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  1. In earlier versions (waaaay back) the game's tutorial was a rather short, skippable story with you as a husband trying to care for his wife, whose leg was broken. It lasted a few days and guided you through the basics of looting, barricading a building, etc. The dev's blog has said repeatedly that they are eventually going to bring that back. But I don't think there's ever going to be a big expansive story.
  2. It looks like some of these changes are things that RH4DB4 made mods for. Out of curiosity, did you fold his changes into the main game?
  3. On most playthroughs, I usually happen to be soundly asleep when the helicopter arrives, and sleep through almost the entirety of it. The first time this happened I was horrified, thinking for sure that the first floor would be utterly swarming with zeds. But no, it actually seems like being asleep completely negates the effects of the helicopter. I feel like the ideal solution would be for it to attract all the zeds as it normally does, but to also immediately wake you up no matter what.
  4. I noticed this too! It's so overpowered with slow weapons that I stopped using it because it felt so cheesey, though.
  5. I prefer to play my games, not the other way around
  6. If you play in full-screen on a mac you cannot alt-tab out of the game. I have found that there is a workaround, though, in case anyone else is suffering from this. It's pretty counter-intuitive. Use these options instead: Full-screen: NO Borderless Window: NO This will give you a small window, but you can then press the green "maximize" button in the top-left corner of the window and it will go to full-screen mode. You will then be able to use alt+tab and ctrl+arrows like you normally would.
  7. How feasible would it be to make 'special' containers that have really, really good weight reduction but only accept certain types of items? Something like a bandolier that only accepts ammo, or a first aid kit that only accepts medical supplies, or a three-ring binder that only accepts maps and sheets of paper. It seems like a good way to de-clutter your inventory list, and simulate the efficiency that such containers give you in real life.
  8. This is true for everything except water and gasoline. Those do change weight depending on how full they are. The discrepancy does, I suppose, make a bit of sense because gasoline and water are pretty darn heavy, particularly in the amounts you would be using. The other liquid multi-use objects, like disinfectant, are so small that the weight difference wouldn't be too significant.
  9. I didn't select it because I was afraid it might crash my game or something
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/ectgkp/water_bottles/ Many people are reporting that water bottles and other liquid containers stop behaving the way they are supposed to after a few uses. It sounds like they start to behaving more like other multiple use objects like lighters and meals that have a static weight. PS - This seems like a good idea to reiterate my desire for all multiple-use objects to have dynamic weight based on how much is left in them. PPS - It would also be great if there were a "total weight" column in the inventory menu, so if you're holding several copies of the same item you can see how much all of them weigh as a group, rather than the weight of just one of them.
  11. Well, that's just the paper, you need a pen or pencil, too. I guess now that I think about it more, it would be unfair if the writing utensils didn't weigh anything at all. Still it just seems like just a bit too much. To get to the UI you have to actually manipulate the object itself. What I'm envisioning is a "notes" button that sits on the screen that you can click to open up a notes menu, provided that a notebook is somewhere in your inventory. It seems like a tiny difference but I really think it would change notes from being something I never use to something I use all the time. EDIT: Actually ignore everything I just said: The REAL reason I don't use it as a checklist is because I don't want to have to re-write the names of every single book in the game every time I boot up the game. So here is the ACTUAL solution to my problem: Make the player spawn with a checklist with the names of all the books in the game, so that you can open it up and erase/scratch out the name of each book as you find them. Now THAT is a good idea for a mod.
  12. You do have to have the IWBUMS beta branch enabled in the steam settings, though. Otherwise you'll be stuck in build 40, which is almost a completely different game.
  13. 0.2 Isn't that insignificant, and every second counts! I wish having a notebook enabled a "notes" UI gizmo sort of like how a watch enables the clock UI gizmo.
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