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  1. For me it's the overgrowth saplings that spawn on dirt roads, grass embankments and such, I don't usually have many tree related mishaps when months since the apocalypse is 0-1. Also I don't know if it's intentional or not but trees seem to grow and reproduce at an incredible rate. I played a 6 months later game and went to take over a farm, and found myself having to clear a forest in various stages of growth (from saplings to full grown trees) just to get my car up the dirt path to the house. Is there something that makes the growth settings prioritise dirt roads? The grass either side of it was clear enough to drive along, but I had to chop down a straight up wall of trees at the entrance to get my car through the fence. Haven't got any screenshots sorry, but they're the ones that kill all vehicle speed and make that horrendous noise when you scrape past them.
  2. They're the bane of my existence, got surrounded by a horde and trapped to die in a van because an unseen sapling got underfoot and slowed it to a crawl.
  3. Yeah I just do sandbox and turn respawning off. I think it's on by default because it's intended with multiplayer in mind, otherwise most of the zeds would be cleared out of a server within a couple days of it going live and new players would be joining a ghost town. For single player though respawn off is the only way to keep an area remotely clean. Same deal with loot respawn, I turn that off for SP too.
  4. Seconding more autoswitch if it's an action that can actually injure you if you don't use a tool.
  5. Should we get down to the reeds and talk about conditional durability? A katana will slice through dozens of zombies with little wear, but if you tried to smack down a door with it the blade would shatter within a hit or two. Sharp, hard, but brittle. The material (wood, plastic, metal etc) isn't as important as the design and its use case. An axe and a shovel are made of the same stuff and probably about the same weight, but the head of a shovel would dent far more easily, being broad and thin compared to the dense axehead.
  6. Which one do you think would lose the least detail as a low poly game model? I was thinking of a real museum piece, ww2/cold war, can have whatever really. Sherman or a T-34.
  7. Katanas are in the game, set weapon loot to common or abundant and you'll get a decent chance of picking one up eventually. I've got a few of them now, great fun. One hit kills normal strength zombies, and since durability is number of hits based it lasts a long time, which makes up for not being able to repair it. You just have to switch it up a little and avoid knocking zombies down, don't strike them on the ground because it's only a one-hit if they're standing up and you'll wear it out faster.
  8. I think one thing they could do to "set the table" a little better on day 1 of gameplay is just smash the place up a bit more. Broken windows, smashed doors, houses tossed and distressed, fires smouldering, bloodstains and crashed cars along towns' main streets. There's some of that but not really enough imo. From the TV/Radio logs, when we start out everyone who wasn't cleared as uninfected before the virus becomes airborne (a few days into our misadventure) is sealed inside the knox exclusion zone, which is where we are with all the zombies. So the outbreak is already in full force for some time, and where we begin is basically the point between where the last non-immune victim inside the playable area becomes a zombie, and when the virus becomes airborne and the exclusion zone is broken. After that Louisville falls, followed by the rest of the world and most of the broadcasts end. No matter how quickly the army barricades were set up, the process of everyone in the knox event zone going from healthy human to zombie must have taken place before we begin, so the places where this hit fastest and hardest should reflect that more in the level design. Downtown West Point should be a wasteland.
  9. Always rustle up a crowd for shotgun practice, and park your car a reasonable jog away from the party site, you'll get a crowd whether you want it or not anyway, so stand in a wide open area such as an intersection to make sure you don't get snuck up on. Shotties are great fun, and honestly still the most useful class of gun in the game even with max stats. You're always going to be prioritising the zeds closest to you, don't have to deal with magzines, and still the shotguns have pretty decent range unless you saw them off. Well, the j2000 anyway, can't saw the DB yet annoyingly. I want my boomstick.
  10. I'm glad someone made a thread of this because I don't know enough about trucks to do it justice. +1 for more vehicles and especially larger vehicles in the base game. I don't know if the engine supports cars with more than 2 axles, but if they do I'm awfully tempted to model a (deactivated, museum quality but drivable) tank. I literally just want a tank because I want to drive something that will not lose the headlights to the first pair of zombies I "see" on the highway.
  11. Oh hang on I misread what you were quoting, thought you meant they should be cold in those conditions.
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