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  1. Having tried it again I remember now why I never had auto-zoom on, to the point I forgot it existed. It's super annoying on foot, I'd rather an option to only have it while driving.
  2. Doesn't do that for me. Is there a setting for it?
  3. This problem was solved in 1997. Automatically zoom out and shunt the camera view ahead of the car when you're driving, distance proportional to how fast you're going. All we need to be able to see at any given moment is our stopping distance. No minimaps needed, and besides, having played with minimap mods to give me a heads up for sudden corners, I can tell you it creates as many problems as it solves when you have to take your eyes off the road in order to see where you're going.
  4. lol I just died to exactly this 5 minutes into a fresh game. Spotted by 2 zombies, knocked one on the ground and went to take a swing at the other, only my dude decided having a go at the grounded zombie's shins was vitally important compared to the one actively trying to bite him. One lacerated torso later and here we are.
  5. You still get the hotbar switch speed boost if you assign weapons/tools to it from the inventory menu and use the radial wheel to swap. Only thing you can't do with the controller right now is assign items from the hotbar menu itself.
  6. It "almost" works, in that if you double pull the trigger fast enough your char will start the sprint anim, but will immediately stop since it doesn't register holding the trigger as anything other than jogging right now. They're working on a full revamp of the controller config for a future build right now so we're probably not to expect anything other than upkeep fixes for the current controller code until it's done, since all that work will be thrown out eventually.
  7. Copy Rust's building grade system. Walls of upgradable material, with the lowest level basically serving as a blueprint. Extremely cheap and quick to build and offering basically no durability, before being upgraded with whatever materials and skills you have available once you're happy with the design. Twig/Thatch -> Wood -> Stone/Brick -> Metal. Feels a bit more "in universe" than having a holographic building outline.
  8. It's a boonie hat, bonnie is a common enough misspelling you'll still get results for it, but it's still a misspelling.
  9. Seconding more autoswitch if it's an action that can actually injure you if you don't use a tool.
  10. Which one do you think would lose the least detail as a low poly game model? I was thinking of a real museum piece, ww2/cold war, can have whatever really. Sherman or a T-34.
  11. I'm glad someone made a thread of this because I don't know enough about trucks to do it justice. +1 for more vehicles and especially larger vehicles in the base game. I don't know if the engine supports cars with more than 2 axles, but if they do I'm awfully tempted to model a (deactivated, museum quality but drivable) tank. I literally just want a tank because I want to drive something that will not lose the headlights to the first pair of zombies I "see" on the highway.
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