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  1. rpgplayerrobin

    Indie Game (PC) Realm

    I have updated the game a lot. Here is my newest video, showing what has happened since my last video.
  2. rpgplayerrobin

    Indie Game (PC) Realm

    As the game has progressed out of early alpha, the game has changed name from project name "Realm" to the real name "Spellheart". Many things have been implemented, such as a new smarter launcher and in-game voice chatting. The previous introduction video was heavily out of date, therefore I made a new one: I have also updated the first post with this information. Unfortunately the subject of this post can not be changed to Spellheart instead of Realm.
  3. rpgplayerrobin

    Indie Game (PC) Realm

    Yeah I will keep on updating it for sure, but these are only a few of the custom servers that can be created, the possibilities are quite limitless. Also there are PvE type of maps where you can fight monsters.
  4. rpgplayerrobin

    Indie Game (PC) Realm

    I have updated the game a bit, and here is my newest video, showing some examples of custom servers.
  5. rpgplayerrobin

    Indie Game (PC) Realm

    Thank you AliceCooper! I'm hosting a server for a couple of days with bots for instant action, but of course you could host your own server as well.
  6. rpgplayerrobin

    Indie Game (PC) Realm

    Hellu! My name is Robin Norrman and I would like to show you a game that I have been working on. Spellheart is a fun multiplayer action game that you can play with your friends for free! With a customizable server that anyone can host, the possibilities are endless. There are no classes in this game. As the player learns abilities and chooses items, the player creates his own class. Since the player decides his/her own class each match, the gameplay is dynamic. Because of dynamic classes, there is no "best build", as players must counter each other in order to win. Introduction video: Examples of Custom Servers (old game version): Getting Started video (old game version): Or visit the youtube channel for the game: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY2l3QVtNKLrmxRF0NurKjw/videos The game is completely free and available at my website. Website: http://spellheart.com/ What I want with the game right now is just to be noticed. A publisher may want me to finish the game or I could add microtransactions for cool stuff (that will not make you better ingame). Alot of people has helped me with testing and some have helped me create 2D and 3D art but all of the programming is made by me. What I am using in the project: C++ Ogre3D (Rendering) Bullet (Physics) enet (Multiplayer) OpenAL (Sound) FLTK (GUI for Host Game) Inno Setup (Installation) Qt (For GUI of the launcher)6 Edit: Changed the youtube channel link to a better one Edit: Changed all the links to the new webpage and new youtube