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  1. Most likely a bug, you can only climb it from the one side. And player built walls are also climbable for some reason.
  2. Had same thing, helmet getting removed and scratch on the head in one hit
  3. Hello, turns out that the item that stays inside the corpse will disappear when you try to loot it or will disappear and show an error if you try to interact with it, like drink water from the bottle, so it's more like a visual bug but still a bug.
  4. So I accidentally found a duplication bug, to repeat you must put an item in the corpse ( or having some clothing on it ), then pick up the corpse and while you're picking it up ( filling green bar ) drag an item from its inventory on the floor / into your inventory, then you will have said item on the floor / in your inventory AND inside the corpse
  5. So if there's a zombie resting on the other side of the window second zombie will endlessly play the climbing animation and won't move to the other side
  6. 1070: audible breathing from idling zeds Currently zombies are completely silent unless they see you, I thing they should make at least some sound to be able to recognize when there's someone right behind the door
  7. Game thinks that you're inside the building and cuts the corners while you're outside and looking at that door on the bottom, location is the warehouse near the church in Muldraugh
  8. Have something similar, I was playing normal yesterday but when I tried to load my game today my character spawned in the same spot where I spawned for the first time, with default inventory and default stats, world stayed the same
  9. 874. I think someone already suggest it before, but what about blocking doors with the furniture so no one can open them from the other side? IIRC doors are always open in one direction.
  10. 847: DVD players and discs which can help you learn different skills when tv broadcasts ain't working anymore.
  11. 826. Pushing the furniture without picking it up on the nearby tile.
  12. How about small chance to get zombies broke legs, or even dying from falling down from 2+ floors?
  13. Will you fix that weird lightning glitch?
  14. How about recipe for metal bars? It's extremely rare to find it.
  15. How do I barricade windows with metal bars? How many of them do i need? It's very rare item, can I obtain it with scavenging?
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