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  1. -Closed-

    Hey Connall, you got a pretty cool server, it's a bit laggy for my friend and I but we had a lot of fun in it, thanks for hosting! Please add us to the whitelist: NuclearSharkhead Xillobean Thanks once again : )
  2. Multiplayer Server List

    Yep it's you, the shirtless guy who I followed north for a few minutes then you logged out xD
  3. Multiplayer Server List

    Oh hey it's you! Met you ingame Are you still at the safehouse we found? I rerolled a new character, walked to that house and logged out. I also met psibomber, doombringer, Bobby, Skittles, and some unnamed people lol. Shoutouts to all ya'll if you're reading this!
  4. Clothes Act as Armor

    I like it. Makes sense.
  5. Share your safehouse!

    Reach for the sky >: )
  6. Detailed Character Stats

    Pls add the following - spiffos found - spiffos collected in total - most spiffos ever carried on the go - total spiffos eaten in desperate attempt to relieve hunger - total spiffos thrown at zombies as distractions - total times player has worshiped spiffo hoping for good harvests - total kills using spiffo's face as a weapon - total zombie attacks blocked with spiffo's face - total times spiffo has raided your fridge
  7. Horizon Clock Mod v.0.3.1d

    Yes tell me about Fireworks.
  8. Ror's Custom Items

    Yum, playing with fire! Also looking forward to the extra deadly sawed offs. Maybe someone could make a double barreled variant that kills them AND knocks them back several feet too? Or how about we really get original, and somehow craft incendiary shells for our shotguns Now that would be a gorgeous thing to see.
  9. Ban The User Above You

    Banned for wearing a yellow shirt.
  10. Horizon Clock Mod v.0.3.1d

    Woooow, so cool ^w^ Great job!!! How did you create the textures for it?
  11. Zomboid folder vs ProjectZomboid/Mods folder

    Can someone explain to me the difference between placing mods in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Zomboid\Mods and C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ProjectZomboid\mods ? Because they both seem to work to some extent, although certain mods seem to be detected in only certain folders. What gives? Sorry if this was addressed already but I don't even know what to search for lol.
  12. Erosion - Nature takes over

    Very cool mod
  13. Thuztors Buildings

    Where can I find this tutorial? It's hard to find tuts around here Nevermind found it. That thing needs to be stickied.
  14. Project Zomboid Hardcore+ Mod

    It's true that works but it's no excuse for the right click menu being dodgy with item detection
  15. DIY Suppressor? (Maglite Suppressor)

    You talkin about the Tommy Guns mod with the AR-15 and AR suppressor? I liked that one but it made gun drops way too common. I would find an AK-47 every other bathroom cabinet LOL! But dude the samurai sword in that mod was gorgeous, I wish it was in the vanilla game *drools*