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  1. Wow a Dev response! Thanks for the reply, at least now we know that Semi Trucks is gonna be a thing in the future. Keep up with the constant updates! This game so far has been great!
  2. The Livestock! That one I forgot to add below the Grain Trailer, but yea. Super useful if you have a Truck. They could haul so many Cows(Or people/Zombies). For Combinations like B Doubles, I don't know if the game could handle it yet since I've seen comments that the game could only handle 2 Axled cars. Though in the future or maybe in Build 42 when more axles are possible, and if its legal in the State of Kentucky, Turnpike Doubles should be a super rare thing.
  3. Those things will be so useful. But you have to know how to operate those things if you want to actually use them. Car Carriers could also become collectors of broken down vics that you want to salvage.
  4. A Sherman would be more realistic and this is in Knox county, am sure there is a Pedestal with a Sherman tank somehwere there in real life. And its very boxy and easy to create. M4A1(76)W HVSS Sherman
  5. What tank is that gonna be? Those old National Guard M60A1s or something super old like the US Army Korean War Era M41 Walker Bulldog?
  6. TRUCKS Since this is set in America, this should have one of the most iconic things America has, and it is its long nosed Diesel semi trucks. These trucks would have a lot of use for players that wants to live the travelling nomad life, they would be safe in a large truck with a Sleeper behind.(A Sleeper is a the part of the truck where Truckers sleep, eat and entertain themselves). It would also give a lot of utility to communities if the time ever comes to Multiplayer where large groups of players have banded together with NPCs. These trucks could be their lifeline in suppli
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