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  1. Aren't burgers, unlike sandwiches, can be cooked for extra nutrition even if they don't have any dangerous ingredients?
  2. Google the motorcycle helmet pics, it was never covering the neck
  3. Title. Just hovering over the tile with the battery charger causes errors, approximately 60 per second.
  4. Hey, so it looks like not any mods at fault, it might be something to do with my current world being started at 41.53. I created two worlds today to test it with the same mods I have in my current run, and TVs have the VHS slot. Can someone, who started their world at 41.53 confirm it?
  5. Looks like one of the mods somehow disables the "tape" slot in the tv, or the tvs that have spawned in the 41.53 version are somehow different. At first I thought it's the VHS mod but turning it off did nothing
  6. Title. Same goes for zombies that are on the different floor.
  7. Before the animation update it used to be just 3 items — top, bottom, and shoes, but now, in the late game, you can have up to 15 pieces of clothing equipped at once and it bloats up the inventory tab. Would it be possible to make a separate tab as with the key ring?
  8. With high level of cooking you're allowed to add parts of rotten food into the dishes, if you make a fruit salad from cherries it will weight 0.0 which makes your carry weight "nan/16" and it stays that way until you pour it to the ground as you can't throw it away or eat it as it has no nutrition.
  9. Most likely a bug, you can only climb it from the one side. And player built walls are also climbable for some reason.
  10. Had same thing, helmet getting removed and scratch on the head in one hit
  11. Hello, turns out that the item that stays inside the corpse will disappear when you try to loot it or will disappear and show an error if you try to interact with it, like drink water from the bottle, so it's more like a visual bug but still a bug.
  12. So I accidentally found a duplication bug, to repeat you must put an item in the corpse ( or having some clothing on it ), then pick up the corpse and while you're picking it up ( filling green bar ) drag an item from its inventory on the floor / into your inventory, then you will have said item on the floor / in your inventory AND inside the corpse
  13. So if there's a zombie resting on the other side of the window second zombie will endlessly play the climbing animation and won't move to the other side
  14. 1070: audible breathing from idling zeds Currently zombies are completely silent unless they see you, I thing they should make at least some sound to be able to recognize when there's someone right behind the door
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