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Found 7 results

  1. Hello I never got around posting this mod on the new forum. It's a silencer for a pistol - but not just any silencer. It's also your pillow! Just as you though pillows where dog gone useless in survival, you actually have something that will silence your gun. Hold a pillow as your secondary weapon and it will silence your gun, but not forever. It will last 5-15 shots until the pillow is completly torned. Download it from pz-mods.net (pz-mods.net is a top secret procrastinating project for hosting my mod I'm currently working on - which was before I discovered xeno-mods.net .. duh, now I'll make tutorials there instead .. well more about that later.) Features Is not a recipe - holding a pillow as secondary will silence your gunEach shot decreases the pillows ability to reduce noise.Lasts 5-15 shots until pillow is tornedSilenced gun shot sounds includedNo editing needed!It's very good for clearing rooms and hallways without getting other zombies attention. Installation Installing the pillowsilencer is as always - extract the contents of pillowsilencer.zip in your project zomboid folder Changelog Version 1.0 Fixed first shot being entirely silent (ie. not affect zombies)Pillow is replaced by RippedSheets when completely tornedFire max range reduced significantlyFeedback and suggestions are really appreciated Have fun!!
  2. We Need More Guns! literally Information: So, as requested by magnum2016, here's a mod with more guns, maybe a few melee weapons as well, but who knows? Anyway, this mod adds some Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, and Rifles. Have fun, request a weapon if you want. Also, I looked everywhere for sounds of the guns firing for free. Didn't happen. Guns: AK47: Ammo: 7.62x39 RoundsAR15: Ammo: .223 RoundsBeretta M9: Ammo: 9mm RoundsGlock 19: Ammo: 9mm RoundsGlock 21: Ammo: .45 ACP RoundsRuger Mark III: Ammo: .22 RoundsRuger 10/22: Ammo: .22 RoundsAR22: Ammo: .22 RoundsMy favorite part of this mod is this part. I want you guys to request the guns being put into the mod. Just reply and let me know. It will most likely end up being in the next update you see. Forgot screenshots. Sorry! changelist download link[0.1.0]: http://www.mediafire.com/?s82g6j2rxa6d7sr download link[0.1.5]: http://www.mediafire.com/?en5q5je0d6k855g download link[0.1.6]: http://www.mediafire.com/?r9vt553e9yavarz download link[0.2.0]: http://www.mediafire.com/?2r4f1arkak2mxk4
  3. Austin

    Fletchery Mod

    Fletchery Information: This mod allows you to create a Sling and a Homemade Bow! It also allows you to find an crossbow and a more advanced bow. More will come! Recipes: Plank + Saw = 5 Arrow ShaftsPillow = 5 FeathersArrow Shaft + Feather + Duk Tape + Kitten Knife = Homemade Arrow2 Bandages(ripped sheets) = Sling2 Planks + Bandage(ripped sheet) = Homemade Bow Screenshots just showing the homemade bow showing the recipe for the new item, the sling Changelist download link[0.4.1]: http://www.mediafire.com/?31fz8l6e83cz1oo pz-mods.net: http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/FletcheryMod/ Also, thank everyone who has downloaded and supported this. You guys are awesome! Got any ideas for the mod? PM me, or just reply. I will see it!
  4. Swap swap swap your primary and secondary weapon. Press TAB to swap NOTICE: If you downloaded this mod before, PLEASE REMOVE media/lua/SwapEquipped.lua as the file is deprecated after installing the updated version The 1.1 update was made by RoboMat, thank you dude Download at pz-mods.net
  5. Hey there, this is a little mod that I've created which allows you to craft a variety of different weapons from the materials and items you find around Muldraugh. I hope you all enjoy playing with my mod as much as I have creating it. The mod adds clubs and spears which are both crafted with planks and kitchen knives. They can also both be augmented, you can drive nails through your club or attach a knife to the end of your spear.Crafting these wooden items doesn't currently remove durability from your knives allowing total sustainability (at least until you exhaust Muldraugh's considerable supply of trees). The mod also adds a pan-crowbar combination and pool balls in socks. There's a lot more to come including further variations and entirely new weapons. I'm always open to suggestions which can be submitted to this thread. I also appreciate feedback on balancing since I basically just mess around with the numbers. If you think something is too powerful or not powerful enough then please tell me so I can fix it. You can find my mod on pz-mods.net.
  6. this mod will be a mod that adds addictions to PZ, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine will have some extra difficulties. the mod will give you however more buffs while using such drugs. but be aware some drugs/addictive items can be helpfull and not addictive in small quantities but be aware. like in real live if you smoke a lot of sigarretes or drink a bottle of wiskey strait up you will become addictive to them. while I'm not that cruel to add addictions I will also give a way to get clean again. (this however will take some thoughts from the player as you will need to have the addictive chemicals in your body, yet not to high so you will remove some of it's addictive effect.) while I'm not going to release this mod in the first 2 weeks (vacation/no internet/still implementing the core) I'am open for suggestions about addictive things that could add some value in PZ (addictive items that will not only give a negative effect when used, but also a possitive)
  7. hi everyone, apperently shortly after I released my new script for languagesupport in luascripts The IndieStone changed there forums so here is my topic back! It's more compact as before (merge of multiple script files) 1. PZMLoader 2. PZMLLittle 3. LanguageSupport for luascripts 4. UnlimitedTraits PZMLoader changelog: PZMLLittle changelog: LanguageSupport UnlimitedTraits changelog:
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