not be 100% accurate (skills would play a larger role here), but I think this would work really well for making sure PVP gunfights aren't a "I can click faster than you" affair. Gunshot Wounds So to combat the DayZ style bloodlust that some players may have, gunshot wounds should be dangerous, but not instakill dangerous. Basically, the player body model is already in-game, you've got your body parts which can be damaged, etc. So depending on where the raycast hit point is on player's avater, that part of the body would be damaged with a gunshot wound. A gunshot wound would cause bleeding and agony, and the 'Needs medical attention' moodle would linger until the bullet is removed. You could get lucky and the bullet may pass through you entirely, but if not, then you could risk trying to pull it out yourself (and likely infect your wound), or try to find a doctor. Depending on where the bullet hits, you would have effects to your character: Head = Instant kill Neck = Death in under 5 seconds, slow movement, heavy bleeding Chest = Death in under 10 seconds, slow movement, crawling, heavy bleeding Stomach = Slow movement, crawling, heavy bleeding, possible passing out (Likely needs someone to drag you to safety and carry you back to camp) Legs = Limping or crawling, bleeding Arms = Decreased melee damage, decreased pushback force, bleeding And also, all gunshot wounds should be treated properly, and I believe the devs plan to overhaul the medical system which would definitely play into this to ensure the wound doesn't become infected. Having these effects for getting shot would make it more of a risk to try and shoot someone. These factors would come into play: -You may miss. Result = DEAD -You may hit them and they may shoot you back. Result = INJURED -You may kill them and their buddy shoots you. Result = INJURED OR DEAD -You may kill them and steal their supplies. Result = ALIVE So you'd need to be a good shot, you'd need to be quick enough to pull your gun, aim accurately (+ have good aiming skill), and shoot them before they can react and run/start shooting, and even if you down them, they could still shoot you before they bleed out. Taking Cover This one isn't so big, but I believe sneaking will make players crouch low in future versions, so having more low objects like cars and what-not would allow for some really intenses gunfights. Well, those were my ideas as simple as I could get them, still pretty long, but let me know what you think. This would be a lot of work for the devs but I personally think that in order to have PvP being fun and giving players a chance to defend against griefers and bandits, this is the way it should be done. Thanks for taking the time to read through. -Ben
  17. One of my biggest complaints is the lighting. Many buildings will have random rooms that have crazy amounts of light in them. Just last night, i was playing on V31.11 and I went into a bathroom (window less) and the lighting was perfect. I turned on the light and it completely flushed everything out. There have been times when i was walking down the road at night and I look over at a building and see perfectly into the room through the window like the light is on. This was months into a game. Or some times it's just part of a room. a piece of the wall that lit while everything else is dark. Have any of you noticed this? All my friends that play have the same complaint.
  18. [idea/Suggestion] While I was playing Build 30 or 31, (Don't kill me if Build 31 isn't out yet, haven't paid attention and its 10:52 PM here ), I noticed that the UI isn't top notch nor very stable. I understand that we are on either build 30 or 31, but the UI needs to get a refresh like... right now. I've read the future of the game and how they'll update the UI drastically for the following next builds, however; I decided to create a UI that simplies both keyboard and controllers in hand and hopefully helps the Developers in mind. Keep in mind that this is not fully art designed and its only to improve functionality. --The Start Of The UI-- The first section of game will start and prompt the user on how to start the main menu or to begin interacting with the game once its done loading, simple stuff here. If the person hits ENTER, the game will run on Mouse Mode. Should be very self explanatory, if you hover over the text, it turns red that tells the player he or she has selected the option. If the person hits "A", the game will run on Controller Mode. This one is a little hard to explain, when the player uses the moving buttons, (Left Stick, Right Stick, D-Pad, etc..) then the red will highlight red after moving. For example, the game will always highlight survival when using controller on boot. If I use the D-PAD to move towards the left, it will highlight the other option I have and highlight it red. It will of course dehighlight the previous option that was selected. It shouldn't be rocket science, but its a nice start. --Game Selection-- Once the player hits "A" or enter, the screen will change towards this following "diagram". The Menu will be greeted and the person can just move their mouse/left stick towards any of the three choices. Survival Classic/Sandbox/And Challenges or AKA Custom Maps. Mouse users should know that they are not affected, and controller uses are benefited from the change since its simple to left click and press A at the same time. Hitting ESCAPE or B makes it go back towards the main menu. --Online & Settings-- I'm still working in this section, either on wed or friday I'll show the other missing segments so both can enjoy the simplistic interface. --Character Creation and World Settings-- This one should be easy to create, same like the previous one, I'll eventually explain how these will work. That's all for now! Keep up to date towards the thread every week, hope to solve many issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to drop a reply! I'm aware that there are other UI's, but I think this one should be much simpler for newbies. Happy Zombie Hunting! -Videogameget 12/7/2014 11:12 PM PDT
  19. We all know that its pretty easy to make a campfire lit in this game. And i tought it was a little bit too easy and a little bit too unrealistic. So this overhaul would make it a bit harder and a bit more realistic. And thats all what this game is about, right? So lets gets started. Wet wood: You just chopped a tree down and you got plenty of wood. But its imaginable that the wood is probably very wet because it stood outside all the time. starting a fire with wet wood is incredibly hard. So its the best solution to store it somewhere inside for a few days until it becomes a little less wet. The more dry the wood, the easier it will get to make a fire. Now, wood you find in a container is another story... Dry grass: You need something to start a fire with once you get a lighter/matches. In the overhaul you have the abilty to pick some grass on a grass tile and store it in your pockets or inside. After a few days it will become more dry, and eventually it will become a great way to start a fire with. Ofcourse, one plumb of dry grass wont make a fire start for the average joe, so you will need lots of paper and dry grass to start a good fire. Fire stages: When you start a fire, it will change, and have different stages. I will show my ideas: Fire tent: This is the first stage when you start a great fire, lots of flames and warmth will come, but you have a great chance to burn your food when cooking. Black wood: The fire has been goign for a little bit. The paper and dry grass have already burned away and the wood has become black and ashy. The fire is still in great condition but the flames are less high. You have less chance to burn your food and this is probably the best opportunity if you dont have time. Collapsed black wood tent: Your fire tent had collapsed, and your flames are less high. This is also a great moment to cook food but it takes longer. Ashes: Your campfire is now smoldering red ash. It still gives some warmth and it gives a bit less smoke. Sleeping with the ashes stage in a cold winter is safe and a good way to keep warm. Fire making skill: The more you make fire, the better you will get. eventually at level 2 you can try to make a fire with a notched wooden plank and such. It wont always work, But its a good way to grind your fire skill without wasting wood. at level 4 You will get much better at making fire without matches/lighters. At level 5 you have no reason anymore to use matches or lighters for a fire, as you will be a firemaking god. This skill will be under the survival category just like trapping and fishing. There will also be fire making books around for you to find. So what do you guys think? Id like to hear your opinions about it.
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