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  1. Ghosk

    Steam branch build 23

    Hell, your friend must be a bit nostalgic!
  2. Ghosk [RP with Whitelist]

    Ehh that character background of a minimum of 300 ain't inviting for sure. Guess I just lost my patience.
  3. It's worse than drugs, TOO ADDICTIVE. Get on the server, now! We want YOU! Jokes apart it really is addictive, and there are also a lot of other games the community plays on. There's a Starbound RP server launching too, and a Diablo 2 one. Really recommend this community.
  4. Ban Elizabeth because he hates Spiffo.
  5. Ghosk

    A Spiffo plush toy you can buy

    Spiffo is life.
  6. Ghosk

    A Spiffo plush toy you can buy

    I badly want a Spiffo RIGHT NOW.
  7. Ghosk

    Game Of Jobs!

    Spiff-Ivor would work at Spiffo's...
  8. Ghosk

    The Truth Game

    Dog shit. Do you think Spiffo would be proud of you?
  9. When you want to draw a horde and allah hu akbar it.
  10. Ghosk

    Word Association Extra

    News (get it? Weazel news from GTA V, get it? Okay it was bad I admit it..)
  11. Ghosk

    PZ Roleplay

    Uhhhh where?
  12. Ghosk

    The Corrupt-A-Wish Thread

    You know you want the impossible, come on just wake up and face the reality. I wish I could tame a raccoon.