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  1. release MP mode by my bday please, Nov 14, thanks in advance
  2. I said that in March..
  3. Minnigin

    Winter Warmer

    happy holidays TIS! Glad I've been with you guys since (nearly) the beginning
  4. Advanced member.. His name..
  5. Minnigin

    Super Survivors!

    you can literally command them to relax so they won't re-apply the bandages
  6. well I don't see anything about TEA heading the anims project in the posts from 2 years ago, so no I don't see those posts
  7. from the sound of it, pretty soon.
  8. if you're looking for iron just make a smelter and melt the various iron things you come across, make a fire suit though trust me unless you like random face burns also you can use a pickaxe to mine faster/get better stuff edit : I think holding a shovel works like a lighter tier pickaxe, i may be incorrect though
  9. found another bloo in a vending machine
  10. yes that's it, dated Feb 2016
  11. If that's true then that makes me sad.. always wanted a 7 days to die bunker base in my zomboid game
  12. you don't need pump power anymore, it's an in-game setting now. Allow generators to power exterior cells or whatev it says
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