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  1. Strenght and Fittnes are two stats that are very hard to grow. They take a huge ammount of time and training to develop and I see why. PZ is commited to bring some realism to their game mechanics. That is why i propouse a more fractionate level progress. For exemple: the way it is now, with STR 5, you can carry 12 and with STR 6 you jump to 14 carrying weight. I think there should be more Levels and their gains less exorbitant. Lets assume there is 20 lvl of STR, and the deafult character starts on lvl 10 instead of lvl 5 on each of these stats. The progression would be more smooth along the time, cuz level 11 in STR, the character would be able to lift 13 (and we all know how important 1 or 2 kilos in carying weight limit in PZ is) But it doesn't has to be 20 LVLs of each. It could be 40 for exemple, so the progression feels even more natural. Each new level adds 0.5 to total carry capacity. It could be 80 LVLS - each lvl adds 0.25 carrying capacity. The same would apply to the Fitness Stats. Also, it would be nice to have a decay game mechanic - Character keeps sedentary, stops working out: Strenght and Fittnes starts to drop, just as it is IRL. (I know its a lot to ask but, hell, we have a nutrition mechanic! this should be ok to add :D) I know that it would demand a refactory of the in-game mechanics and formulas. But still, we could feel way more this personal development in our characters.
  2. Due to the isometric perspective, when you are top left and there is a long wall bottom right you can't tell what lies along this wall only if you get close, so that the transparency effect goes on. It would be great if when in combat mode (RMB) the isometric cursor could reveal what lies on these tiles, since you are actively scanning along the area. Many times I thought that there were no zombies in a street along a high wooden wall, but as soon as I got close, they were all sitting along the wall This will prevent some perspective exploit when MP comes out.
  3. I seems so unrealistic to me reading in full darkness. Should be a minimum light level that reading could occur. This would make candles, matches, lighters, handtorches even more useful for those moments when you wake up at 2 am fully rested. When the light level is not matched, the reading action should be suspended if it was already on progress. (Also, would be nice to have a handtorch+book animation while sit. Not necessary, but would be cool)
  4. Agreed. I think number 2 will fit better, IRL when we are driving at high speed, we tend to focus at what is further away than the things that are close to us, so I think this option fits well. I just don't know how it would play out when we are at high speed and take a curve... can't actually understand what motion this camera pan solution would play out. I tend to imagine it would feel kinda cranky, don't know.
  5. Eager to see this search mode and these shaders for headgear!! Reduced vision radius for using a welder mask or motorcycle helmet would be cool, gray/sepia shade for using sunglasses, and if the Short sighted trait made things blurry if not using glasses it would be awesome! Hope you guys fix the sound bug of some zombies that keep groaning even after their deaths!
  6. happened to me too. almost died from this air shove. i think i was with sprinting with alt and tried to do a ground attack. the character shoved nothing instead. Happened more than once in my game
  7. I was hit by a lunge fence attack, but after the stagger animation, my character kept walking towards the zombies without my input. I was with RMB pressed, and the character didn't even rised his weapon... just walked right straight to the zeds. I think that happened because before i was hit, i was tring to rush and hit the zed on the ground before the lunge. Also, i've noticed some delay when trying to hit zeds that 'activated' the lunge attack. Many times i've tryied to stomp them and they seem to slip away from my hit quite easily .
  8. i`m a wrist clock horader. But every time i see a clock with an alarm on a corpse and i click the Set Alarm option to disable it, the window pops out and close right after. The clock is transfered to the character main inventory and only there i can set it of. I've noticed that if the alarm window is opened and the player moves, the window closes as well (that is quite annoying. I believe anyone can press some button on a clock while they walk). I think this issue happens (the pop up and close alarm window) because the player normaly faces the corpse to interact with their loot. So as you can't move and set an alarm at the same time, the window just blinks. Please, make the window stay while the player moves
  9. >> Also, the sound effect of the moanings ends suddenly. Think this issue happens more often when i finish the zeds while they are laying down. >> Something weired happend that i almost lost my character: I think i've just hit a zombie and as soon as it started to fall, i forced a ground attack with ALT key, and my character played that "push away zombie" animation - the one that happens when he shoves off a zombie that almost bite or land a hit. But there were no zombie trying to bite me at that moment. He shoved nothing, the air, away as the zombie was already on the floor. Other zeds were coming and i they almost grabbed me. >> Sometimes i get stuck in place when moving items between containers. Pressing WASD wont cancel the action and the player just change its direction. >> Storms supress weapon hit sounds. >> Right Click a sink and clicking wash Dirty Bandage doesn't seem to work if the dirty bandage is stowed in a backpack. Need to manualy put in the general inventory to work >> Don't know if this one is intentional: sometimes when i shove when aiming with a firearm, my character stops moving. lost a few characters this way, already >> Other thing that i've noticed... Why a Drumstick weights 3.0? is this weight right?
  10. same just happened to me. as soon as that happened, i've exited the game. I'll send you the console file to see whats wrong console.txt
  11. same here... crashing after the Indie Stone Logo at startup... the wierd thing is that i was able to play today earlier... but after a crash in game, it didn't even launch anymore console.txt I also run the game Vanilla
  12. It would be nice to have an option in sanbox where the zombie infection is only possible through saliva. This would mean that scratches and lacerations would have 0% chance to mortally infect the player but bite is still fatal.
  13. I've already lost 3 magazines fully loaded when trying to fix my 9mm handgun. A possible fix, and a more realistic one should be implement weapon parts. The same way we can dismantle eletronic devices, we should be able to dismantle ranged weapons for its parts and use them to fix another weapon. Just make sure the magazine and other attachments aren't lost forever in this process
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