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  1. Firesuit Proof 12 Water Issues

    I'll try to do that and find the owner of this bug, Thanks a lot for the attention!! Minnigin, thank you for saying, next game I'll do that !! ^^
  2. Firesuit Proof 12 Water Issues

    Mods: PumpPower Update! - Movable Working Furniture - Chip a Stone - CheatMenu - Craft Helper Mod - Forage Fix - Missing Weapons Models - AIZ Enhanced 2 - Food Expiration Date and Bar - More Traits - NecroForge - SoulFlicher's Building Time - Wilhelm's Wilderness Improvements - Dub's Proffession - Items Spawn on the Floor - ORGM - ORGM Silencer/Suppressor Mod - ORGM Extreme - Crematorium - Blacksmith - Vehicle Tweark API - Bigger Trunks Space - SoulFlicher's Driving Time.
  3. Firesuit Proof 12 Water Issues

    I did what you asked and the 12 Water issue still not working, and the bug of Clay Cauldron still up, it desappeared from the inventory when I tried to put water in it... A red counter also appeared in the bottom right of the screem, just to inform.
  4. Firesuit Proof 12 Water Issues

    Yep, tried to have 12 Water Bottle in inventory too... Also, something else happened too, I think there's a bug when we try to put water in Clay Cauldron it disappear from the inventory. Since you are here I'm not wasting this chance of saying that you guys did an absolutely amazing great work with this mod. Wish the best for everyone in the project. ^^
  5. Firesuit Proof 12 Water Issues

    I was going so well without using NF T.T
  6. Firesuit Proof 12 Water Issues

    I need some help with the craft process of Fireproof Suit: It shows that I need 12 units of water and I have a lot of water and the water won't show in the craft list. Help please, and sorry for my poor english ><