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  1. I agree, I can see why they'd want the battery option in the radio interface but having the drop-down option also would make things more consistent. You might want to put this in the small suggestion thread currently ongoing
  2. chewgowski

    Trucking On

    This is totally understandable, I'm as eager as the next man for Animations update but can certainly appreciate the amount of issues involved in basically rewriting the game mechanics, it's exciting to see the new stuff being worked on, it's great to have those cool videos to show work is being done, but nothing is going to keep half of the community from - not trying to to be rude here be - be rude. I'd like to have a Spiffo cartoon to cheer me up though! (Kudos on the radio / tv thing though - this gives a whole different (and less technical) bunch of modders a chance to add to their gaming experience) But oh shit the haters are gonna hate
  3. chewgowski


    Awesomme tis is exactly the kind of mechanics I hoped would be availabe for multiplayer servers. screw chat @ all make walkies the way.
  4. chewgowski

    In Game Map

    I thought the idea was to use a static map - that could be called up and studied, even drawn on/marked - like the 3ds Zelda map but without the radaring? I liked the idea of adding different style maps found from different places and seeing them all taped together and scribbled over
  5. Well... I'm zombie fodder post update.
  6. chewgowski

    General Creativity

    Well it's funny you should say that
  7. chewgowski

    Server hosts! Players! We need YOU!

    Yo does the fabulous indicator team not host a UK server to test dis kind of stuff? Gimme your ip guys, I'm no trouble, I cook I build I eat dead rats and bath in zombie have a wardrobe of zombie handmedowns
  8. chewgowski

    General Creativity

  9. Oh hey that looks like a decent enough deal. About £10 for 30 days on a 6 player Zomboid server? Any 6 UK zomboiders want to chip in and meet for tea and scones amongst the dashingly ravishing horde?
  10. chewgowski

    What game should Indie stone make next?

    A point and click adventure game where every character you speak to inevitably gets stuck in a conversational loop asking 'ARE NPCS READY YET?' That'll teach us.
  11. chewgowski

    how to remove the rotten food

    I just eat it. The zombie apocalypse is loney and depressing, if I die. Who's here to even care? Siiiiiiigh
  12. chewgowski

    General Creativity

  13. chewgowski

    Recommened D&D supplementary books

    What do I have to roll to find a Bag O Holding?
  14. chewgowski


    Yeah i dont think it fits the mood of vanilla zomboid. I wouldnt like to see it implimented. Who knows where the modding will end tho?
  15. chewgowski

    rare stuff around the map

    But it spawns in different locations with every game?