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  1. Since a few days, every time i try to play my safegame after about 5-10 minutes the game just freezes and crashes. when i try to load my last saved game, everything around me is reset. (all crates that i just crafted are gone, the tomatos is harvested are also reset) I dont have any mods installed.
  2. It always bothered me, that there is no real reason to level Electrical Skill beyond lvl 4. (first to hotwire cars, then to move ovens and washing-machines) I thought it would be great to have a bigger Motivation to max out your Electrical Skill, like the ability to detect and turn off House-Alarms! At Electrical level of 5 you would have the ability to detect a House-Alarm, and the ability to deactivate the alarm at lvl 6 or 7. But there would be still a little chance to trigger the alarm accidentally. The higher your Electrical-level gets, its less likely to trigger the alarm, while attempting to remove it. Greetings, luxlime
  3. nope, it didnt do anything. but the first time i used mods my game crashed. i never had any crashes before. i think in my future games in IWBUMS i just stick to the normal game without mods
  4. Hey, after the update my game crashed 2 times, it just freezed and i had to close the game via the task manager. first time my savegame wasnt damaged, but after the second crash, i jumped back into the game and there was just a black screen, i could hear myself running around but the screen kept beeing black. I had 2 mods loaded: -Smart Open Mechanics UI -Tailoring Fix Is there any way to restore my save-game? :\ Greetings, luxlime
  5. Hey Folks! I was running around westpoint and i had over 100 zombies following me. i exited the game. when i jumped back into the game only 2-3 zombies (of the 100) saw me, and i could sneak away. (the rest just stood there and didnt care about me) BTW: i LOVE the new build. i didint had so much fun with PZ for many years. greetings
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