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  1. In certain areas or the whole map? Hard way. Garbage bag...fill with infinite carry weight . Then dispose of with bury trash. That's if you are playing with Hydrocraft. If not. Hide it all in the wood. Smarter peeps would probably know how to take rotten food out of the loot tables I guess.
  2. Download the cheat mod. Infinite carry enable. Put it on the ground. Transfer the hand dolly. Then move everything out until it weighs less than 50. Problem fixed. If you put a container over 50, into another container, you won't be able to take it out.
  3. Type Base.ElectronicsMag4 in the task bar and press the anvil. Problem solved. Or sledge these garages. Always find them there. http://map.projectzomboid.com/?desc=Survival_1xL0#0.6406974838258827,0.15729675757684297,164.84466236095113
  4. Feed a hungry rabbit it disappears. Feed a rabbit hutch....it disappears.
  5. Probably someway to have the solar bank be able to run fridges. Or in combination with batteries or the battery bank. Or run a combination of things, but battery drainage base on usage. Which I'm assuming is a lot more code intensive. Reducing some of the OP items like the rabbit hutch. Maybe a limit to production per game day or week. And tie production to another skill, such as farming. Higher=more production. I think in general there is so much hydrocraft now, that people would like to see certain items fixed or the OP reduced. Rather than rushing new content every week. Regardless, I'm still in the majority that think it's a great mod and essential for long term play ability of the game right now.
  6. I believe a dev is integrating model loader in to the base game.
  7. Cheat menu, Infinite carryweight. But it in a bag. Then you can pick up anything. When you want to put it down, place the Infinite carryweight on the ground and drop the item. Then pick back up the infinite carryweight. Voila!
  8. Follow the instructional video. Back up your Zombie folder and then replace the folders in there. Unless you are on a Mac. Same thing, except it won't work if you copy whole folders. You have to do it individually.
  9. Admins can still pick them up. So that fixes that. The ability for bandits online needs to remain though. But there should be some major penalty to destroying it. Or make it heavy enough that only someone with a cart could carry 1. Just like with the safes. Should be hard to make, key only (to make them valuable) and not a large capacity. Make it combo and it turns servers in PvE. It's the apocalypse. There needs to be consequences. But not easy enough to grief with impunity.
  10. Super storage container. With organized it'll hold 1040.
  11. Word. There are 2 sides of the argument. I do like the ability of indestructible, unmoveable hydro basics. That allows players to build a community for new players on a harder world so they can sustain new players to a server, or gives incentive for said players to gain the skills to do the basics without fear of their stuff being stolen.
  12. So are they sledge able or destroyable now?. /Bandits gotta bandit. Peeps may not be able to carry it but they could sure damn break it. And if it's sledgeable...That's less room for ammo and weapons.
  13. I put one on this thread somewhere. But basically. Replace each individual file, one by one. And voila. Any other attempts will fail.
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