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  1. formoza

    Screen Shot Submission

    Well, I thought my character was some kind of a badass but yours is XD
  2. formoza

    Weather, zombie senses.

    This might be just a trick of my guts feelings, but the day I had horrible storms, rain and thunder zombies didn't notice my character running through right beside of them. they seemed to get confused by sounds of thunder, changing their direction continuously. difficulty was the first week, hardcore. it was less then a in-game week after game started. I had both perks that reduce foot sound and chance to noticed by sight. but no skill level about stealth.
  3. formoza


    Many possibilities : Sound. when it is big enough to wake your character up Nightmare. especially if your character is almost panicked and stressed after waking up Unclean sleeping room. never happened to me, but I heard items or bloods mess around sleeping place could cause stress. My suggestion is that you move your base somewhere else. redeploying your character to quiet, safer place might help.
  4. formoza

    Sleep disorder?

    Not 100%, but it worked. after I did all the day canpentry works, without facing a zombie, I rarely had this kind of event. but sometimes it happened thou. my character reached almost 1000 kills when 2 months and half past in-game. maybe that's why. or it has a basic probability of occurance, and then modified with the daytime actions.
  5. For one and half months of survival in the first week, I've saw... Storm, if it's crazy raining and wind for all 2 days long -> the body temperature dropped dramatically(Windchill), so I had to wear padded jacket and padded pants. Fog, appeared in the morning disappeared as time goes by. No snow yet as it's summer(I guess it's late summer now). Overall that was very interesting experience. narrowed sight in the storm was making me thrilled.
  6. formoza

    Sleep disorder?

    Maybe I should give my character some rest then! XD Thanks for info.
  7. formoza

    Sleep disorder?

    Hi guys, Formoza back in again. Recently I started PZ again as many improvements were made(except for NPCs). It has been good, especially with cars that help quick and efficient looting. But for the last 2 days(in game), my character is suffering from sleep disorder... first I thought it was nightmare event but now I think it's not the case. Every time my character goes into sleep at 23:30, she awakes like 2:30, with 'very nervous' moodle and 'highly stressed' moodle. there were no external events. The sleeping room is not dirty or disorganized at all, although the house is a little bit hoarded with items on floor. Also my character has a wound-broken left calf, but now she even runs around nowadays so it's not a big deal. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  8. Oh great. now I should also care about sustaining weight... in addition to keeping character not peckish. Maybe spamming potato (not potato chips!) is not recommended as well from now on. right?
  9. I agree. Expanding the list and sorting out staled ones is not funny, although it is realistic.
  10. formoza

    Zombie behaviour in 'The First Week'

    I've been playing both survival and first week mode, and mainly latter one for now as I missed adventures of pre-build 32. Anyway One thing I can assure you is that you always have to fortify and quarantine your location. Even in the first week mode, chopper's sound hovering on you can greatly threaten your security. Only a few seconds of hesitation is enough.
  11. I'm not sure if you were looking for korean translation also, but anyway I'll tell you. Korean does not have gender of the nouns. So if you use google translater, it is correct unless there is mismatch of context.
  12. formoza

    Red and Black Paint

    Adding signs would be nice. Although I've never painted my safehouse yet. Paints and plasters are too heavy...
  13. formoza

    Going to sleep...

    I agree to some extent. Sleeping in the bed should be way better than sleeping on the plastic chair.
  14. Usually I didn't use crowbar as a weapon, so I didn't care much about graphics of crowbar. but recently I started to use crowbar, to double the amount of the loot per heist, and found that crowbar is still described same as baseball bat. and I felt some kind of a disappointment. well, one could say that this matter is trivial. and I understand that the developers are working so hard on the important issues like nutrition system or NPCs. but I also want to point out that this kind of 'detail' does influence the players' satisfaction, especially when it is related to EDC items. About the other aspect, there were other weird points about the crowbars in this game. they are very durable and have same range as bat. but that's all. they are heavy, and has no additional function other than just swinging to zombies. 1. They should be able to function as the tool. spade, small hammer, big hammer, ax... they are originally designed to function as a tool. and they have other usage in-game. but the crowbars are just heavy, durable, less fatal and tiring baseball bat now. I think at least they should be able to remove barricade from the window, which only small hammer can do now. or forcing the locked door or window to open. this would cost the player's time, rather than quickly smashing it open with noise. spending time in front of the door is another type of risk, so this will give players to choose the type of risk depending on his/her situation. 2. Making it two-handed weapon should be considered. when I was in military, I had a chance to try different length of crowbars. of course my task was not swinging it at someone's head , but my first impression was that they were heavier than I thought. maybe I can swing the shortest one with one hand, but I wouldn't be able to swing the longer ones with only one hand. but in-game crowbars are one-handed weapon, and have same range as bat...
  15. formoza

    Poison berries experiment

    Seriously? Could Canned mushroom soup be poisonous? ... maybe I misunderstood the sentence. right?