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  1. that would require you to re-whitelist each character you make and it would make it more difficult on the staff as well as we then have to keep track on who plays who. its a minor inconvenience that helps more than it irritates, but i have heard that its easy to get used to.
  2. Ah okay, thank you for pointing that out As for the activation email, unfortunately it's somewhat unreliable at the moment. I should have manually activated your account
  3. I'm assuming it's resolved itself now, considering we've received your application? Apologies for the late reply on here also.
  4. People will only have the option to start within either West Point or Maldraugh. Despite the fact that we have quite a few maps planned, the other maps will only be opened up to spawn in as the lore and player interaction progresses. Though, the 'Camp Hold-out' event we have planned is based at the Gas Station on the main road near Maldraugh; so, I would have thought people would be more incline to join us in spawning there.
  5. In the UK , American should get between 100 to 140 ish i think
  6. Greetings fellow Project Zomboid enthusiasts! As I’m sure some of you will be glad to hear, we have founded a dedicated PZ roleplaying community. Project Zomboid is game which greatly caters to immersion and roleplaying. Yes, at first, to some less knowledgeable on the game - its graphical fidelity may put off. Yet, once you begin playing, it truly is an experience to be had by any apocalyptic survival fan. We believe, what we have created is the way Project Zomboid is meant to be played. The playstyle that will bring the most potential authentic entertainment. We, as a group of friends, have often roleplayed on private servers in the past, yet we decided to go to the effort to not only create a better, more diverse and public experience but also a friendly out-of-character community. We have spent the last month or so, hard at work on the community, each serving our own important roles. We will be officially launching on the 4th of June. Plus, to further the hype and narrative stories which will be told in due time; we will be launching with an Outbreak Event. You read more about it here: http://zomboidrp.com/thread-82.html So, what are you waiting for?! Sign up, submit your whitelist application and join us in the epic fall of Kentucky!http://zomboidrp.com Our TeamSpeak 3: We will also be streaming the launch at: https://www.twitch.tv/djhato [Credits to the following users for helping with the initial launch]: Bun, Redsky, Austin, Ryan, Dan, Polaroid and Natje. All of you have received the “Patient Zero” award on the forums for your assistance, which we appreciate beyond immeasurable lengths! If you wish to see what and where these people helped out, check this page out:http://zomboidrp.com/awards.php?view=2
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