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  1. Nice!! Do you have any plans to finally deprecate Hot and Cold Cuppas? Hot Drinks have fully supplanted cuppas at this point. Cuppas don't utilize the temperature system properly, and they have a tiny fraction of the caffeine that was in its ingredients. At this point they exist only as a pitfall for less experienced players.
  2. this is from memory so the names of some options might be slightly different ("properties" might be "settings", etc.) 1. go to your games library 2. right click on Project Zomboid 3. click properties -- properties window appears --- 4. click on "betas" tab 5. select the "IWBUMS" option from the version dropdown menu -- steam will then download and re-install the new version of the game -- 7. start the game as you normally would
  3. I think something like "Silly" or "Just for Fun" would be good for mods like these: Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Van
  4. Interesting! Thanks for answering, I've been wondering about that for awhile.
  5. But I agree, it is weird how many different systems there are for handling quantities. We have one system for drainable items, one for edible items, and another for finite but multi-use items, like chipped stones. There may be more, too that I'm not aware of or am forgetting.
  6. But in real life those things do, in fact, have negligible quantities of macro nutrients. Salt, especially. Salt has no caloric content whatsoever, it is a tiny two-atom molecule, Sodium Chloride, and the chemical bond between those atoms is not one that our bodies can break down for energy. Remoulade, on the other hand...
  7. I'm pretty sure I slaughter zeds by the thousands with fire, but then I look at my kill count and it's barely in the triple digits. I'd like to know how many of my friends and neighbors I've laid to rest.
  8. Oh I see now. I thought you were saying that it was rounding to two digits, but that the numbers it was getting were inconsistent. I get this for tire pressure all the time
  9. I think I can help clarify The very beginning of the animation dramatically slows you down for a few frames. It's definitely long enough to get you killed if you get surprised, and is unskippable. It should have the same walk speed as normal walking, but right now it has the same walk speed as aiming. Also it should end instantaneously if the player starts running, like all the other inventory actions like smoking, unpacking, or eating. Pretty sure this also happens when your character pumps a shotgun after reloading
  10. The episodes don't always give the same amount. If you open the xml you will see that most episodes give "6" xp but a few give more.
  11. Using the item name would also make it so you could put more things on the list that have the same name, since right now there are several items that are distinct yet share the same display name. Getting around this restriction for the purposes of modding is pretty awkward.
  12. I just think that if you were making a list of ways to make a tshirt dirty, the first item on that list would be "leave it on a shambling, diseased, rotting corpse for several days or weeks". There's no amount of dirt, grease, grime, sweat, vomit, or shit you could possibly cake onto my clothes that would make them less desirable to wear than letting a zombie wear them for even a minute.
  13. You can only see the condition in the vehicle context menu but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't affected by normal lamps. You'd have to test though, I'm not confident either way. But I did notice that the lightbulbs that died first for me were very low condition when I first put them in my lamps
  14. The ISContext Lua files in media/client/ISUI deal with all that stuff
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