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  1. Yes it works. And no its all compilated, at least now.
  2. This is a global compilation of several mods like Ortmans Gun Mod, Hydrocraft, OZ More Medicine and several other available on workshop mods plus our own home made mods. The compilation is overhauled, rebalanced and translated to play on Russian speaking biggest role play server The Next Day: Zomboid. So what does the mod adds besides the the compilation? - Using handcuffs - blocks te ability of using hands; - Tie hands with a rope - same as handcuffs; - Amputate hands/legs - can cure if you are still NOT infected but bitten by zombie (to amputee anything u need a a scratch first so the menu come up); - You can amutee one or both hands and one or both legs. Every amputation brings its own penalties you will not able to build and use everything that needs two hands without one, you will not be able to run and get tired very fast even by walkin with one leg; - Adds addiction traits to drugs and alcohol; - Addictions can kill you; - Adds several new ways to get sick by cold or by other stuff; - Adds a description option so you can attach a contextual description to your character; - You can read contextual description of character by using RMB on teh avatar or by clicking LMB under the feet of character; - Adds traumas - if characters HP drops under 50% it gives the avatar light trauma perk, if the damage is under 80% it gives a heavy trauma perk. Both perks limit the ability to run, fight melee and build. Are cured with time and care; - Light and Heavy traumas can be dadly if the chcracter is not left in peace for some time in bed/chair and without medical atention. Running/fighting/building can kill you; - Hides "online" button for players, means only admins can see who is online via the game client (we really want to make the word dangerus and unpredictable, knowing that soem badass in online makes you more careful); - Hides the name above the head of the character so the only way to identify a player is the contextual description mentionet before; - Adds a "telportator" an internal script that allows gamemasters to crate items that will teleport characters between locations. Example: you are using a sewer hatch (that is an object bound to ground) once you do it "teleports" your character to another map - example: the sewers. Normally we map a separate area that got no other access then by teleport and use them as doorways. (to use this you will have manually change an ingame file and write down the coordinates you want an item to teleport); - Every new crated character will recieve a debuff trait, that can be switched off only by game master, this is made as an internal server mehcnism to force players to write character lists on our forum. Most part of mentioned features are coded by; AiweLelia, Sinoptik, ComaWhite, myself IMPORTANT For DEV's: We share this mod mostly for developers since we hope, that some of the added fatures might be usefull in upcoming updates. For PLAYERS: The mod will radically change your gameplay experince so don't try this mod unless you know what you are doing. This mod is designed only for Next Day Roleplay - the first russian roleplay server and community.; For Modders: if you are interested in getting any certain feature - PM me. DOWNLOAD
  3. The idea is to make a huge buidling avalible for usuing as a personal or faction base. Question is - how to make it "residental"? I mean the building is placed on vanilal map (in West Point) in woods and it seems to be not identified as commercial or as residental - that makes the menu not with capturing the buiding not coming out at all. So now i wonder how is it possible to switch area types?
  4. i tried adding Robots=Disallow in my servertest.ini but it dissapears after every restart or /reloadoptions, also i've banned the mantioned user-bot but i still can se my server in the list, i would like to delete my server and its stats from this list how is it possible?
  5. Remember old classy RPGs, where you could “look” at the avatar and get a text description of the hero? Now you can describe yourself and get the description of other players! Step 1 – get a notebook and write down your character description; Step 2 – in the notebook window click DESCR button; Step 3 – click on the tile where ones (or yours) avatar is to read the description; Known Bugs: After each server restart players have to re-assign their description; After each change of description the server operates to refresh the info by all players so might take som servers resources – not really tested yet; Maybe some others… Steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731686306 Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4er8904erd74x3n/AADmSc2cs1VnuJk_9yYPTbA9a?dl=0
  6. What about using a VPS server, where i start my server without launching the client?
  7. The link with PZServerSettings.zip is outdated and my 34.27 build lack this file
  8. I had same issue on prev versions and i've uploaded this PZServerSettings.exe somwhere, but can't fine exactly where. Its not in my game folder, so i can edit server settings only via notepad, what is not really comfortable. Help please!
  9. Do i need to wipe my server to see new textures in multiplayer?
  10. I got this idea since I started my RP server about 2 years ago now. I always hated these names above character head because everyone knows whom he is playing with and it also ruins the atmosphere of a stranger if u are meeting someone. DisplayUserName = true //False is a nice option but it creates a mess in a chat so you can't really understand who is saying what if u miss the message above head. So it would be really awesome to make an potion that creates a menu if u right click on someone’s character and subscribe his name like: "Seen in mall" "Stranger" or if one told you his name you can just write "George" or whatever That might add some atmosphere and change the game experience
  11. Okay. I tried using Weapons/Firearm/hunterShot with ORGM weampon and it made the sond hearable for everyone on higher distance. MEans i need not to use .ogg or .wav files, but use FMOD to crate a *.BANK file and store my mod sounds there. But now a new question - how do i make maoded wepons see insid my .BANK file? On default sounds for weapons are stored in: media/sound/banks/desktop/StudioOnly.bank while the items script is: SwingSound = Weapons/Firearm/hunterShot, If i create mysounds.bank how do i make my moded weapons take souds from it?
  12. Hello again, made some investigations and found some interesting things out. First - all non vanilla wapons got their radius sound cut to 10 tiles due to unknown reason. Means if i shoot another player can hear the gunshot sound only 10 tiles away. Thet works both with ORGM and Hydrocraft and any other gun mods. The sounds used for vanilla weapons are packed into somthing i cant figure out how, believ in a *.BANK files , but the items.txt of vanilla items is showing this path: SwingSound = Weapons/Firearm/hunterShot, BUT there are no such folders in vanilla game Moded items got their sound packed in : media/sound/sound.wav" (or sound.ogg) and the script looks like: SwingSound = ORGMM3, Moded and vanilla items got also such parameters as: SoundVolume and SoundRadius - changing those affects well with vanilla items but moded items are still herable only in just 10 tiles away for other players characters. Anyway, that's the way the sounds are played upon swinging: WorldSoundManager.instance.addSound(owner, (int)owner.getX(), (int)owner.getY(), (int)owner.getZ(), Math.max(10, weapon.getSoundRadius()), weapon.getSoundVolume()); So it's determined by the parameters SoundVolume and SoundRadius. Now the question is HOW should i pack the sounds to make them hearable in multiplayer on higher distances? (more than 10 tiles away)
  13. Got it. Its the way sounds are packed it. Right?
  14. Is that about that feature that makes the sound like sound in distance - more far, less far?
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