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  1. Didn't notice this thread , but yeah same here.
  2. Ever since 30.12 went live multiplayer has been a nightmare, I don't know if the hordes and erosion mod have screwed it up or if it's update issues. There are horrible lag spikes and the map is taking ages to load to the point where every 7 steps you take you have to wait 3 mins for the next piece of map to load. This for me makes the multiplayer unplayable sadly. I just wish we had stayed at 29.4, at least multiplayer ran smooth on that build with no problems whatsoever, I don't believe this build was properly tested on this mode before release. I've tried re-updating and re-installing but it does nothing,it still remains the same. I hope this is fixed soon because I was really enjoying the multiplayer aspect of the game, early acess has its pros and cons I guess.
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