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  1. Fully updated for steam and now added to nexus mods for non steam Zomboideers, link as follows: https://www.nexusmods.com/projectzomboid/mods/31
  2. I apologize for the long period of disappearance, the past 6 months have been all over the place for me; I had to quit taking my antidepressants because of their highly unpleasant side effects which threw me for a loop, then during part of the withdrawal phase, I got shingles; which seems like the best way to describe it was like being punched by a "Saturnite Fist Super-Heated" over and over again (Woot, Big MT). Needless to say it hasn't been great for me the past while. Anywho, what I'm getting at is that since I quit anti-D's, I've been having a really hard time focusing on figuring
  3. Alrighty, I've been working on the whole of the map, adding vehicle spawns, graphical touch ups where necessary, and am finally getting the forage map built for everything outside of New Denver. Because the map encompasses 3 towns now, I'll eventually be renaming the map mod from "New Denver BC" to "Slocan Lake BC" as to make sense. Another thing I'm doing is I'll be adding Rosebery BC and Silverton BC as separate towns to spawn in, instead of having to trek to them. Anywho, The next update will take a little while because I want to make sure everything is copacetic before I release i
  4. Alrighty, vehicles have been spawning properly now but I've run into a problem with "burnt" vehicle spawns creating void spaces that have the ability to stop vehicles from driving if they go near. I followed the tutorial and all other spawns have been working properly, is this a problem on my end or a bug?
  5. I was wondering if additional parkingstall types could be added; namely: parkingstallw parkingstalle parkingstalln parkingstalls going down mainstreet in New Denver has parking down the sides of the road like this: as such, it isn't logical for cars to be parked any other direction besides the direction of traffic. In my case with the 4X3 Parkingstalls, the vehicles are spawning n,s,e,w as shown: One other thing I found is that 4x3 parking lots are too small lengthwise as parking for parking spaces, I might have to space the traffic lines out to 5x3 or 6x3 so
  6. I think they should add forklifts (specifically propane powered) around factories, mills, large businesses, and building sites. The Fork could flip cars onto their back (or right side up), or carry goods with a pallet attached. I say propane powered so that propane tanks become even more sought after; especially when the power craps out and barbecues become necessary. It would be relatively quiet and have a small turning radius, but would be slow, difficult to repair, and leave the character exposed to attack.
  7. I've been mulling this idea since the vehicles branch was released and I think I might have found a solution to having visible, interactive interiors in larger vehicles such as campers, rv's, cube trucks,semi's, etc. It's easier shown than described so I made up some screenshots: For gits and shigs; lets say this is a camper And I want to setup or lock down the vehicle I would have to park inside a highlighted area that I would select either left to right or up to down so the interior could be properly generated Now that I am parked inside the highligh
  8. Silverton has just been added; the last of the expansions, it lies south of New Denver. Still have to add the forage map to the map but having to define over 600 map files sounds like a nightmare so I'll get to it when I can. Also haven't added the vehicle spawn system yet as I don't know how to. And yes, I still have to remove the road blocks, just having problems loading the map files with them.
  9. I compiled a bunch of suggestions I thought while playing Zomboid, and also have some questions involving upcoming features: -Dump Corpse out window, or over ledge; this seems quite vital for clearing out buildings of more than a story tall, I hate having to go up and down several flights of stairs with corpses when I could just dump them out a window and deal with them on the ground afterwards. -High enough Cooking skill = Auto timer set; This would give more insentive to increase the cooking skill so that when one puts food in the oven, an auto-time button could appe
  10. You should be able to find how to create a vegetation map here: under the title: Creating The vegetation Map Image When you're finished, name the vegetation map in your case "Basemap2_veg.bmp" without the "" and save it in the same folder as the Basemap2.bmp image. Clicking and dragging the Basemap2.bmp image on Worlded should now work.
  11. I believe you require a vegetation map first before you can drag your "Basemap2.bmp" into the cells
  12. I sent them and he showed me what was wrong; I believe I erased the wrong TMX file for Rosebery as it was trying to load Roseberymap5.TMX for the Roseberymap.TMX, them being two different animals entirely. Making Rosebery again isn't that hard, I have all the building files; just gotta drag and drop onto a new .TMX, which I've already done this morning. Frankly I see it taking no longer than a few days to get it back up to the testing and bug fix stage I left it at so long ago. Yea I had finished the map months ago, I'd just been lazy toward getting it uploaded at the time so frankly I thin
  13. In the end I say fahkeet; I'll just make Rosebery again, wont take that long.
  14. This is the code I am using for the .TMX: I open it in worlded, it shows this: Hunky Dory so far, open a cell: Cell opens fine, looks good, open that cell in tiled: No dice. It makes no sense to me. what can I possibly be doing wrong?
  15. I believe that's how the files are already arranged: I could be wrong, but then again all this is making me a little dizzy. You may have to dumb it down for me, winters always play hell on my focus. This would be great, I'll have to update the the New Denver Map Forum page eventually.
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