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  1. Hey man awesome base mate looks amazingly well done for that quick into the game. However this maybe just my opinion but your coming across very arrogant in your replies.
  2. The powers out, I've decided to build a fire to cook some decent food. I've had a little trouble with a fire pit disappearing so I build a new one and light it....FIRE I run outside my legs on fire then I head inside to find all my stuff on fire. I panic but it too late I've lost most my stuff and my base. Plus now with the building on fire most zombies are heading this way. LINK TO THAT MOMENT BELOW http://youtu.be/uidg0rlb0FE?t=22m17s
  3. Congrats your now top No speeding up time... so, no sleeping? You know you bring up a good point. I'd say no sleeping for now, I never reach the point where I need to sleep.
  4. This looks so cool, I've bookmarked this thread I want to play this map.
  5. Of course you can hold up in a building to loot it, as long as your not just standing still for no reason thats fine. I added you to the board your on top now
  6. Here my attempt at the challenge. Do the challenge in West point a great idea, as noone really knows the map it be a even bigger disadvantage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3PVRUjJwzM
  7. Ok the challenge is to see how long you can survive in the most extreme settings. All you need to do is: - Set up a new world with the following settings - Create your own character to your specs - Survive as long as you can The only rules is no standing still and speeding up time. Your amount of time survived is your score. 1. Megaman (204) 2. MadDan2013 (5 Hours) 3. Obinhi (4 Hours) 4. Zukw (4 Hours) 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  8. ^ That sir is correct < Has finally decided to post more v Goes on this forum while at work/school??
  9. 7days to die hates me. My main concern is that the zombies are way overpowered.
  10. I always like how resident evil 4 handle the inventory either that or sos disaster report.
  11. I be the hiding at the edge of the map hoping nobody will find me.......damn
  12. Love your videos mate, they make me wish I had more time to play the game.
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