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  1. I'm using an Xbox one joypad, everything runs well but when the battery is low it just goes off without any alert. Does anyone has the same problem?
  2. Ok, my char is eating junk food (=only what remains after 6 months apocalypse), but in winter farming and foraging are barely impossible. Also I've tried running more and selecting the less calorie dense food, but without vegetables it can only grow ... 28.03 update Eating only potatoes for 5 days, always 121 kg.... At least it doesn't grow ...😒
  3. I think that in the apocalypse it would be very strange to get fat... My character spend all the day walking and fighting and he continues to gain weight ...there's something wrong.
  4. I've also noticed that sugar directly eat doesn't brings sadness and thirst, that's a bit strange 😅
  5. Stefano

    Mascot Mayhem

    ...or door opening
  6. Hi, I've noticed that with the controller it is not possible to open doors with the guard ready. With the keyboard it is possible to hold right mouse button and press E to open (ready to push left mouse button to hit), but, with gamepad, if I press A, it isn't possible to ready the guard with right stick and hit before the zombie attacks. Already tested and already got bitten.
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