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Found 6 results

  1. Sorry for bad english and this weird post. I hope this is the right place to post it. Since build 41 added lots of visual changes to the player i was wondering that if there will be update which enables visible changes to character when they get fat, skinny etc? thank you.
  2. Hello everybody! Has anyone admired their reflection for too long to notice errors in the matrix? (I hope someone finds this funny) Two bugs at once! Although they do not affect the gameplay at all The first visual bug is that the concrete fences almost disappear from the screen when the character looks not at it, but at the house through the window. If he turns away from the house to the fences, they will return back to the screen. The screenshots below. The second visual bug is that double windows look like two normal windows if you get too close to it. Almost the same thing happens with garage doors, but they can be opened. But double windows cannot be opened - the character tries to open them once and immediately stops the action (Perhaps the mechanics were conceived like at garage doors?) Screenshot below. (I had no trouble signing this screenshot in case my English failed me) All screenshots were taken below Rosewood, in a tree warehouse. (In my opinion, that's what it's called) This is the whole bug report. These are randomly found bugs. I just ran around this house, climbed through the windows, and generally found fault with everything until I saw these mistakes. If you already know them, could you let me know? I will better check the bug reports so that there are no repetitions. Or any other way. To avoid wasting your time and mine I would also like to simply thank you all for your work. The Indie Stone - is one of the best teams I've ever seen ^-^
  3. Hello everyone, Colori 2 has been just released, check it out! Website: colori.albemala.info Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=info.albemala.blendingcolors iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/colori.-free/id973022949?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Arrange colors to form amazing patterns in this relaxing colour puzzle game! Colori is a beautifully designed, unique visual puzzle game. If you’ve grown tired of pure logic puzzle games and want to play something refreshing and challenging, Colori is for you! ▸ Simple, Challenging & Deeply Relaxing The goal in Colori is simple – arrange the colours to form a harmonious, uniform color pattern. With over 220 distinctive puzzles to solve, you’ll find a challenge no matter what your experience level. The visual nature of Colori gives this puzzle game a deeply relaxing effect. No need for complicated mathematics, lightning quick reactions or tough logic here! All you need to do is arrange the colours and enjoy the process of solving stunning puzzles. ▸ No Intrusive Ads! Colori is about harmony. Nothing ruins a great playing experience more than an intrusive ad! You can choose to watch a quick video to unlock extra hints. Besides that, we’ll leave you to enjoy the game! ▸ Features Over 220 challenging puzzles to solve Professionally designed color schemes and high quality animations Time gameplay and keep track of your fastest completion time Use hints to help you progress if you get stuck on a puzzle Share your achievements and progress on social media ▸ In-App Purchases If you’ve become a Colori expert and you’re itching for even more puzzles to solve, we have plenty! You’ll be able to purchase extra puzzle packs from the in game store, each containing 75+ puzzles. Why not follow us on social media? - Twitter: https://twitter.com/albemala
  4. Unless zombie-virus has some radiation-like nature, your character's hair would probably grow. I would love to see something, that works like current erosion system for characters' appearance. Like after a year of surviving without haircut you would look like badass Robinson survivor. It would add a functions to scissors, mirrors and such. Many games had an option to change your character after you created him (Even if it's an absurd decision, like instantly add long dreads to the bald man). And zombies love long hair, Carl Clementine! Some debuff, like reducing needed amout of zeds for grabbing would be fair. Also, a tan. In summer, if you work a long time outside, your skin would get darker. And, slowly get brighter in winter. All those little details add immersion to the game, that is needed so much sometimes.
  5. Hi I know that Project Zomboid is in pre-alpha, or alpha? (Not sure of the specific term let me know please ._. ) I digress, I know that everything is still in the works. And TV's were recently added. I feel that TV's should have some kind of audio to them. Could be just random noises, or even people saying the words. Whatever, goes along with the spirit of Zomboid. I also feel that some visuals would be nice, or even just a more colorful static image. And, I think the TV should ease boredom. I.e. from an interaction, or a certain aura/moodlet the TV gives off when in the same room. I wasn't sure if those things were going to be added to the TV, but just some ideas. = ) I was excited about TV's, but i'm just not really feeling them now that they're out. I'm not very drawn to them. I know it's kind of small details, but I feel the little nuances add to an overall nice feel of immersion to the game. And that makes it worth adding. Also, it doesn't feel too much like "Sims" micromanaging if there's an interaction to watch the TV. That should be all. Let me know what you all think. Cheers.
  6. I was thinking of adding how it would be more fun if when wear a bag on your back that it shows, like you see your character wearing a duffel bag on his/her back for example. Makes you feel more like you are carrying things, lets you understand why your character cant run great distances. On this Also id like to add how about a tool belt or such that you can use for smaller items with a weight of 0.5 or less and greatly reduces the weigth, as the rules of relativity states that just cause it doesnt change to the laws of physics it will still feel different to you in your situation like how a big backpack full of books is heavy as hell but you can much easier wear it on your back. Sorry for the crap use of punctuation.
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