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  1. Could you pm me the tutorial where you learned to do this stuff o: Also for your first and second attempts they look really good. Like wow
  2. good topic I would like to see this in the game but feeding them and all that stuff will be strange.
  3. Also will lagging in the server cause you to be kicked for moving too fast?
  4. Yay custom yells dream come true! Also whispering seems cool!
  5. bvhv

    IWBUMS 32.17

    Before anyone asks any questions about this 32.17 I will say this. If it is not in the patch notes it's not changed(because every post seems to get these questions) Also I'm glad custom axes are affected by axeman
  6. I have 50 hours on PZ. My record time was 3-5 days now I have difficulty surviving one day xD I love these new zombies! Keep up the good work Anyone else getting the zombies grouping in circular formations instead of more spread out? Here is a photo for those of you guys wondering what I'm talking about http://imgur.com/rDKMy7Q
  7. One of the best features takes the most amount of time!
  8. bvhv

    "Pull the Rope"

    I think it's simple but great!
  9. Will this reduce the server lag after hundreds of zombies have been killed? If not please help me understand this.
  10. Which would require a change to the way the engine handles floors o:
  11. 4. the moodle pops up after a while but see how long it takes for it to go away hint tons of time.
  12. You know you play PZ too much when you barricade your windows because you hear moaning.
  13. Instead of the chunks around the character loading what if the entire map loaded in? Because the entire map doesn't load and it just loads a square around you would things break if the entire map was loaded?
  14. Did you open up both tcp and udp on the ports? Also sometimes a firewall blocks connections so that may be the problem
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