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Found 1 result

  1. fat zombie, athletic build zombie, meat-head zombie, ,skinny zombie, and no legs crawler zombie. Each having its shortcomings and advantages: (in the following descriptions when I say regular zombies I'm referring to the current regular zombies from 'Survival Mode'). - The fat zombie is slower but its footsteps are louder/clumsier (attracting nearby zeds possibly), its attacks do more damage than regular zombies (so its better to keep your distance). It can also take more damage than regular zombies. - The athletic build zombie is faster than regular zombies, slightly stronger and tougher than regular zeds but not more than the fat one. - The meat-head zombie is as fast as a regular zombie. stronger than the fat zombie. And tougher than the fat zombie. - The Skinny zombie pretty much a regular zombie just weaker and more fragile. - no legs crawler zombie, could be the reason they're crawling in the first place (maybe its legs were blown off or it was a handicap before turning), they're stationary so could be placed where you least expect it or on the side of roads...etc. I think such zombie variants are reasonable considering nothing of what I've suggested dwells into the realm of superhuman zombies. There is fat, athletic, overly muscular, and skinny people all over the world. Such variants not only would add more immersion into the game but much needed difficulty.
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