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  1. Second update fixed the issue here, Multiplayer seems to be working same as normal as well
  2. Game crashes on boot directly after update has been downloaded
  3. This seems like quite a solid restructuring of the development process. Good effort for sure.
  4. My mistake then, people getting bags stuck is generally a weight problem. If you're running a version that lets you open bags on the floor and its not working then its totally not the issue I assumed it was. I remember on a previous server they had an infinite weight item that might come in handy as a last resort to check if the bag is still acting as a bag at the very least.
  5. It looks like its heavier than the 50 weight limit that the player and the ground share, which would be why it cant be moved other than between containers. Since it looks like it weighs less than 65 one good workaround is to transfer the bag/wagon to a nearby container that can hold its weight, breaking the container will let it fall to the floor despite any weight restrictions and you can take items out until the bag/wagon is light enough to pick up.
  6. I can confirm after update i am now also experiencing the same sound issues with walking and such in multiplayer
  7. This server wipe is obviously a sign to update the server to IWMBS immediately for absolutely no ulterior reason. Definitely not purely for Trump's benefit alone, Trump's computer is Amazing it can play the official build for every player at the same time! Apparently Someone Lost the photos of the actually completed Ameristar apart from the main unfinished building. Some people amiright? Bask In The Final Glow Of It's Great Flame
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