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  1. Well, this idea would go all the way around me, as i live out of doors. I usually hang around the motel looking for doors, but just bashing them with a crowbar is long, wastes energy, attracts zombies, etc. Just for one or two planks. +1!
  2. Silly Viceroy. Zombies can't swim! or can they....?
  3. Can i choose both? Damn it. Chocolate is delicious, but the bars are quite small and expensive, and cake is delicious but is even more expensive! I think i'll go for cake, or chocolate cake. Do you crack your joints? If you do, which ones?
  4. Can we talk about the suggestion instead of the color orange..? Please..?
  5. +1! I am surprised nobody thought about this yet!
  6. I heard that they are going to implement 64 bit support! Oh, the things i would do in the game...
  7. If you see a rusty thing, what colour is it? Orange. -snip- (no offense, 1/4 of my family are dutch) In YOUR face! (Muhahahaha) Dammit.
  8. If you see a rusty thing, what colour is it? Orange. (no offense, 1/4 of my family are dutch)
  9. So, i recently had the idea from other games, to add certain titles or quality scales. I think it would add alot more depth to the game, as it would nerf Lucky a bit. I mean, finding an axe in the spawn! The lucky trait should depend more on how the items are. For example: Imagine you get an axe. Wohoo. 8th Axe. It just gets boring. So why not find.. Lumberjack's Axe? Faster tree cutting. Or sharpened kitchen knife. Watermelons slice twice as fast. Or even Professional Trowel. Everything! Also, it would be nice to see some bad ones, like Used Shotgun, Untrusty Saw, etc. If needed, you could make a coloured rectangle, depending on the quality of the item. Of course, standart items will still exist, with a gray rectangle. Maybe better items will be circled with a green-yellow-white scale, and bad items from red to.. I don't know.. Orange? Of course, the quality will be added to the item's name. I know it would take time, because we would be making entirely new items! But hey, i could even mash up some of the code of the items and tweak it a little bit. Easy Peasy. Just an idea. Share your thoughts.
  10. One can not simply hate Enigma without being punished with a stupid title or warning point. EDIT: Oh god you're following my topic. *slowly backs away from computer and dives out the window* . . . How did this go out calmly, but i get my ass thumped everytime i draw outside the outline? Were you holding a gun to Enigma's skull while he was commenting? If so, your ID and personal info will be forwarded to my mom. Even though i have to drive 3 km just to visit her :1
  11. Need any more info in it? For sharpened sticks as spears.. Might work. Probably.
  12. Version un poco arreglada del source de los archivos:
  13. I don't have a tablet ._. Do you play Epic Battle Fantasy 4?
  14. Favorite mods, everyone? I love KAS, Infernal Robotics, Lazor System, B9 Aerospace and Pirated Weaponry. I love doing giant walkers with missiles @v@
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