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  1. I'd like to see that too, especially with the idea of the keys. It would mean you would have to kill an unknown amount of zeds before you found it. When the new uniforms/clothes make it into the game this key could spawn on prison guards. Or maybe even being able to get through the door with a propane torch and high enough metalworker stats. On a side note, I'd also love to see riot police zeds, with helmets and armour who would be really hard to kill. maybe put these near the gun room?
  2. 350. I like the durability of objects in the game. What do people think of if weapons (bats, axes etc) had a small chance of breaking before the durability reached 0. It would add an element of uncertainty and an extra challenge, where you have a bat with 50% durability and get cocky taking on a group of zombies. It then suddenly breaks. EDIT 351. This might already exist in the game, so please correct me as I rarely use firearms, but having guns able to randomly jam/misfire. Perhaps linked to the 'reload' skill, which would reduce the chance of putting a round in incorrectly, particularly when panicked. Possibly also linked to if the gun gets wet, the ammo is more likely to not work. Also if we are running/walking with a gun in our primary and are highly panicked, the very small chance of our character firing a shot by mistake (perhaps also linked to a 'clumsy' trait). This would bring an added threat of alerting zeds, and mean we would more likely store the gun in our inventory.
  3. 349. Make 'Plank Piles' with rope, the same way as making 'Log Piles'
  4. 348. Add crawling zombies (the ones that don't die after you knock them down and lunge when you walk past them) to the world on day 1. Some zombies are already dead when the game starts, and could pose a threat if they had a chance to actually be crawlers. EDIT Particularly the ones we find in houses with all the loot. If they are in a small room and we just walk in and rush over to the corpse, hoping to find some nice loot we could get a nasty suprise
  5. Thanks Zorak, I haven't been to those areas yet so will check it out when I next play. I just didn't fancy running all that way south or west to find just forests.
  6. Bump. Does anybody know the answer to the above?
  7. Thanks for the map update. Can someone please confirm if I need to start a new game to see these? Or if on my current playthough these areas are now added? Thanks in advance.
  8. 1) This happens to me a lot. I've always thought it strange how the zombies don't set off the alarm 2) I agree this would make sense, but I guess it adds an extra challenge to the game and make entering buildings always have that element of fear that one may go off 3) I'd like to see that. Maybe an electrical box on each house/street we could dismantle with the electrician trait, that would turn off lights and alarms on that house/street. Maybe even overright the alarm system so when you enter a house, it gives off a quiet beeping that alerts nearby zed's, then after say 10 beeps/seconds it sets the full alarm off. We would then have 10 seconds to find the alarm in the house and dismantle it with electrician skill, maybe with faster dismantling depending on your skill level in electrical.
  9. Wraith, nice list. I would love to see these in the game. For the ones in blue, where have they been announced as planned? Drug dealer would be a nice one, as I hope to see them bring drugs into the game for roleplaying purposes, possibly linked to the new system where you have a chance of spawning with an injury, but perhaps now spawning with a drug dependency and would need to find these drugs or risk having withdrawal penalties. EDIT Handyman would also be a nice profession. One that gave you minor buffs for carpentry, mechanic and electrican
  10. I didnt know this. Thanks for letting us know. I'll test it out at some point soon. EDIT: Just found this thread which explains how to place the water barrel: And I agree with the OP. It would be a nice function to have plumbing in the game.
  11. 343. Please fix the water dispenser. I used to be able to move this and take water from it, but now when its moved and replaced it doesn't work. 344. Ability to remove the big water bottle and replace/refill it, then place back on the water dispenser
  12. 327. Someway of highlighting which books we already have in our safehouse. I have no idea how this could be done (perhaps you could use a function similar to the yellow star when you favourite items, and this would show up on all of the same books in any location on the map), but I usually have to take a picture on my phone to remember which books I have and scan through it so I don't waste inventory space carrying back ones I already have.
  13. Id also like this. Like in The Long Dark. I love the atmospherics of that game
  14. Ocelot

    In Game Map

    blindcoder, thanks for the quick reply. I guess its not worth incorporating based on the issue you mentioned, but thanks for trying anyway.
  15. I've always left all the doors open of houses iv looted (I loot everything I will ever need from a house usually, but close the doors if I left anything in there I will need so I know to go back). Using an axe to take the door off seems a bit excessive and a waste to the axe's condition in my opinion. I agree spraypainting would be a nice idea though.
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