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  1. Oh wow. I really want to create things in PZ. Its my dream. But my PC is too weak at the moment.
  2. This makes me want to play 8 months after ;-; Its hard...
  3. Meh... I dont really need item immersion. Names are good.
  4. Wow I really love all of your ideads (see what I did there?). But anyway, maybe also add puddles after rain, trains stopped/chrashed, garbage outside and small things like that.
  5. Plane chrashes on you. *bad luck Bryan*
  6. *running away from a horde* "Wow, lemme grab this plank since im a carpenter!"
  7. Can we equip NPC's with pistols and will they have better aim? or do they have traits too? O__O They probably will have traits. I hope for personalities too. Backstab me. Come back with a shotgun! Executions! Fistfights!
  8. Maybe make them ballanced by using a LOT of gun skill to use, make the gun have smaller effective range,... Reduce the noise by 40%. Also very very rare.
  9. Maybe even salvaging iron bars and reusing them? Makeshift iron bars- pipe/crowbar x2 + twine/sheet?
  10. What happened to your profile pic?

    1. lucy the axe

      lucy the axe

      Oh wait, nvm, there's still a frying pan. >__<

  11. Yup. They are too loud. Just no shotgun silencers
  12. I have good memories of that place. A shotgun and 40 shells. I broke my leg. But hell, I went down with a bang (pun intended).
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