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  1. Solo? Waffles. With something on it? Pancakes.
  2. Is it a bug or is it common (37.7) to find houses with no loot al all? the shelfs look like they hold items but nothing is there not in the kitchen cabinets, closets, anywhere.
  3. No Red Cross? Use a Red X!! For real now: why blue and not green?!?
  4. Oh, nice! I just found one on my first run at a house (and I didn't even chose Lucky on character creation) but couldn't really figure out because my mouse died (some weird issue with the USB port) so I had to close the game. Search the web but found nothing... Nice to know! It's probably one of those Casio watched that last forever. eh eh
  5. How does the digital watch work? Do we have to have it in the inventory or equipped? Does it run on batteries? Are there some of those spring ones? Sorry but I could not find anything on this.
  6. Got home. Going to try it. Will report any issues under Linux.
  7. Exactly the same as me: I have a plan of a diferent play style but I don't feel like putting it into action because I want that update (specially the animation update that kind of changes the fighting style of the game - has anyone seen pushing?).
  8. Any news about a new Build? I'm wearing the forum's floor for coming here so many times a day to check on news. It's also slippery because of all the drooling for the new animations.
  9. I'm more of a waffle guy but, for the PZ Universe, pancakes would win.
  10. The one thing that didn't make me particularly happy was the zoids going over fences. I think they should, sometimes, roll over after they fall. Is it just me?!?
  11. Yeah, I guess people want to rotate the map more because of the POV on some occasions. Not so much for 3D or anything. Speaking of seeing behind elements: Maybe some kind of key to toggle on and off the elements directly in from of the character (player POV, not the actual character) would help. Something (again) like in The Sims 2 where you can get some king of blueprint view of the game. As for the "right click - walk to": Thats actually a nice tip although it gets weird to play like that, sometimes. I guess the ASDW is so perfect for the game... Bottom line: this game is great and everyone just wants to make it even greater!
  12. I guess I missed that explanation. Anyway, I was just pointing out how it could be made and got sure I said that I do not know how the game is built and if it could make it possible or not. It would be awesome it if would be possible. If not, that's cool.
  13. I think the rotation people are talking about is every 90°, a little like old The Sims games or SimCity 2000. Maybe a language barrier made it less clear. Now, I'm not a programmer or anything but I believe every object on the map has a coordinate based on an XY axis. Rotating the camera every 90° would only change the + and - values (I don't think I'm crazy am I?). Don't know how much "horsepower" would take to do it though. Of course, If the game is built on other physics principals it could make it impossible to even think to rotate the map. Have you guys even tried it? Is would be SO AWESOME!!! With a compass and everything...
  14. Yes, PLEASE allow us to rotate stairs!!! It would be extremely helpful when we're building towers (it makes coming down the stairs a lot easier).
  15. So good! I almost bled to death twice in a week because of that.
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