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  1. Epic fix list! Noice one TIS
  2. If you check back to mondoid posts around may/june 2 years ago there were similar sounds. Any news on Creative Mode?
  3. NebNebber

    Build 40 IWBUMS

    Nice! Good to see some of those quality of life additions. Great work Team
  4. Epic fix list. Good work! Looking forward to vehicles.
  5. The trouble with the screams and gunshots is that during the late game stage, 6 months to a year of survival, every house looted and crossed off the map, who the f×ck is that screaming and popping shots? Kinda breaks the immersion at that point in the game.
  6. Strange. Maybe im just so used to hearing it that my brain filled the space, il try the server again tomorrow if its still up and try to be more aware.
  7. Im fairly sure i had the Jaw stab sound, i love abit of knife crime.
  8. Other than the Zed lag, zeds seeming to stand around and not react alot the only things i noticed were due to the visible/not visible wall updates. Oh and sometimes a Zed will spawn on the roof of the gas station (roof over the pumps) i have noticed this elsewhere too. Not a bug so to speak but how did it get there?? Funny to watch it fall off, but less funny if many were to drop off the roof on you. Wall/Map bug pics... The first is certainly known as it happens where ever these porch things are but the second is in the Medical building(says dentist?) in WP main stree
  9. I usually keep a journal in SP, at the end of every month i write down what has happened, in a role play style, finnish up with a bottle of Whisky. It would be cool to leave behind somethig for others to enjoy, this is a great idea for thoses who want to share their SP experience.
  10. Its true! Building with screws makes things waay stronger than built with nails
  11. Ok maybe that was my bad for trying to join the exact same server settings as last time, but now i get the msg "No more accounts may be created for this client" ?
  12. First attempt has failed. Just verifying the game files now. Same as last time, game freezes at 'Joining game' then the not responding crash...
  13. I think its obvious enough, any more may make it look too cartoony
  14. Yeah it showed 3 people in about 30mins ago. Single player works amd iv been on redboid most of the day so im fairly sure its not my internets fault.
  15. Hmm, cant seem to connect, game freeze and 'not responding' at server join page after clicking join. Tried the above fix but no joy....
  16. NebNebber

    Gas 2 Go

    I agree, but in the oppiste sense a Mechanic should have a skill point in electrician and Metalwork, im sure most mechanics can connect a generator for example.
  17. NebNebber

    Over where?

    Sweeet! Great Mondoid thanx!
  18. Aha, good work. I had The Walking Dead Prison map mod active even tho i was living/working in West Point and had kinda forgotten it was loaded. Itl try your fix...
  19. 1504035000093 Savefile name is "15-06-2017_11-15-26_backup_backup_backup_backup" 1504035000164 Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISAnvil.lua 1504035000205 Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISBuildingObject.lua 1504035000224 Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISBSFurnace.lua 1504035000227 Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISBuildUtil.lua 1504035000247 Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISCompost.lua 1504035000272 Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISDestroyCursor.lua 1504035000314 Loading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISDoubleTileFu
  20. "Sorry, an unexpected error occurred" Instant update regret
  21. Yeah, i learned this from posting that suggestion. However for me its not spacebar as i have that set to 'ready weapon'/sneak as i find it more comfortable. I also recently learned about the 1,2,3 hot keys for equipping weapons. Funny to still learn after 300+ hours. Small but important suggestion : is there no in game maps/annotated maps avaliable for the Mall area? There should be altho iv never found one, is this considered part of West Point or does it have another name?
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