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  1. Problem with the loot distribution table causes Chevalier Nyala, a standard type car, to spawn with sports type spare tires and batteries in its trunk.
  2. to reproduce 1. Have a kettle filled with water (I was using a kettle, probably not important) 2. Have an empty saucepan, that is damaged 3. Right click on the kettle and select pour into saucepan 4. When the saucepan fills up it will also be fully repaired
  3. Windows 10 1. Play the game 2. Open Steam in-game overlay (shift-tab is the default, I believe) 3. Alt-tab out to the desktop or a different program 4. Try to alt-tab back into PZ. You can hear the game still running but you cannot get back in, forcing you to terminate the program.
  4. You need to use a lua script. Luckily DarkSlayerEX already made one. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=566115016 Basically you require his mod which gives you a new syntax that is really easy to use.
  5. I believe that's if it's in a coffin underground. I'm sure if a body was left in the woods it would be picked clean by animals pretty quickly. Then again, it may be that animals don't dare touch zombie remains.
  6. I think the best thing to do is to find a mod that seems similar to what you want to do, copy it, and use that as a template for your own mod. Keep changing things in it until it is yours. When it comes to programming I find that the the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to learn is to pick a goal (add a new item) and accomplish it in the laziest possible way. Seriously. Copying and tweaking is how humans, and most animals, actually learn new skills and ideas. If you've never programmed anything before at all, however, I recommend going through a few free interactive tutorials on code academy. It really doesn't matter which language you choose, the principals carry over between languages. That said, you should do HTML, and then either Java, JavaScript, or some version of C.
  7. Those weird strings are called GUIDs. The idea is that it is so astronomically improbable that anyone could ever generate the same GUID as someone else, ever, anywhere, throughout human history and until the sun explodes, that you can very safely assume that they will be unique from all others in your game or application. There are websites that will generate one for you.
  8. I think you add an extra xml file with a new name that adds new things or overwrites old ones. There was a thread about this a short while back
  9. Isn't there a way to add .off files?
  10. It looks like some of these changes are things that RH4DB4 made mods for. Out of curiosity, did you fold his changes into the main game?
  11. On most playthroughs, I usually happen to be soundly asleep when the helicopter arrives, and sleep through almost the entirety of it. The first time this happened I was horrified, thinking for sure that the first floor would be utterly swarming with zeds. But no, it actually seems like being asleep completely negates the effects of the helicopter. I feel like the ideal solution would be for it to attract all the zeds as it normally does, but to also immediately wake you up no matter what.
  12. I prefer to play my games, not the other way around
  13. If you play in full-screen on a mac you cannot alt-tab out of the game. I have found that there is a workaround, though, in case anyone else is suffering from this. It's pretty counter-intuitive. Use these options instead: Full-screen: NO Borderless Window: NO This will give you a small window, but you can then press the green "maximize" button in the top-left corner of the window and it will go to full-screen mode. You will then be able to use alt+tab and ctrl+arrows like you normally would.
  14. How feasible would it be to make 'special' containers that have really, really good weight reduction but only accept certain types of items? Something like a bandolier that only accepts ammo, or a first aid kit that only accepts medical supplies, or a three-ring binder that only accepts maps and sheets of paper. It seems like a good way to de-clutter your inventory list, and simulate the efficiency that such containers give you in real life.
  15. This is true for everything except water and gasoline. Those do change weight depending on how full they are. The discrepancy does, I suppose, make a bit of sense because gasoline and water are pretty darn heavy, particularly in the amounts you would be using. The other liquid multi-use objects, like disinfectant, are so small that the weight difference wouldn't be too significant.
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