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  1. Runda

    Hot Wheels

    Oh! I got some bugs to drop with this already. Sometimes the bot has a stroke and dies for a bit. Cause Unknown Sometimes messages do not go into game. Caused from typing to much too quick Discord has a character limit that doesnt match the in game limit. I know so more bugs I think but that is it for now.
  2. I love so much, Zombies are mean
  3. omg, im going to have to come back and say hello ^^. I miss you all a lot I had so much fun I will see you soon :D!
  4. Runda

    Hydrocraft Mod

    - Added Jalapeno . YES! THANK YOU!
  5. I can hear your heart beet to the beet of the drums, Oh, what a shame that you came here with someone, so while you're here in my arms don't beet yourself little nifton.
  6. Server port is 16311, when I connect and someone is on it (one person) I connect to 16312, if many people i go one more up so like 16313,16314.. ect At least that is what I have seen
  7. Vouch. I cry, Dunno whats wrong with me
  8. As advised, I checked and it was not in use. EDIT: Okok, so I did it while connecting and this is what happens - cfghjgcfhnjcfhtyg It is there while connecting (but is 16312 cause someone is in there??) and then when it failed, it is gone.
  9. Yeah, tried it no problem. Haven't had a problem on any other servers.
  10. Its not the same computer as server. Version is 33.20
  11. So, I can't join a server been trying to play for the longest time and I cannot figure it out... I have: -Reinstalled -rebooted -deleted all characters/Workshop stuffs -Verified -No Anti-Virus -No Firewall -Router on my end is ok (I THINK?) -Cried -tried DNS IP and the server direct IP, in both slots -ran 64bit .bat file -given up What should I do? I just wanna play http://prntscr.com/9 - error msg.
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