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  1. Oh btw have you looked up how much mice cost these days? I wanted to Treat Myself to a good mouse and literally couldn't find anything over $15 USD that didn't also look like voltron's codpiece. She won't use it only for one game, there will almost certainly come a time when it will be nice to have a mouse.
  2. The two-finger thing works for bringing up menus but it doesn't work for combat because you need to be able to press both mouse buttons at the same time. OP, here's how you do it: You can re-map the "aim button" function of RMB to a keyboard key, but for some odd reason it can't be just any key. My memory is foggy but I think you can make it control, option, or command but not any generic letter key. Play around with it; if it doesn't work try mapping it to a different key.
  3. Also can you make sleeping a queued action instead of an immediate interrupt action? I often would like to queue this up: read book to completion > eat dog food > smoke cigarette > take antidepressants > sleep But you can't tell him to sleep because he will stop whatever he's doing and go straight to bed right then and there. This is a bit frustrating because it really is a natural thing to put at the very end of your to-do list, and it's a very long activity so you don't need good reflexes if you want to stop fast forwarding right after it finishes.
  4. So there are a couple of menu options that have caused my player to give himself a really nasty deep wound or two on several occasions. The first is a pair of similarly named actions that are immediately next to each other in the list: "Remove glass shards" and "Pick up glass shards". If you choose "pick up glass shards" there's basically a 50/50 chance that your guy is going to crawl through a broken window and lacerate his thigh in an attempt to get to the glass shards that you've told him to pick up. The second stems from the fact that it is quite easy to forget that you don't have your main weapon equipped, which is all well and good until you decide to "Smash Rear Left Window" and your dude confidently hefts his own elbow and pile drives a nice fat shard of laminated glass directly into his basilic vein. So my suggestion is, if your guy is barehanded, make it so the action is "Smash window with bare hands" or something similar to remind the player that they should probably re-equip their weapon first. Or maybe even make it like a nested menu where it's "Smash window with bare hands" > "Confirm" to really put the onus on the player. Thanks guys!
  5. Can we still read the first page of a book that is too high? I find that to be an incredibly convenient way to remind myself which books I already have. If not can you provide the player with some new mechanic to "flag" all copies of an item with some special flair that we see in the inventory menu?
  6. It's hard to imagine anything more disgusting to wear than a pair of clothes that's been on a rotting corpse for, at best, three full days in the middle of a Kentucky summer.
  7. Not sure if this is intentional, but none of the containers in the school's infirmary provide any medical supplies. One of them occasionally has like a pen and rubber band in it but that's it.
  8. Uh oh I hope they haven't "fixed" that. What you're describing should work. Are you totally positive you're reading the correct book and that you have indeed reached the required level?
  9. Same here. Oddly enough the one game that didn't corrupt was the one where I had gotten infected and was bleeding out
  10. lol, what I meant to say is I'd pick up and move a set of washer/dryers to wherever I want to put them in the house, rather than rely on the current position of the existing set. I'm sure this has already been tried, of course, but who knows maybe the people who have had issues have only tried to make the existing set work.
  11. The way it seems to work now is that a new show is released at those times, but won't actually start playing until the 30-minute window that you turn to its channel. So if you turn to a new channel at 10:00am you'll hear the full program, but if you had instead turned to that channel at 9:50 you'd only catch the last ten minutes of it. If there's another in the area though it will start the show whether you can see it or not.
  12. I'm lucky, for work I got the latest and greatest 2019 Pro. The harddrive is the default but everything else is the upgraded version
  13. It's really inconsistent. Sometimes it works fine, other times I try clicking as fast as I can like 10 times in a row and nothing happens. It would be funny if it was a computer speed thing. What year/model macbook are you using?
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