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  1. Pretty sure book reading is the same (but not broken) and yes to the day counter. Essentially it gives you more time to do stuff, so easier in that way, but it takes longer for crops to grow and longer to rack up a day count.
  2. Yea but it also means making it four months takes a *lot* longer. I mostly just do it because I like building complicated things, and short days make that kind of difficult.
  3. What's the record, like 3 years or something right? I've made it 3-4 months in, but by then I'm usually self sufficient and get bored. I also usually play sandbox with 4 hour days instead of the normal length. (also woot! 200th post!)
  4. I severely question the people saying they've survived bites more than 90% of the time. Either you've been bitten like 2x, are the luckiest bastards to ever live, or are not being entirely truthful. Last I checked chance of infection from a bite was 95%. That makes your odds incredible.
  5. But will there be Trammel? Because I'm out if there's a Trammel.
  6. Hey I haven't played for a bit, and am just wondering what I need to do to update a specific mod. It worked up until build 29. I get the following error: Looking at where it stops, it looks like it's hung up on the LUA files, so here's the code for both of those: I'd have asked the author, but it appears they haven't logged in for quite awhile. This mod is one of my favorites and I've added a lot to it as well so I'd like to get it working if I can. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ugh I can't get it to work for some reason. Game goes black screen now when loading. DAMMIT I spent so long updating it too lol.
  8. Not to intentionally bump up an older thread, but anyone wanting to use this fixed version needs to rename the "recipes" file within the scripts folder. Otherwise, no other recipes are going to work the way they're supposed to (at least none that I tried). Changing "recipes" to "dfrecipes" worked just fine for me. I am enjoying the new items though Awesome, thanks for the fix man. I missed this one lol.
  9. Not yet, out of town. Will when I get back.
  10. I never even thought to use the spade, so gonna have to try this now. For me, axe and frying pan are my favs. The kitchen knife is pretty badass too, but it wears out hella fast.
  11. I *thought* I saw somewhere that the compost thing is on the list of to-dos, but I could be wrong.
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