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  1. I just think that if you were making a list of ways to make a tshirt dirty, the first item on that list would be "leave it on a shambling, diseased, rotting corpse for several days or weeks". There's no amount of dirt, grease, grime, sweat, vomit, or shit you could possibly cake onto my clothes that would make them less desirable to wear than letting a zombie wear them for even a minute.
  2. You can only see the condition in the vehicle context menu but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't affected by normal lamps. You'd have to test though, I'm not confident either way. But I did notice that the lightbulbs that died first for me were very low condition when I first put them in my lamps
  3. The ISContext Lua files in media/client/ISUI deal with all that stuff
  4. I can't find anything in the code. It might just be in the Java with no way for us to access it via lua. Perhaps you could try changing the item lighbulb to have MaxCondition = 1500 ?
  5. Oh yea, that. I always thought that was weird, especially since the lamps you find in the world don't ever need to be replaced
  6. Is it possible to make the game reload xml files whenever the player enables/disables a mod that changes them? Right now it only seems to reload lua files and txt scripts.
  7. Clothes that you find on zombies should always be 100% dirty
  8. I'm quite certain I didn't accidentally destroy it myself. I have a backup from earlier to do a side-by-side. Before leaving on a looting trip: after returning:
  9. So you want to lower the amount of power they drain from a generator?
  10. Zombies are biting me but it does no damage, makes no sound, and my character doesn't react. I am carrying a large flashlight in my primary hand, a duffelbag in my right, and a hiking bag on my back (with two attachment points from that mod). I am also have an "Extremely Heavy Load" moodle.
  11. Perhaps, but it might be realism. I feel like it would be exceedingly difficult to light a molotov cocktail using a match in one hand.
  12. One thing I've learned is that whenever you change xml files you need to quit and reboot the game for the changes to show up. You probably knew that already, but it really threw me for a loop because it seemed like no matter what I changed it didn't affect anything in the game, when really I just wasn't actually loading the changes
  13. Do you want to make it You're welcome! Do you want the lamps to work even if they aren't linked to a power source?
  14. Here's another anecdote: I got infected with "Never", took antibiotics, and then the moodle went away. However, it came back, so I took another round of antibiotics to make it go away. It came back a third time and this time I had no antibiotics so I died. I wish I could try again and see if 1. Taking a third round would have been enough to save me 2. Taking two rounds back to back, rather than waiting for the infection to regain strength, would have cured me permanently
  15. I discovered a trick to get more out of gas runs. It's probably common knowledge, though, since it's quite easy to stumble into it. 1. In your main inventory, have as many fuel cans as you can possibly hold 2. Fill them all up at the pump. Don't set any of them down. 3. Your character will always be able to fill up an empty canister even after you've far exceeded your normal weight capacity. 4. Hop into your car and drive back to base. This lets you carry as much fuel as you have empty canisters regardless of how much cargo space you actually have in your trunk. I don't do it anymore because it feels like cheating, but it's a good trick.
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